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Deck with "Elite Barbarians": review, features and reviews
Deck with "Elite Barbarians": review, features and reviews

An update on November 25, 2016 introduced the "Elite Barbarians" card to Clash Royale. Many players immediately called her "imba", but it was not so. Within 2 months, it was regularly subjected to changes and balance changes. As a result, we got the current situation, which dictates the tactics in the match. A deck with Elite Barbarians mainly relies on attack speed and counters.

elite barbarian deck

Map Description

What makes a deck with Elite Barbarians so strong? How are these soldiers different from the rest?

  • He alth. Barbarians have medium HP, allowing them to outlast most damaging spells.
  • Very high movement speed.
  • Damage is not big, but stable.
  • 1 second exit time allows you to use the card in critical situations.

But any units have their weaknesses. As for the deck with "Elite Barbarians", there are not many of them.

  • Cost. 6 elixir is quite high for a regular card.
  • Number of soldiers. The map releases only 2 units. Despite the fact that theyhave increased characteristics, this is less than that of ordinary barbarians.
  • Barbarians only attack ground targets, so they need shooter escorts.

Thus, a deck with "Elite Barbarians" cannot rely on the strength of one card, but must be complex and comprehensively developed.

top deck with elite barbarians

Cheap and cheerful

Decks with "Elite Barbarians" without legendaries, although they lack the overwhelming advantage of rare cards, they also have a right to exist and may well compete with their more expensive counterparts:

  • Besides "Elite Barbarians" you will need "Rocket" or "Fireball" to clear large hordes of the enemy.
  • "Little Dragon". A flying unit with good area attack and other "flyers".
  • Spear Goblins are useful for destroying flying enemies. Can be replaced with stronger units like the Musketeer.
  • Goblin Barrels are a good way to force the enemy to defend.
  • "Charge" is a cheap spell against crowds of weak enemies. Can be exchanged for "arrows" and "log".
  • The Skeleton Gravestone is useful for distracting enemy tanks and strong units that prioritize building attacks.
  • "Skeleton Army" is just instantly capable of "devouring" soldiers with a strong single attack like "Sparky".

A similar deck with "EliteBarbarians" requires thoughtful and accurate play. Below we will look at two tactics

Tactics without a legend

The first option is to continuously attack and attack enemy buildings. You need to continuously scroll through the deck in search of the necessary combination. The following 3 cards are vital for you - "Elite Barbarians", "Whelp" and "Discharge". Properly using this set, you can effectively push the enemy line, after using the "barrel" or "army" on the opposite tower.

elite barbarians clash royale decks

The second tactic is to control the battlefield. Play defensively and try to counterattack quickly. When the he alth of the enemy tower drops to a minimum, use the "rocket" to finish off. Play with caution as you only have two air attack units.

Best deck

The top deck with "Elite Barbarians" is a mythical thing. Despite the fact that there are many ways to collect cups, top players do not reveal their secrets, so it is difficult to determine the best deck. After all, a lot depends on the skills of the player, and on pumping cards, and on luck. The deck below may well exist in 10 arenas and tournaments:

  • "Rage". Given the high movement speed of the Barbarians, the increase in attack will make them deadly fighters.
  • "The Elixir Collector".
  • "Tornado". Stop the offensive and give time to attack. Can be replaced"Freeze".
  • "Miner" and "Princess". Two cheap legendary cards. The first can be used to demolish enemy buildings, the second can be used to scout enemy maps.
  • "Executioner" (executioner). A powerful unit that deals massive damage with its boomerang axe. Good to use against medium to low he alth enemies. Without a tank, the Executor won't have a chance to attack again.
  • "P.E.K.K.A." The main tank, but to use it until the last minute or without a collector is irrational. As a last resort, release behind the tower in the corner, but only if you are sure that the enemy also does not have the elixir after the attack.
decks with elite barbarians without legendaries

In general, the principle of playing this deck is clear without explanation. It's better to start with "Princess". So you can scout the enemy’s cards and, due to the high attack range, make him show his spells, which can also destroy the Barbarians. Repel an enemy attack with Executor and Tornado, then counterattack with Elite, Rage, and Princess.

Third option

Lastly, we will present you another deck without legendaries, but containing the Elite Barbarians card. Clash Royale, the decks of which we are considering, has an important parameter - the ratio of elixir / efficiency. From this point of view, "Elite Barbarians" are inferior to many other cards, so it is better to use them at lowarena levels.

As basic spells, we use the already familiar "Fireball" and "Discharge". "Goblin Barrel" is used when the barbarians have already run up to the enemy's tower and are tanking it. "Tombstone" - protection from enemy attacks. "Witch" and "Sorcerer" serve as a cover and the main means of destroying flying troops. "Tornado" or "Freeze" will stop the attack and give your troops time to kill strong units.

The battle tactics are no different from previous cases. Use cheap cards to scout your opponent's deck and then play defensively. The main disadvantage is the lack of normal tanks, so you have to push with mass. The "Witch" that summons skeletons is well suited for this.

clash royale deck with elite barbarians


In Clash Royale, the Elite Barbarian deck is very vulnerable. This card is overpriced. Using the above combinations only makes sense if you can improve it at low levels of the arena. In the future, the power is lost, as more and more cheap legendaries begin to appear in matches. In general, "Barbarians" will be easy enough to replace the "Boar Rider" or the rarer "Prince". Both of these cards have a lower cost and deal more damage. In terms of he alth, they are about the same. However, with further leveling in high arenas, these rarer cards will be much more useful.

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