Who is Cthulhu? Myths and reality
Who is Cthulhu? Myths and reality

Let's consider the question of who is Cthulhu? Cthulhu is a deity belonging to the genus of the ancients, for the first time it is found in the writer Howard Lightcraft. In his books, he describes this creature sleeping at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Externally, Cthulhu is a mixture of man, dragon and octopus. Its body is covered with scales, the rudiments of wings are on its back, and its head is dotted with tentacles. With its gigantic size, Cthulhu is like a huge mountain.

Who is Cthulhu

Cthulhu has the ability to penetrate the human mind and control it, but given that the monster is under water, his superpowers lose their power, but nevertheless he can penetrate people's dreams. So we got acquainted with his image and we know who Cthulhu is - this is a green creature that brings nightmares into people's dreams.

There is still a cult of worship of Cthulhu, and its adherents are scattered all over the earth. Sacrifices, dancing and crazy behavior are integral attributes of the occult worship of the sea monster. Given the popularity of this ancient deity, many directions have arisen where his image is used, for example, games. The card game Munchkin Cthulhu uses all the main areas of the occult: it containsbattles, sectarians, explains who Cthulhu is. But it's all served up in a playful atmosphere, and the game has a huge following.

munchkin cthulhu

Let's consider another question about the distribution of Cthulhu acquired among Internet users. These are jokes, scary stories, and your own emoticon - (;,;). Who is Cthulhu at the moment is an Internet meme that has been transformed into a concentration of anger and negativity, having come up with actions that are not typical for him, for example, devouring brains, although it is more characteristic of a zombie than an underwater monster.

Worth mentioning is another board game that also explains who the ancient god is. This is Call of Cthulhu, a game where you can fight for human factions and monster factions. The game is live, that is, new cards can be added to it, creating new variations. Cthulhu in it is the main weapon, the most powerful and invincible.

And one more interesting moment. When in 2006 at a press conference they wanted to ask Vladimir Putin a question about his view of the awakening of Cthulhu - a terrible event for the entire planet, the question was not officially included in the program, but unofficially V.V. Putin replied that he did not take any serious occult movements, as well as recommending that inquirers read the Bible or the Koran.

By the way, the image of Cthulhu is widely used both in films and in animation. For example, in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" the hero of the film, Davy Jones, has Cthulhu paraphernalia. These are octopus tentacles, an appearance reminiscent of an underwater monster,story line behavior. In the Superman cartoon, the hero of our story also acts as the ruler of Atlantis. And even Dr. Zoldberg from Futurama is credited with resemblance to the great Cthulhu, but in a parodic atmosphere.

call of cthulhu game

Summing up, we can determine that Cthulhu, after his appearance, occupied his own niche, his image is recognizable, and many know his name. He is still popular, lives on the Internet, in books and on television. It can be found in games, on T-shirt designs, and also in the form of soft toys.

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