How to crochet gloves? How to crochet fingerless gloves
How to crochet gloves? How to crochet fingerless gloves

Gloves are an essential part of women's spring wardrobe. They can be very different, differing in the material from which they are made, as well as in colors and styles. If you own knitting or crocheting, then most likely it will not be difficult for you to make something original, suitable for the spring season. And for those who are just starting to learn needlework, we will tell you how to crochet gloves, what you need for this, we will introduce you to various options.

Preparatory stage

So, at the very beginning of work, you need to decide what yarn the gloves will be made of: openwork or solid knit, and you also need to choose a style. If you crochet gloves made with single crochets, then you will need more yarn than for an openwork or fingerless model. Having decided on the threads, we select a hook that fits them in size. Then we take the necessary measurements - the girth of the wrist, the distance to the base of the thumb and little finger. Now let's figure out how to crochet gloves.

Beginner Option

Let's start with the simplest option - classic style gloves. You can give them originality and originality using an unusualcolors of yarn and decoration in the form of an openwork mesh, as in the photo.

Crochet gloves

Where to start to end up with such crochet knitted gloves? The execution scheme is as follows.

Getting Started

We knit a chain of air loops with a length corresponding to the girth of the wrist with a small margin. Having knitted the first row with single crochets, we connect the resulting bar into a ring and continue knitting in a circle. Having reached the base of the palm, we make a series of uniform additions necessary to expand the glove. To do this, through an equal number of loops in four places, we knit two columns in one loop. Next, we continue circular knitting until we reach the base of the thumb. Now, at the location of the thumb, we knit a chain of 6-8 air loops and attach it to the main knitting so that the finger is freely placed in this loop. Knitting continues further in a circle. Where we made a ring of air loops, there should be a hole for the thumb. After knitting 2-3 rows, it is necessary to perform decreases that will allow the glove to sit well on the hand. They are performed through the same number of loops four times in the following way: the columns are not knitted into each loop of the previous row, but skipping one.

Knit fingers of gloves

Knitting continues to the base of the little finger. Next, distribute all the loops between the fingers. For the little finger, we leave less by 2-3 loops, for the other three - the same amount. Do not forget to make jumpers of 3 air loops between the fingers. Every fingerknit separately in a circle. We finish by performing subtractions. We make reductions in the manner described above, only in a smaller amount. For example, there is one decrease per row. Please note that each of the fingers should have its own length, the longest of them is the middle one. Now you can move on to knitting the thumb. To do this, we knit single crochets in a circle, gradually making uniform reductions of two through a row. When all the fingers are ready, you need to decorate. To do this, we knit a "mesh" pattern from air loops along the lower edge of the glove. To make it look harmonious, it is better not to make too large cells, 4-6 air loops are enough. The length of the cuff can be different, at your discretion. It is best to tie the edge of the mesh with double crochets to make a small shuttlecock. To do this, we knit 7-8 columns in one ring. Crochet gloves made in this way are knitted very quickly and simply, so even for beginner craftswomen it will not be difficult. The second glove is knitted similarly to the first, just remember that you need to place your thumb on the other side.

Openwork gloves

You can crochet these gloves quickly and easily. They look very nice, but are intended for special occasions. The photo shows that this version of the gloves will not help keep your hands warm, but rather, it will only perform a decorative function. For their implementation, thin, often cotton or silk, threads are used. The knitting pattern is almost the same as in the previous version, with the exception ofpattern used.

Crocheted openwork gloves

The main pattern is a mesh made of air loops. On the back of the glove, an openwork pattern is made, not necessarily exactly the same as in the photo. You can choose any option you like.

You can also focus on the wrist in the form of an openwork neckline. Whether it's deep or not, it's up to you. The length of these gloves can also be different. The photo shows white gloves, but you can choose any other you like.

Crochet gloves, knitted with an openwork pattern, will give a festive outfit a special charm and sophistication.

Three options for youth gloves

And here is another fairly simple option - fingerless gloves. Crocheting such a model is even easier than the previous options, since there is no need to knit fingers in it. And this greatly simplifies the work, and it will take an order of magnitude less time. The photo shows three options for fingerless gloves. The simplest of them are pink, made with ordinary single crochets. They are knitted similarly to the first option, only the knitting of the fingers ends after the second or third row.

How to crochet gloves

The next option, purple, is already knitted with double crochets and decorated with knitted flowers. The knitting pattern is similar to the above. The difference is the presence of decorative elements and strapping along the lower edge of the wrist in the “shell” way. The decoration can be knitted from yarn of the same color or contrastingshade. But this is optional. You can decorate such gloves not only with knitted flowers, for example, beads and sequins, as well as satin ribbons, look very good in combination with a knitted fabric. Your imagination will surely allow you to create a unique masterpiece that attracts the views of others, and you will hear a lot of nice words addressed to you.

knitted gloves crochet pattern

The third version of fingerless gloves is knitted in a similar pattern, only with an openwork pattern. A lot depends on how well you choose it. Not every option is suitable for knitting gloves, the main thing is that it is not too voluminous and can be done in a circle.

Crochet fingerless gloves

Everything else depends only on the flight of your creative thought. Experiment - and you will achieve an excellent result: hand-crocheted gloves will delight both you and those around you with their beauty.

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