We knit a blanket for children
We knit a blanket for children

When a child is still small, many mothers say that it is very inconvenient for them to take a baby blanket with them for a walk. Of course, it is not so big in size, but taking up space in the stroller, it deprives the baby of living space. Without it, it will also be very difficult to be outside for a long time. Especially in winter time. Of course, the baby will be dressed in warm overalls and covered with all available covers. However, this may not save you from the harsh Russian winter, and therefore it will not hurt to cover it with an additional layer. In this case, a children's blanket will come in handy.

blanket for children

This product can be purchased directly from the store. As a rule, a special proven material is used for its tailoring, consisting entirely of synthetic fibers or containing a certain percentage of wool. In size, it corresponds to a baby blanket, so it is enough to evaluate the advantages of such a purchase.difficult.

If time permits, it will be better if you make a children's blanket yourself. To do this, you can use knitting needles and crochet. The knitting sequence will depend on the yarn you have.

If you do not want or cannot currently purchase new threads, you can use multi-colored balls that are sure to be found in the home of every needlewoman. To do this, you can knit geometric figures of arbitrary shape from the remnants of yarn and then sew them together, forming a finished product.

crochet baby blanket

If you have enough threads, then you can crochet a baby blanket. This will be especially true for the warm season, when the child needs to be covered, but it should not be wrapped up. It is desirable that the yarn is 100% cotton. This will guarantee that the finished product will not irritate the baby's skin, and therefore, during a walk, he will definitely sleep longer. You can also choose special threads for children. They can be 100% acrylic. However, the manufacturer has already taken care of its quality. That is why such a yarn will have a stable color and be especially soft.

You can knit a blanket for children with a single piece of cloth. To do this, it will only be necessary to choose a suitable pattern, which should not include arches consisting of a large number of loops, or they should be filled in the knitting process.

baby blankets and bedspreads

A children's blanket can be knitted. With this manufacturing method, the product will turn out eventhinner. Especially if you prefer thin yarn and knitting needles No. 1, 5 - 2. Of course, it will take more time to work, but the result will definitely please you. After all, such a blanket will not take up much space in the stroller. And if you knit it from thin woolen threads, then it will also turn out to be very warm.

The size of the finished product will depend on its purpose and the needs of the mother. Many knit children's blankets and bedspreads in the car. With their help, it will be possible to create comfortable conditions for the baby during a long trip.

As a recommendation, I would like to note that after tying the plaid, do not throw away the pattern and leave the threads. In this case, when the child grows up, you can increase its size.

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