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Yarnart - knitting yarn, loved by craftswomen
Yarnart - knitting yarn, loved by craftswomen

Professionals of hand knitting know: for a thing to turn out beautiful, the skill of a needlewoman is not enough, the material from which the product is made is important. Conclusion: the quality of the threads must be given maximum attention. In the commodity market, the Yarnart brand (yarn) is known for first-class properties. What is so great about these threads, why are they so loved? Their detailed analysis will help to resolve questions.

About brand

The beginning of the production of threads dates back to 1993. The creator of the brand is a Turkish company with the same name. For almost twenty-five years, the company has become one of the top manufacturers of hand knitting goods. Today Yarnart is a yarn that will satisfy even the most demanding needlewoman.

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Why choose these threads:

  • a variety of lines that differ in composition, texture, color shades;
  • excellent quality, the thread is even, does not roll up;
  • democratic price;
  • along with popular articles, the manufacturer regularly offers new products.

Yarnart is a yarn with exceptional properties. The reason is carefully selected materials. As part ofcontains natural sheep's wool and high-quality vegetable fibers. A small amount of added synthetics increases the durability of the wear.

Thread classification

In the Yarnart catalog, yarns are grouped by composition. There are threads for knitting warm winter sweaters, jumpers and cardigans, cotton and viscose for summer tops and blouses, as well as skeins of thread in the form of ruffles, fringes and pompons.

Needlewomen prefer the following items.

Baby. Threads are specially designed to knit things for babies. The composition includes acrylic fiber (100%), but thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, the baby will feel comfortable. In addition, the artificial thread provides resistance to pilling and discoloration, which is also important for children's clothes. The color palette of yarn is varied: from delicate pastel shades to rich reds or blues. Hanks are light weight - 50 grams, thread length - 150 m. To start knitting, you will need knitting needles or hook No. 2, 5-3, 5.

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Begonia. Since the base of the yarn is 100% cotton, it is ideal for summer clothes. A brilliant thread, together with noble colors, is what is appreciated in Begonia. Needlewomen make models with a hook, knitting needles or a knitting machine. The convenient weight of the skein (50 grams) allows you to accurately calculate the required number of threads. The length of the fiber in the ball is more than three times its weight - 169 grams.

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Jeans. Yarn compositiononly 55% natural (cotton). The remaining 45% is polyacrylic. Rich colors, unpretentiousness in care, good hygroscopicity, softness of the fiber - Yarnart Jeans yarn has all of the above properties. She mainly goes to knitting summer patterns for women and children, she makes excellent items for the home (plaids, curtains), as well as children's crafts. A small ball of 50 grams contains 160 meters. For knitting, you will need knitting needles or a hook No. 3-3, 5.

yarn yarnart jeans

Harmony. The brand also presents warm variants of threads. Wool with acrylic in pleasant melange shades will look great in knitted accessories. Interesting color transitions do not require complex patterns. There are 80 meters of fiber per skein weighing 50 grams. Needles 5-6 will be needed.


Examples of models

Yarnart brand is a trendy yarn for knitting spring and summer wardrobe items. Thanks to an even thread, the pattern can be simple, for example, an elastic band or front surface. Openwork stripes will look interesting.

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Yarnart yarn: reviews

On thematic forums and websites, knitters confirm the properties of threads declared by manufacturers. There are no quality claims. The only drawback that lovers of this yarn have recently encountered is the lack of arrival of flowers and the small product range of online stores.

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