Coffee topiary is a simple and cute interior decoration
Coffee topiary is a simple and cute interior decoration

Topiaries are now in big fashion - small improvised trees made from the simplest materials with their own hands.

Coffee topiary

Do you want to please your loved ones? Give them a small ornamental tree, such as a coffee topiary. It will serve not only as an original decoration of the interior, while spreading the delicate aroma of coffee, but also as a kind of home amulet, because the image of a tree is fraught with a deep meaning that has developed in antiquity. It is no coincidence that the Tree among many peoples (especially Slavic) is often an active character in myths, legends and tales, it symbolizes the life cycle, connects earthly life with an invisible thread with heavenly life. So such a souvenir will obviously not be superfluous.

How to make coffee topiary?

Preparations. To work, you need to take any ready-made ball (for a crown) made of plastic or foam, for example, a children's toy or a blank for a Christmas tree decoration. You can make a ball yourself by twisting a ball of rope, or stuff a round piece cut from a nylon stocking with cotton wool, fold it in a knot and pull the edge tightly with a thread. In a word, manufacturing methodsa lot of crown balls.

We also need a stick, best of all, if it is a branch of a real tree (so the coffee topiary will look more natural) 10-15 mm thick, well cleaned and polished. We will also prepare a beautiful pot or ceramic mug, gypsum, PVA glue or a special glue gun, large, sorted coffee beans. And of course, various decorative items (ribbons, twisted lace, beads, small shells, colored feathers, etc.) for the finishing touch.

How to make coffee topiary

Getting Started

We start making coffee topiary from the crown. We take our ball and put it on the prepared stick, fix it well with glue or pull it tightly with a strong thread. Now it needs to be painted dark brown with two layers of acrylic paint. The workpiece should dry well. We take coffee beans and begin to stick them on the ball, completely covering its entire surface. The grains should lie evenly - one to one. Glued. Let dry.

Next step: preparing the base for the tree. Dilute with water to a semi-liquid state of gypsum. Pour the solution into the prepared pot almost to the very top and insert the stick-stem with the coffee ball-crown into the center of the filling. The plaster will dry very quickly and the stick will be fixed. Then the fun begins - improvisation.

The final stage. Decoration

You can decorate coffee topiary in a variety of ways. It is desirable to supplement the crown with colored beads, gluing them in betweenbetween grains, or bright colored feathers, grains of fragrant cloves, cinnamon sticks. It is better to paint the barrel or wrap it with a twisted cord, decorate it with a bright satin ribbon. The gypsum base should also be decorated with beads, colored straws, sisal threads.

Topiary looks cute and original from

Topiary from coffee beans - heart

coffee bean-heart. For him, instead of a crown ball, a heart is made. It is very easy to make it. First, we draw a template of a stylized heart of the desired size on paper, cut out two pieces from a piece of knitwear (the same nylon stocking) according to this pattern, sew it together, leaving a small hole. Then we stuff the product very tightly with synthetic wool to give the necessary volume and characteristic shape. We put the finished heart on a stick and fix it, after which we paint it, glue it with coffee beans, put it in a pot, fix it and decorate it.

On the eve of the New Year, such a cute handmade tree will not only be a good gift, but also an original interior decoration, especially if you use artificial snow, snowflakes, white mother-of-pearl beads, etc. in its decor

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