Kanzashi, hair ties: master class
Kanzashi, hair ties: master class

Kanzashi (rubber bands) can become a beautiful summer addition to the image. Let your imagination run wild and create unique hair ornaments. Also it will be a great gift for a young lady. Every woman will be pleased to wear such an original accessory.

kanzashi rubber bands

What materials are needed to make kanzashi

Rubbers are made from a basic set of materials:

  • Matching ribbons.
  • Lighter or candle. Needed to create a special effect on the flower and to melt the shaggy edges of the ribbon.
  • Threads that match the color of the ribbons.
  • Needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue for assembling parts, but in most cases you can just sew.

Beads, beads, sequins, sequins, stones can be added for additional flower decoration.


The favorite flower of most girls and women is the rose. It will help to create an unusual accessory using the kanzashi technique. DIY hair ties from satin ribbons with a rose are made as follows:

  1. Take a ribbon 2.5 centimeters wide.
  2. Cut into 20 strips 5 cm long.
  3. Sing off the edges to prevent fraying.
  4. Take the first strip and lay it so you can see the wrong side.
  5. Fold the strip in the center obliquely, a right angle should form between the protruding edges.
  6. The edge that we see from the front side, bend again in the center.
  7. Now we lower the folded segment down, overlaying it on the bottom strip.
  8. If you turn it over, then the shape of the blank will resemble a house.
  9. Leave the blank on the front side of the tape and walk down with simple stitches to the middle of the petal.
  10. Make the next petal.
  11. Lay it over the first and connect them with small stitches, reaching only the middle of the second petal.
  12. Do the same with the third petal, but sew to the end.
  13. Pull the thread so that the petals form a circle and fix.
  14. Make five petals and sew them together in the same way, finally tightening into a circle. But the second circle should be looser, not so tight.
  15. Now do the same with the seven petals. When tightening, leave a small hole in the middle.
  16. To make the core, start folding the ribbon like a petal. But at the stage where you need to lower the side part down, do it at an acute angle and twist several times.
  17. Sew the core to secure it in this position.
  18. Sew three petals to the core as you did before.
  19. Connect everything in a circle.
  20. Now we collectdetails. You can use glue or thread. Connect so that at the bottom there is a circle with seven petals, and at the top - with three.

Kanzashi technique is very interesting. Hair ties with roses are ready. You can add green leaves or leave as is.

kanzashi hair bands

Simple flower

Kanzashi technique is gaining popularity among needlewomen. Hair ties (for beginners, this option will probably be one of the easiest) can be made from satin fabric or a wide ribbon.

  1. Cut out several circles of different diameters. Each should differ from the previous one by half a centimeter.
  2. Scorch the edges so that they become slightly wavy and curled up.
  3. Lay the circles on top of each other from largest to smallest.
  4. Sew in the center.
  5. Close the middle with a bead.

This flower is made very quickly and easily.

kanzashi hair bands master class


Everyone will love the kanzashi decoration. Carnation rubber bands are made in much the same way as the simple flower described above. But this work is a little more difficult, and the result is worth it. In addition to the basic set, you will need a well-melted fabric and cardboard.


  1. Make a 7 cm diameter circle template out of cardboard.
  2. Cut 12 circles from fabric.
  3. Fuse the edges over the fire. To make them wavy, bend them in different directions until they cool.
  4. Take one circle andfold it in half twice.
  5. Secure the resulting shape with a thread.
  6. Do the same with the remaining petals.
  7. Cut out a circle from thick fabric (felt can be used, for example).
  8. Start gluing or sewing petals to it.
  9. The first layer consists of four petals, the rest are glued in a checkerboard pattern.

The carnation is ready!

do-it-yourself kanzashi hair bands from satin ribbons


Every item is unique if it is made using kanzashi technique. Rubber bands with narcissus will not be difficult for you to make. You will need a white tape five centimeters wide, a yellow tape four centimeters wide.


  1. Cut equal squares: six from white tape and seven from yellow.
  2. Fold the white square to make a triangle. Fold again.
  3. Fold in half to see the center line.
  4. Begin to bend the workpiece with an accordion along the base towards the center from each edge.
  5. Sew to secure the shape and melt.
  6. Now take the yellow square and fold it into a triangle.
  7. Fold the side corners down through the center.
  8. Fold in half.
  9. Fuse the edge.
  10. Cut the bottom in half, don't forget to melt.
  11. Glue the blanks obtained from the yellow tape in a circle so that you get a bell.
  12. Petals also connect together in a circle.
  13. Sew a core with petals to create a flower.
kanzashi rizonochki forhair for beginners


You will need a tape 2, 5 and 5 centimeters wide.


  1. Take a 2.5cm wide ribbon and cut 30 strips 5cm long.
  2. Fold one strip in half right side up. Cut off a 45 degree corner. Reflow.
  3. Fuse or glue the bottom edges to the center.
  4. Make 29 petals.
  5. Make a circle with a diameter of 5 centimeters from thick fabric.
  6. Start attaching the petals to the base. The first row should fit 12 petals, the second - 8, the third - 6, the fourth - 4.
  7. Glue a bead to close the center and give the flower a subtle touch.
kanzashi rubber bands

Little roses

You can make a whole bouquet on an elastic band from small roses. To do this, you need any satin ribbon. Things to do:

  • Cut ten strips seven centimeters long.
  • Fold the edges of the rectangle at a 45 degree angle. It should turn out so that a rectangle is visible in the center from the wrong side, and along the edges - two triangles from the front side.
  • Sew along the bottom, gather a little and fasten the thread. The result is a crumpled petal.
kanzashi rubber bands
  • Do the same with the others.
  • Take the ribbon and start rolling it tight, make the last turn weak.
  • Secure. The result is a core.
  • Sew petals around it.

You can adjust the size and splendor of the flower yourself,increasing or decreasing the width of the ribbon and the number of petals.

kanzashi rubber bands

You can make kanzashi hair bands using the kanzashi technique. The master classes discussed in the article tell in detail how to create different flowers. Get a simple elastic band without unnecessary details, glue or sew your craft to it. That's all! The fashion accessory is ready.

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