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Volumetric paper figure - we create beauty with our own hands
Volumetric paper figure - we create beauty with our own hands

Looking at how this or that three-dimensional figure is made of paper, I can’t even believe that such beauty was created from an ordinary sheet. And after all, no special devices are needed, you need a sheet of double-sided colored or white paper and glue.

Make a ball. Home

volumetric paper figure

To make such a beautiful volumetric paper ball, you will need a sheet of double-sided colored paper about 30x15cm. We put it with the larger side towards us. If you decide for the first time to start making volumetric origami, then you can simplify your task by lining a paper sheet into small squares. To do this, we take a ruler and draw on this sheet first transverse and then longitudinal strips, at a distance of 1 centimeter from each other. As a result, we will get even rows of squares 1x1cm in size.

After you understand the manufacturing principle, you will need to do without a pencil. First, fold the paper crosswise. You should get stripes, but formed already with the help of folds. The longitudinal stripes are made in the same way, thanks to the bending of the sheet.

Keep creating

paper ball

But for now, let's continue to help ourselves with a pencil. With it, in each square you need to draw two diagonal lines. You can put the ruler in such a way as to draw one diagonal at once on several squares. Although it is enough to draw it in the first two or three, and then bend the squares along imaginary diagonals. Very soon you will get a beautiful three-dimensional figure made of paper.

We look at the first corner square. We look only at 2 halves of the diagonals located on the right. You need to put them together. We do the same with the left halves of the diagonal lines - we add them to each other. In the middle of each square, we also make a fold. We make clear folds with our fingers to get a three-dimensional paper figure. The folds of the diagonals, the squares themselves should be directed to one - the front side and clearly visible.

Give the figure the shape of a ball

volumetric figures from paper schemes

Now try, starting from one side of the sheet, folding it in the form of an accordion. But unlike an accordion, we fold it not only along vertical, but also along horizontal, diagonal lines. If you can’t fold somewhere, then use your fingers to clearly mark the fold line.

If everything worked out, then continue. Again we lay the already obtained corrugated sheet with the long side towards us and do the reverse work (from the sides). With the help of fingers, we unfold this beauty on a 1.5 cm wide area. This is necessary for better gluing of the edges so that the three-dimensional paper figure turns out to be in the shape of a ball.

Take a glue stick and the upper left short edge of the paper. Coat it with glue on top. Exactly the same, but already the right corner is also lubricated with glue. We glue the overlapped paper in this place so that the seam width is 1.5 cm. We glue the lower corners in the same way. But in the middle we act a little differently - the width of the seam here should be small - 0.4 cm.

Paper Ball: We did it

So unevenly we glued the seams so that in the middle the figure was more convex than at the center. Then you get the shape of a ball. Well, we have only done the side of it so far. You need to mark the top. First, you need to again clearly mark the lines on the squares where they have become poorly visible. It is necessary that each square is perfectly bent along horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. This should be done especially carefully at the top and at the bottom of the ball - these places are not sealed. Now we are trying to connect this top and bottom. When the part straightens out, you get a volumetric ball.

paper origami volumetric figures

You can not give the product the shape of a ball, but leave it as it is, gluing eyes, handles. It will turn out not a voluminous geometric figure made of paper, but a real toy.

Other shapes can be made in the same way.

3D paper cube

The easiest way to make it is from a regular school sheet in a box. On such material, you can immediately see where to designate the folds, and they will turn out perfectly even. Thus, it is easier to make origami out of paper. Volumetric figures will turn out even. Especially good on such materiallearn from beginners.

We measure the length of the same number of centimeters as the width of a notebook sheet (20 cm) and cut off the excess. We got a square measuring 20x20 cm. Fold the sheet in half, and then in half again. A square with a side of 5 cm was formed, consisting of 4 sheets.

volumetric geometric figure made of paper

Take the topmost sheet of it in your hand and bend it to the left side. A triangle has formed. The side that was at the top of the square became the height of the triangle.

Completing the creation of the cube

Turn the square over to the other side. We make the same triangle on the other side. The result is 2 completely identical triangles lying one on top of the other.

If it is difficult to make three-dimensional figures out of paper for the first time, diagrams will simplify the task. But for now, it's clear enough. The beginning of the creation of this figure resembles the construction of a tulip from paper, and many of them went through this at labor lessons in elementary school. And like a "tulip", now for one right-angled triangle we bend one of its acute angles to the top of the right angle. In total, we bend 4 corners in this way - 2 for one and the same for the other triangle. The figure magically transformed into two diamonds lying one on top of the other.

Now we need 2 side corners of the rhombus that bend well. We bend them to the center. At these corners, a "pocket" was formed. We put 2 corners of the same rhombus into it. One - in one pocket, the other - in the other. We turn the figure over and do exactly the same manipulations withrhombus on the reverse side. There is a hole at the top of the figure. Blow into it and thanks to this, the figure will fill with air and turn into a rhombus.

Here you can make origami out of paper. Volumetric figures are original and textured.

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