Two options for making candy roses
Two options for making candy roses

Flowers and chocolates have always been considered classic gifts. Is it possible to combine these two things somehow? Try, for example, making roses out of candy. This design option will look very creative and unusual.

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How to make an unusual surprise out of sweets?

It turns out that sweet candy roses can be decorated in several ways. The most commonly used option is wrapping sweets in a beautiful material. As a rule, sweets are wrapped in several layers of petals made of shiny colored or corrugated paper. Very interesting compositions are obtained, each of which is unique due to the fantasies of needlewomen. On the basis of these ideas, topiary crafts are created, in which a combination of several materials that are completely different in texture and style is possible.

Another rather unusual way of making flowers is the modeling of buds from the sweet mass. Below are two step-by-step descriptions of how a (MK) candy rose is made. Guided by the options presented, you can easily make unique surprises with your own hands and then present them as gifts.

Fromwhat do flower arrangements with candy do?

If you plan to make a bouquet of large lush roses, you will need the following materials:

mk candy rose
  • corrugated paper (floristic) of the desired color (red, pink, yellow, white);
  • candy;
  • wooden skewers or wire for stems;
  • double sided tape;
  • beautiful fabric (organza, velvet, brocade, etc.);
  • decorative finishing materials (ribbons, beads, artificial leaves, threads);
  • hotmelt;
  • kraft paper;
  • scissors;
  • styrofoam (for decorating the bottom of the composition).

The technology involves cutting out different petals and fixing them on the stem. To obtain beautiful large open or half-blown buds, the workpieces are folded from the edges and stretched somewhat. Therefore, the most successful material is corrugated paper.

Candy Rose: Bud Making Workshop

how to make a candy rose

So, how to create such a masterpiece? Let's take a look at the easiest way to make candy roses. Rather, it will turn out unopened buds. This will require thin, easily draped paper. It can be replaced with a beautiful fabric. Make blanks in the form of identical squares about 10 x 10 cm in size. "Fur coats" for sweets can also be round.

Thread the candy onto a long wooden skewer. You can install a second one on top of it, aligning them with flat bases. Then wrappaper square of sweetness and fold the edges down. Make the top of the bud cone-shaped, so it is better to use candies of the appropriate shape. Secure the material at the base of the flower by wrapping several times with tape. Continue wrapping them to the bottom of the stem. Do not forget to attach green leaves cut out of paper. Wrap in pretty paper. Bouquet can be given!

How to make candy roses?

Some housewives probably tried to bake original sweet flowers from dough. The recipe, of course, should provide that the finished products retain their molded shape after baking. But I would like to make with my own hands, for example, a sugar rose or marmalade. Unfortunately, this material is not suitable for creativity, as it is fragile and simply melts in the hands. Therefore, you need to think about what might be similar in consistency to plasticine or test mass.

Is it possible and how to make a rose out of sweets? To do this, try using chewable plates. A very good solution would be to use Mamba sweets or other similar sweets.

candy rose master class

Making a candy rose

So, you can make a completely edible flower from chewing candies. Take 2-3 packs of them (preferably in different shades, such as light yellow and pink). Unpack the sweets and then place them in the microwave for just a few seconds to make them a little more pliable. After that, roll each piece with a rolling pin on a clean table until you get small cakes 4-5 mm thick. At allthey don't have to be the same size and thickness.

After that, using a small glass with sharp edges or any other objects, squeeze out circles - future petals. Alternately strengthen them on a wooden stick, pressing down at the base of the bud. So, gradually, one by one, form a rose. At the last petals, make wavy edges, arching them partially outward, partially into the bud. You can decorate such a bouquet like a real one by folding it into wrapping paper. Also, small roses will be an excellent decoration for a cake or pastries, replacing cream ones. Surely, such surprises will delight others with unusualness and extravagance.

Flowers and chocolates have always been and will always be classic gifts. Now you know how to combine them into one very unusual and beautiful surprise.

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