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Beautiful crochet tops: patterns for women
Beautiful crochet tops: patterns for women

If you are just starting to master the hook, it is best to hone your skills on the tops. They can look like tank tops with narrow or wide straps, tie around the neck or back like swimsuits, look like classic t-shirts with cropped bottoms, or look like batwing blouses. In any case, novice craftswomen will quickly crochet topics. Schemes for women are selected the most simple in knitting, but the products are very elegant.

Basic rules for knitting tops

For work, you will need measurements of the length of the neckline and products from the shoulder to the armpit, from the armpit to the waist, waist, chest, arms, neck. Depending on the model of the top, certain measurements disappear.

For summer patterns, take cotton yarn, a thin hook (No. 1-2, 5). Choose the color scheme according to the clothes with which you will wear the topic. Before work, knit the sample with different hooks,change the yarn to choose the best option. Next, take measurements, wash and compare the results.

A crochet knitted women's topic can be made without patterns if you knit on yourself. To do this, start working from the bottom of the product. For gum, choose a dense pattern (from 2 centimeters). Measure her waist, chest, and only then lock into a ring.

Now knit in a circle, periodically trying on yourself. Having reached the armpit, mark with needles on the product in front and back of the top. In the same way, determine the neck and the length of the straps. The last step is to tie the neck, armpit with ordinary single crochets or pico (three air loops with one base). If you knit a model for another person, then draw patterns.

Top from square motifs

Knitters often resort to products from motifs: beginners do not get tired of work, and professionals can knit elements even in traffic jams. Consider the steps for creating a top from square motifs.

crochet patterns for women

First, draw a full-length pattern of the model, determining the length of the product, straps, neckline and waist circumference. Next, tie the motif, do preparatory work with it, measure the dimensions and calculate how many elements you need for the top. Mark their location with a pencil.

If you have a small space left, scatter the resulting centimeters for all motives, that is, knit the pattern one more row. If, on the contrary, the elements protrude by several centimeters, then you need to replace the yarn, take a hook with a smallernumber or reduce the number of rows.

In our version, you need fifty-two squares to crochet a summer topic for women. Choose small schemes of motives, then the product will be more elegant. The item we have chosen is suitable for women of any size.

Square motif scheme

  • Knit a chain of eight loops in a circle.
  • Start each row with incline sts.
  • Alternate double crochet (CNN) and loop. It turns out 12 columns.
  • Alternate the bump (three double crochets with one base and one top) with three loops.
  • The third row starts from the middle of the arch of the first cone of the previous row. Knit arches of five loops with half-columns. It turns out 12 arches.
  • Now form the corners of the square. From the middle of the arch of the bottom row, dial 6 loops, knit a half-column in the middle of the next arch. Next, on the next arch, cast on a loop, 5CHN, three loops, 5CHN, a loop. Finish the element with a half-column in the next arch of the previous row. Then start the pattern again with six loops.
  • In the last row, the pattern looks like this. Where there were arches of six loops, knit 5CHN. Next, go without air loops to knitting corners, knitting 7CHN, loop, 7CHN over the columns of the lowest row.
  • crochet top for women patterns

From the second motive, you begin to create an entirely female crochet topic. Mark the connection diagrams on the pattern with a contrasting pencil. You start connecting the elements in the top from the second motive. To do this, applysquares with the right side, knit an untied element according to the pattern, pulling the thread through the columns of the finished motive.

You can do otherwise: connect all the squares at once, and then fasten all the elements together with connecting posts. After that, tie up the top, go to the straps.

Crochet openwork tops: patterns for women

Openwork T-shirts can be knitted from the middle, combining different patterns. For example, find your favorite wide pattern of border, lace, frill, or combine individual motifs into a single canvas. The resulting pattern will go under the bust.

The bottom of the canvas can be decorated with ordinary arches from air loops. So that the product does not look like a simple grid, alternate arches with filled columns. For example, every two arches with 7 loops, knit nine double crochets.

In the next row above the posts there will be three empty arches. Distribute the columns in a checkerboard pattern. The penultimate row is decorated with arches from the columns, and in the last row you knit a picot. Due to the "candid pattern" this topic (crocheted) is not suitable for overweight women, choose schemes with a denser pattern.

Then go back to the beginning of the lace, work on the top of the top. It can be completely tied with fans. First make the arches. Fill them with cap columns without air loops. And in the next row, alternate these columns with loops. Ordinary "pineapples" begin with this pattern. Next, knit the straps, tie the neckline, armpits. As you can see, there are no particularly complex patterns in openwork models.

crochet tops for women patterns

Open tops, crochet tops for women

Schemes of such products with a bodice are knitted in parts, that is, first work on the cups, then go to the bottom and straps. Knit a cup from the middle as follows.

  • Cast on three lifting loops and seventeen loops.
  • Now you tie the resulting chain from left to right, then from right to left with double crochets. You should get 16 columns excluding lifting loops. In the last, 17th, loop of the chain, cast on 2 dc, loop, 2 dc and from there go to knitting 17 double crochets on the other side.
  • Next, cast on the lifting loops and 16 dc. Also, from the 17th loop, you already knit 4 dc, a loop, 4 dc, go to knitting 17 columns on the other side.
  • A row is knitted in the same way, cast on 6dc, loop, 6dc.
  • Next, knit 8dc, loop, 8dc.
  • Now the pattern from the 17th loop will change a little. Cast on 8 dc, in the loop of the lower row you knit a "slingshot" (two double crochets with one base), a loop, a "slingshot", 8 dc.
  • Next, knit similarly 10 dc, "slingshot", loop, "slingshot", 10 dc.
  • crochet topic for women schemes for beginners

Top connection

We continue to crochet a topic for women. The schemes of the bodice from the 18th column are increased by two similar elements.

  • Dial 12dc, slingshot, loop, slingshot, 12dc.
  • In the next row, do 14dc.
  • Increasebollards up to 16 dc.
  • The last row consists of 18dc.

This way you can increase the cup to the desired size. You also make the other half of the bodice. From the inside, sew on a knitted lining. Attach the inset cup to the bodice if needed so the top can be worn without a bra.

Connect the halves to each other, start knitting the bottom of the top with slip stitches in a circle. From the next row, you can switch to an openwork pattern. For example, alternate arches of five loops and half-columns. Next are the arches, empty and filled with columns, as described in the previous example.

Knit the straps from the bodice of the top. Pass the braid under the cups. The bodice is tied with a pico. If the cups are not completely connected to each other, then you can use a chain to build a corset weave. Get an elegant summer top.

T-shirt patterns

Products with 3-4 or more patterns look chic, but their combination requires a lot of work. Firstly, one pattern can tighten a thing, another make it free, so you need to constantly calculate the number of loops. Secondly, for many beginners, such painstaking work of counting loops and knitting a pattern with all patterns is beyond the power.

crochet tops for women with patterns

Therefore, either choose crocheted tops for women in magazines with patterns according to your size, or knit a model with one pattern. Such a top can be knitted according to patterns or in one piece, making decreases and additions of loops on the product itself. Even the sleeves can be knitted directly from the top (this is the advantage of the hook).

Which patterns to choose for elegant tops?

  • For one repeat, cast on 19 stitches with three lifting loops.
  • Knit a fan with loops (loop, CCH- 4 times in one base). Next, also knit a loop with a slip column (9 times), stepping over the loop of the lower chain. In the last loop, knit a "fan" with loops (5dc with five loops).
  • The whole row of half-columns.

Coral pattern

  • Repeat the pattern with "fans".
  • Row of half columns again.
  • Cast on five lifting loops, "fan" with three columns with 3 crochets and 3 loops in one base. Next, knit stitches with columns with 3 yarn overs (5 times), stepping over two half-columns of the previous row. In the last loop, knit a "fan" of 4 columns with 3 crochets and 4 loops.
  • Alternate half-column and loop over the fan of the bottom row, and knit solid half-columns over the columns.
  • Next, repeat the pattern from the first row.
  • crochet knitted women's crop top

Coral pattern creates a feminine, gentle, romantic look. It will make elegant blouses, t-shirts, crochet tops.

Schemes for women who prefer batwing tops.

  • One repeat needs thirteen stitches.
  • Cast on 1 incline st and 2 air sts, make a "fan" of 7dc with one base into the 7th st of the chain. Finish the rapport with two loops and a half-column in the last 13thloop.

Wide Sleeve Top Pattern

  • Knit three loops again, go to the "fan" of the bottom row. Do 3dc, loop, 1dc, loop, 3dc, finish the pattern with two loops and a half-column.
  • Repeat the third row according to the pattern of the second row. Only in the fan pattern add two loops, and between the rapports there is one loop, 1СН and a loop.
  • In the fourth row in the correct pattern, three loops are added. There are no connecting air loops after the pattern, just knit 1CC.
  • Cast on three air loops and a "sheaf" (3dc with one top and three bases). Make two loops, a fan of 7dc, 2 loops, a “sheaf” of 7cn (this element smoothly transitions to the second rapport).
  • The rapport ends with half-columns.
  • crochet pattern for women

It will turn out a crochet airy top for women. Schemes for beginner knitters are represented by a fillet, openwork pattern. You can tie the back of the top with ordinary double crochets, and decorate the front with a plot. That is, take the usual monochrome cross-stitch pattern. Black crosses are knitted in columns, and white ones are replaced with a square (CCH, 2 loops, CCH). Such a top requires patience and perseverance, but you will get a gorgeous result.

Summary of results

It is better for beginner craftswomen to learn from ready-made models. Find the top according to your size and follow the instructions of the wizard. After creating 3-5 works, you will be able to select your own patterns, create no less beautiful crochet tops, you can modify patterns for women by adding your owndrawings.

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