DIY travel diary: ideas, rules, options
DIY travel diary: ideas, rules, options

After returning from a trip, a tourist has a lot of impressions with him, a bunch of booklets, a whole bunch of business cards and tickets, and, of course, countless amazing memorable photos of the trip. And also souvenirs, cones with sand, shells, pebbles from the beach and many other pleasant things. But after returning, they suddenly lose their significance and, at best, lie in a separate box. But after all, all these memories can be systematized by making a traveler's diary with your own hands. This is an exciting activity that will revive pleasant memories again. You can later show it to friends and family.

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Before you make a travel diary with your own hands, you need to decide on the basis. You can buy a ready-made notebook in hardcover. It is desirable that the pages be fastened with a spring or ribbon. This will allowarrange sheets without fear of deforming the binding. Notepad doesn't have to be big. A5 format is fine.

If you couldn't find a suitable notebook, you can make it yourself. To do this, you need to fasten a pack of foxes of thick paper (whatman paper, thin cardboard or kraft paper). The easiest option is to punch the blocks with a hole punch and insert the tape. Don't forget the cover, which should be made from a heavier material.

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Cover design

If in the finished notebook, which will serve as a traveler's diary, the cover corresponds to the theme, then you can leave everything as it is. And you can arrange it at your discretion - stick an imprint with an inscription that will reflect the essence of the trip.

Decorative elements are also important, which will complement the cover and give it individuality. Such elements are selected depending on the overall style of the diary.

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Sketches and sketches

Before you start designing a travel diary with your own hands, you need to think over the content of each page. You need to choose a background: for this, you can color the sheet with pencils or paints, or paste in beautiful paper that will support the general idea. Or you can leave the sheets white and decorate them with decorative stamps, curly cuts, contrasting substrates under the pictures, or draw frames with pencils / felt-tip pens. Decoration is a flight of fancy that should not be held back.

First you need to lay out the prepared materials inchronological order or by location. Sort photos and memorabilia. You can make a thumbnail of each page in a draft, or distribute everything on a sheet. Only when everything falls into place, you can start fixing. For paper, it is better to use a glue stick - it does not deform even thin sheets.

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Page Design

Each page of the diary of a traveler, made by hand, is a report on a particular stage of the trip. If there were several points during the tour, then it is appropriate to attach or paste a map with marked cities and towns. You can mark the movement pattern and other details on it.

It is best to arrange the pages in chronological order. So the journey will be perceived more holistically and in detail. On the first sheet, you can stick tickets or write down the date of the beginning and end of the trip.

You can stick business cards from the hotels where you lived during the trip, wrappers from eaten local delicacies, tickets from visiting zoos, cinemas, theaters, museums, exhibitions in the traveler's diary with your own hands. Under the photos and commemorative inserts, you can make inscriptions, under the photo with a landmark - enter a brief reference and describe your emotions.

The album will be complemented by photos with new acquaintances. You can ask each of them to write a small autograph for memory and paste it under the picture.

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Functional content

Good idea -glue small envelopes made of paper or plastic onto the pages, where you can put sand brought from the beach, a dried flower or other fragile items that will remind you of a vacation. In this form, they are better preserved. You can also put brought booklets in the diary, which are distributed in museums.

do it yourself

You can buy a notebook before the trip, make a trip plan indicating the places you plan to visit. During the tour, take notes and take notes, and when you return, finish the design.

How to make a travel diary with your own hands depends on your capabilities and wishes. It can be made in the form of a ship's magazine or a comic book. Or maybe it will be a vintage album. It is important that it reflects the spirit of the journey and brings joy when viewing.

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