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How to make do-it-yourself runes: a master class
How to make do-it-yourself runes: a master class

If you want to learn how to make runes with your own hands, you need to have at least a basic knowledge of them.

Magical science has existed among us since ancient times. Starting as magic, it gradually flowed into the concept of "magic". The people who took possession of it during the time of the Inquisition were, for the most part, burned at the stake. But those who managed to survive passed on their knowledge to others and thus left it for centuries. Today, there are few people with magical abilities, but they all perfectly master their skills.

In general, magical practice is a certain position of the body and consciousness in space and time: it does not require any charmed objects or amulets. However, man is a living being subject to and influenced by mood swings. Especially in order that this does not interfere with the qualitative manifestation of magic, special items were created. Thanks to them, any magician, no matter how bad his mood, can tune in to the right wave and enter the astral plane faster.

Rune magic is one of the varieties of magic. It uses a lotcharmed items, but the most effective and often used are runes. Used in a set consisting of plates and a runic alphabet, they are able to give out much more information than other types of objects of magical property.

Where can I buy runes?

There are three ways to buy a rune set for yourself:

  1. In souvenir shops or speci alty stores. Sets are sold as items for divination, but do not have sufficient magical power.
  2. At practicing magicians. They sell runes already consecrated.
  3. Make runes with your own hands from stones, clay or wood. However, for this it is necessary to do everything in strict accordance with the proposed instructions. But in return, you will receive plates that are only spelled on you.

In any of these cases, you can become a full owner of the rune set.

how to make runes step by step


Runes are made from a variety of materials, and each of them has its own magical meaning. Can be distinguished:

  1. Made of wood. Such runes are the most revered and most versatile. They can be applied daily.
  2. Carved in stone. If you have not yet decided what and how to make runes with your own hands, then you can choose a stone. It is ideal for all kinds of impacts.
  3. Made of leather. Ideal for those who wish to improve their financial situation.
  4. Runes made of clay. They are most adapted to divinationto earthly matters. The polymer base is especially good. Spirits are said to be the most willing to enter, with whom one can later establish close contact.
  5. Black magicians make runes from the bones of animals or dead people, the teeth of a person or animals, from nails.

Technique for making wood sets

When deciding to create runes on their own, a person can choose wood or clay. These two types of material have approximately the same properties:

  1. They are easily conductive.
  2. Through them it is easier to learn about your destiny.
  3. Easy material handling.

If it is not possible to use polymer clay, it is recommended to use wood. Moreover, taken from a living tree, ash or oak - both of these species are closest to the sacred in the belief of Asatru.

Next, you should learn how to make runes with your own hands in stages. This work occurs as follows:

  1. The first thing to consider is no matter how you machined the plates. They can be uneven, different in length or thickness. The main thing is that you like them and do not break when applying runic signs.
  2. Apply an image of a runic symbol on each blank. You should use a pencil or a thin marker for this.
  3. Cut out each rune. It is recommended to use a clerical or mounting knife for this work. When you're done cutting, you don't have to worry about the mismatch between the original and your set. The main thing is that they are comfortable for you and keep the main contours of the product.

When the blanks are completely ready, proceed to coloring. You can use permanent paint. However, she is unable to maintain constant contact with the summoned spirits. To fully communicate with them, you should use your own blood. You can get it in two ways: by making an incision on your finger or in a medical center. In the first option, it is recommended to pre-sterilize a fragment or a cutting object. In the second case, you can ask a he alth worker you know to take blood from your vein and take it with you.

The final stage can be considered the revival of each rune. You need to exhale for each rune, while imagining the image of air from your lungs. With each rune, this procedure is repeated for three times.

how to make runes with your own hands master class

Features of each stage

When doing work, it is recommended not only to read about the execution technique, but also the features, that is, how to make do-it-yourself runes from wood correctly. There are the following mandatory conditions:

  1. Preparation must be done separately. Each rune must go through all the stages separately from the others. It is recommended that you take your time with this procedure - ideally, if the whole process will take you about 2-3 months.
  2. Feel the rune. At the time of preparation of each symbol, it is recommended to feel unity with the material. When cutting through or punching a rune, you should imagine its image. Only in this way will you be able to correctly set the plate to work.
  3. Don't like it - redo it. After coloring, you need to look at the rune again and listen to your emotions and feelings. If the record is negative for you, throw it away and create a new one. Examine them often, hold them in your hands or put them under your pillow. Proximity and unity are the most important conditions for the successful creation of a rune set.

Proper storage

So, you have cut out your set, also de alt with the question of how to make an amulet (runes) with your own hands. Now another, no less important question arises: how to store them correctly?

Here, the most important condition is the complete concealment of the location of the rune set. This is due to such a nuance as the storage of your personal life force. If all the steps are completed correctly, the runes should retain part of your strength necessary for successful and fruitful communication with the spirits.

When falling into the wrong hands (even relatives), your power can be used both against you and against another person. With the first option, you can die, with the second, you can become seriously ill. To prevent this situation, do not allow anyone to see your set.

All runes should be stored in a special bag. It can be made from different materials. It can be applied to the image of Odin or any other Scandinavian god. This pattern will give your records extra protection.

do-it-yourself runes from stones photo

How to set runes to work?

The hardest thing about working with runes is getting them to work. Required herewell-developed imagination, accuracy and sequence of actions.

Amulets are being "charged" as follows:

  1. How to make runes with your own hands - you figured it out, now you should imagine the image for which the creation of the plates was started. It is important that there are about three of them.
  2. The image must be realistic. You should not imagine a keyhole as a security - it is better to imagine yourself in a house filled with warmth and tranquility. This will allow you to set up a kind of protection code in the amulet against someone else's intrusion.
  3. Selection of energy source. It is forbidden to use yourself as a source. So you will only waste all your reserves without saving anything. Ideal - connecting to other sources.
  4. Full compliance of the source with the purpose of application. In order for the amulet to work constantly, you should select one main and two additional sources. It is important that they match your goals. For example, when protecting people from negativity, you should connect the amulet to their emotions. And if you want to treat - to the natural environment.

To make the runes work to their full potential, you can program them to hibernate. The set will work when the source is activated and "sleep" - when its activity declines.

Features of creating runes from stone

To learn how to make runes with your own hands, the master class is worth reading carefully.

how to make a fehu rune with your own hands

In addition to making a clay set, you can also use stone. Hisprocessing and preparation is fraught with the following features:

  1. When looking for the right material, you should carefully listen to your inner feelings. If you liked the stone, you should take it with you. No - it is recommended to return it to where it was.
  2. In total, you should collect about 26 stones. It is desirable that they all have a size of about 3 centimeters in circumference. However, they must have a flat, oval or round surface.

Production sequence

Once suitable products have been found and meticulously selected, they should be thoroughly washed with soap. At the end of the water procedure, the stones should dry thoroughly in a bright place. This may take as much as one hour, or all three.

Dry pebbles should be varnished in a transparent shade - mother-of-pearl or colorless.

how to make runes with your own hands

Next, you can make runes with your own hands from stones (photo above) in this way:

  1. Preliminary work. It includes patterning practice. Before proceeding to the stone, you should try how to make do-it-yourself runes out of paper: hard or easy?
  2. The main stage. It is required to prepare the following materials: blue enamel paint, cocktail tubes, soft cloth. Then you can start drawing runes. The paint is applied with a stick and at the same time the name, meaning and connection are spoken out. If this condition is met correctly, the amulet will be charged with energy.
  3. Technique. Every charactermust be drawn according to the rules. Vertical lines originate from above, and diagonal lines originate from the left. In total, you should get 24 drawn and one empty rune. The last one belongs to Odin.

Where can I get clay for making plates?

Before you make runes with your own hands in stages, especially from clay, you should correctly find places to search for material. You can find her in the following places:

  1. In the store - ready-made. The simplest and most unreliable option. Clay will not receive the necessary charge, and the runes themselves will be deprived of their individuality and full strength.
  2. In the form of dry mixes. They are sold in hardware stores and diluted at home. However, such clay will also not be effective enough, as it will remain dead.
  3. Out in nature. It should be searched on slopes, in lowlands and other places saturated with moisture. Such hard-earned clay will receive a maximum charge and will remain alive even after processing.
how to make a rune amulet

Clay preparation rules

After the clay is brought home, it should be shaped into a future plate. Then the workpiece is rubbed with a soft object and laid out on a lighted place or near a heater for drying. The process takes about a week. It is important to cover each plate with a bag with a little air for a couple of days. After hardening, the package is removed.

At the end of drying, all products are fired. This procedure is performed as follows. On a hard cast iron surfacesand is laid out, on top - plates and a pot. Heating should be done slowly: from a low temperature to the highest. The heating process should last 6 hours.

Before you make runes with your own hands from clay, the blanks must be completely dried.

Writing symbols on clay

Before you properly make a fehu rune with your own hands, as well as subsequent runes, you should prepare brushes and paint.

All further procedure is performed exactly the same as when working with a stone. As a coloring material, you can use paint, gouache or your own blood. One thing to keep in mind: when applying the last remedy, several layers must be applied - in order to avoid absorption and image loss.

What you need to know about runes?

Starting to engage in runic magic, it is recommended to carefully study all the literature on it. In particular, special attention should be paid to the works of magicians or ancient books.

When studying runic signs, you should carefully peer into each image of the symbol, and also remember its meaning: this will determine how well you can master this art. It is advisable to memorize all the names with an understanding of their true meaning.

how to make runes out of paper

What is not allowed at work?

After reading how to make runes with your own hands, making will be the easiest thing for you. However, the following prohibitions should not be forgotten:

  1. Use a single sourceenergy for your set.
  2. Connect runes to yourself or to other people - only emotions are allowed.
  3. Send the kit to third parties or use others to achieve your own goals. You can only use those that are made by yourself, purchased in a souvenir shop or bought from a magician.
  4. Use excessively strong energy sources. They can consume you - without the right to life.
  5. Use an amulet to induce damage. It can come back and eat all your energy.
  6. It is not clear to imagine images.

Following these prohibitions will help you use the runes to the fullest.

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