How to create a Tinker Bell costume with your own hands?
How to create a Tinker Bell costume with your own hands?

Fairy is a fabulous inhabitant of the forest who can fly and knows how to create magic around herself. For one of the options for the fairy costume, we chose the Tinker Bell outfit. This is the main character of Disney cartoons. A cute blonde girl wearing a leaf dress loves to help others.

What is the costume made of?

You must remember a few rules if you decide to sew a carnival costume yourself. Fairy Tinker Bell in the cartoon looks special. Here are the main components of the complete image that must be created:

  • dress or sundress;
  • crown or horns;
  • shoes;
  • wings;
  • magic wand.

In the cartoon, the fairy is dressed in a green dress with wings of the same color. If you stick to this list, then you will definitely get a harmonious image of a real fairy. Next, we will dwell on each point and consider in detail the creation technique.

ding ding suit


In the original Tinker Bell costume for a girl should be green. If you have a dress of this color in your wardrobe, you can use it first.decorating. The bottom of the dress must be lush, unlike the top.

Skirt can be sewn separately from layers of tulle if you can't find a dress. And as a top, a T-shirt to match the skirt is suitable. This option is more budgetary than the option of sewing a whole dress.

Please note: if a fitted cut is used, then the bottom edges of the skirt should be torn. This effect can be achieved with scissors, making cuts along the entire perimeter of the hem.

Thus, you can sew a Tinker Bell suit with your own hands using green fabric. But if this is not possible, you can turn on your imagination and decorate a dress of any color. For example, with the help of green leaves cut out of dense fabric or other decorations of this color.

do-it-yourself ding ding suit


In the cartoon, the fairy has short blond hair, on which a hoop made of a leaf flaunts. For our costume, you can choose a headdress to your taste.

It can be a green hair hoop with fluffy horns attached to it, or a handmade hoop. To do this, you can use a tight rope, artificial hair, cardboard or other improvised material.

Tinker Bell costume can be decorated with a regular tiara, if you have one. By the way, such an accessory is very useful and multifunctional in the wardrobe of a little fashionista. The tiara goes well with almost all looks and costumes.

Don't forget to make sure that the headgear is the right size and in no case put pressure on the child.

ding ding costume for girls


You can create a hairstyle for a fairy yourself. You can wind large curls and fix them with varnish. And you can braid two pigtails.

If the length of the hair allows, then you can complement the Tinker Bell costume with hair horns. To do this, divide your hair into two parts, braid the tails, and then twist them. You can use special fixing nets.

The main rule when choosing a hairstyle is compatibility with a headdress. That is, if you decide to use a hoop as a headdress, hair horns will be superfluous.

In addition to the hairstyle, beautiful jewelry, gold-colored hairpins are suitable.


In the original, green pointe shoes will do, but if you can't get them, it doesn't matter. To complement the Tinker Bell costume, made with our own hands, we suggest decorating shoes. Sandals, shoes and even Czech shoes fit the image of a fairy.

To create a pointe effect, we advise you to purchase a satin ribbon in the color of the shoes and tie it around the leg. An example of this option can be seen in the photo.

carnival costume ding ding

If ordinary shoes are decorated with themed details, you will get great shoes for a fairy. If the Tinker Bell costume is sewn using tulle, then you can use it to decorate sandals. If you twist roses from this material, then they can be fixed on shoes with liquid silicone glue.

The question of tights remains open, it is not necessary to wear them. But if you decide to choosepantyhose for a Tinker Bell suit, then give preference to white.


Without this fabulous addition, the fairy will not be considered real. Beautiful wings are an integral part of the image. The easiest option is to purchase ready-made wings in the store. But if you still decide to sew the entire Tinker Bell costume with your own hands, then the following tips for creating wings will be useful to you.

We need hard wire and nylon. As the latter, old tights of a suitable color are suitable.

So let's get started. From the wire we make a frame, which can be of various shapes. An easier option is to make two large wings. But you can step forward and make two large ones, and under them - two small wings.

After that, we fit our frame with nylon, you can choose the color green, white or yellow. Now let's start assembling our design, for this we connect the wings to each other.

Care must be taken that the wings can be put on easily. To do this, we use a thin elastic band, which we sew at the junction. It should look like a backpack. Finished wings decorate as desired.

carnival costume fairy ding ding

Magic wand

And, of course, what is a Tinker Bell carnival costume without a magic wand? This is an obligatory attribute of a fairy, with the help of which she creates magic. You can make such a stick yourself, or you can buy it in a store.

If you chose the first option, then you will need a plastic or wooden stick no more than 50 cm long.must be decorated with tape or paint.

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