Baubles made of threads - a memorable gift for loved ones
Baubles made of threads - a memorable gift for loved ones

Thread baubles very often evoke associations with hippies or some other informal movements. But today these cute and beautiful little things have become very popular among the most ordinary people. Handmade beads and bracelets are original and interesting jewelry that anyone can wear every day.

baubles made of thread

What does the thread bauble symbolize?

Baubles made of threads traditionally played the role of an unusual and memorable gift from relatives and friends. Due to the fact that hippies have chosen such wicker jewelry as baubles, for many people they have lost their original meaning. Now this value has returned to them again. Thread baubles in Western society are usually referred to as "Friendship Bracelets". Translated from English, this means “friendship bracelets.”

Therefore, very often homemade baubles are presented as a gift as a sign of sincere friendship, affection or love to their relatives, and also to people with whom they value communication. There was suchthe custom that the one who gives is obliged to tie this bracelet on the hand of his girlfriend or friend. Then the gift will constantly remind you of a friend, and who knows, maybe he will make your personal life happy.

How to weave baubles from floss threads?

how to weave baubles from floss threads

Baubles from threads can be simply and very easy to create at home. Only a couple of hours will be enough to learn this interesting skill - and then patience and effort will be rewarded. Of course, in order to make these original and multi-colored bracelets, you will need scissors and threads. Not very thick floss threads are ideal. Also rummage through the lockers and find a safety pin, a pillow and a tape measure. Do not take many colors of floss at once. You are just learning. For the first time, limit yourself to threads of only three colors. Then, with the improvement of the level of skill, you can increase their number. The length of the thread should be about four times longer than the planned size of the finished product. According to the experience of other people, about 100-120 centimeters is enough. Before starting work, all threads must be secured by tying them with a weak knot near the tips. You can pin this knot to the pillow.

Now we describe the process itself…

bauble of thread

After you have prepared everything, the threads must be carefully straightened. You can get to work. In order for you not to be very bored, you can turn on soft music. The weaving process is not that complicated. It is as follows.First, we take one thread of floss and carefully tie a knot with it on an adjacent thread. It turned out that the threads changed places a little. Then you need to continue in the same way to the very edge. The result should be a diagonal strip of floss knots in one of the selected colors. But pay attention to the next step. The last should be a thread of a different color, with which you need to do the same as with the first. The operation of tying knots should continue until the bracelet reaches the desired length. Unused thread ends can be braided.

For formal occasions, this lovingly made bauble can be tied around the arm of your loved one or friend.

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