Crochet knitted jacket is a universal thing
Crochet knitted jacket is a universal thing

The jacket is the most versatile piece of clothing. Every woman has at her disposal several models designed for various occasions. It can be worn with trousers and a skirt. It looks no less harmonious with a sundress or a dress. The right composition of yarn will allow you to make a crochet knitted jacket, which will be ideal for the winter season. In the case of choosing very thin threads, you can create an openwork weightless model for the summer period. At the same time, wool, linen, cotton, viscose, as well as yarn of any other composition can be used for work. The choice will depend on personal preference and the desired effect.

crochet knitted jacket

The thickness of the hook can be very diverse. If you choose thick enough (number 5 or more) - you can create a very warm product. It will be a great alternative to an autumn coat in case of a fairly tight knit. A thin hook will allow you to become the owner of a light openwork model. Such a thing will be very relevant in the summer. However, it will take much longer to knit, although the yarn (by weight) will be required relatively less.


It is worth noting that a crochet knitted jacket can have the most diverse style. If the needlewoman does not have enough experience, it is better to give preference to a direct model. It will be quite simple to knit such a product, since the manufacturing process will not require excessive addition or decrease of loops. Well, if the experience is already large enough, you can create a more sophisticated model that will look best on a woman with a specific body type.

Crochet cardigans allow you to create a wide variety of sizes. In this way, you can make a product for both fairly fragile girls, and for women of larger sizes. The main thing is to choose the right pattern that will hide the possible flaws of the figure and emphasize its advantages. The same principle must be followed if a model is selected for an older woman or a very young girl. Youth things will be out of place on respectable ladies. At the same time, many strict classic models can add age to young girls.

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Crochet involves several possible options for creating jackets. If the work is done using the technique of Irish lace, individual elements are initially made, which are then connected to each other using a grid or directly. Such work requires certain skills and special knowledge. A much easier crochet knitted jacket can be created by making a single piece of fabric. In this casethe jacket is made much faster. At the same time, even a novice needlewoman can knit it. The choice of colors deserves special attention. If you wish, you can create a crochet knitted jacket not only from plain, but also from multi-colored yarn. In this case, the manufacturing sequence can also be very diverse.

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