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How to make Easter eggs with your own hands from improvised materials?
How to make Easter eggs with your own hands from improvised materials?

On the feast of the Ascension of the Lord, Orthodox people cook not only Easter cakes and paint eggs for a solemn feast and for consecration in the church. Many handmade lovers decorate their home with beautiful Easter eggs. With your own hands you can make interesting crafts that will be wonderful decor items for an apartment and a festive table.

Types of crafts

For the manufacture of crafts, different materials are used: paper, cardboard, satin ribbons and fabric, threads and strips of paper, there are craftsmen who make beautiful decorations even from ordinary curly pasta. In the article, we will take a closer look at some interesting ideas for making DIY Easter eggs with detailed instructions.

Such decorative elements can be put in a basket with which people go to celebrate Easter cakes in church, on a table, hung on the walls or under the ceiling in the form of a garland, or simply put on a shelf or bedside table and admire your work.

Toto make crafts of Easter eggs with your own hands, you need to think over the type of work in advance, purchase materials and adhesives depending on its structure.

Kids crafts

In kindergarten and at school, teachers can offer children to paint an Easter egg cut out of paper with gouache paints or decorate with appliqué. This is a decorative type of fine art that develops the imagination and creativity of kids. If at a younger preschool age, educators must present a drawn sample or several options for the child to choose independently, then in older groups, and even more so in elementary school, work is carried out independently.

You can use both floral ornaments and geometric lines and shapes. Then bright works are hung in the group room and the interior of the room acquires a festive touch. Before the holiday, parents can offer their children to decorate Easter eggs with their own hands at home. At the same time, the child will do something useful and will not distract the mother from preparing a festive dinner.

Paper voluminous eggs

For such a decoration you will need multi-colored paper, an adhesive pencil, a thin satin ribbon for the selected shade and a template that is drawn in advance by hand. To make even and symmetrical Easter eggs out of paper with your own hands, you must either be able to draw well or use a printout of the egg shape from a computer. The template is best cut out of thick cardboard. Then the colored paper is folded in several layers and a template is outlined with a simple pencil.Then several parts are cut out along the contour at once.

paper eggs

Paper eggs will look beautiful if they are made from paper of several shades of the same color, you can add a white sheet. Then each segment is bent in half lengthwise and the fold is well ironed with your fingers. When a lot of blanks are ready, you can start gluing them together.

One half is smeared with an adhesive pencil and the half of the second element is glued to it. The center fold should line up neatly so that the Easter eggs look neat. The more elements are glued together, the more voluminous and denser the finished egg will be. At the end, when the glue dries, a hole is made in the upper part of the decoration with a needle and a thin satin ribbon is inserted. For beauty, a bow is tied, matched to the colors of the paper used. Even a preschooler can make such Easter eggs with his own hands, only parents need to help him cut out an even pattern.

Quilling Egg

Now many masters are testing their abilities in this technique. This exciting activity is based on twisting strips of paper, which can be found in a large assortment in any stationery store. First, it is better to try your hand at flat pictures. The basis for making an Easter egg with your own hands (photo below) is a foam blank, which is purchased at a sewing accessories store. You will also need thick PVA glue, quilling strips, a hook and a template ruler.

Easter eggs quilling

Allthe pattern of quilling stripes is represented by flowers consisting of petals and round centers. Start work with a large element, placing it in the center of the egg. The petals are loosely wound. After making several turns, the edge of the strip is cut off and glued to the last turn. Then, by pressing with two fingers, the figure is given a certain shape. It can be the shape of a leaf with one sharp edge or pointed at both ends, a flower also looks beautiful, in which the corner is bent inward on one side, as in the pink flower in the photo on the right.

The middle, represented by a tight winding of strips around the hook, can be glued both to the foam itself and to the flower from above. When all the large parts are glued, the voids are filled with green leaves. They are placed in a free order and can be of any shape and size.

Felt Easter eggs

With your own hands you can decorate the room with figurines from a material that is convenient for sewing - felt. It is soft, elastic, the edges do not crumble, it is not necessary to bend the fabric. It can also be glued, making a drawing using the appliqué method, or it can also be stitched with threads. To make such jewelry, you need to buy several sheets of felt, threads, satin ribbons and filler (cotton wool or synthetic winterizer).

Felt Easter eggs

Two felt eggs and the middle of the filler are cut out according to the template. It needs to be cut a few millimeters smaller so that wrinkles do not form on the craft. Then on each of the sides (only on the front part) sew or stick a small pattern. It can beflowers, Easter bunny figurines, butterflies or any other element cut out of felt of a different color. You can use embroidery elements. Then the front, back and filler are folded into a pile and the edges are sewn with an edge seam.

If you want to hang these decorative items on hooks, then remember to insert a loop of satin ribbons when sewing the hem.

Crafts from threads

In this chapter we will tell you how to make an Easter egg with your own hands from threads of yarn. You will need a foam base, which is lubricated with glue. It is better to use thick PVA or a glue gun. Winding starts from the top.

Easter eggs with threads

You can combine the threads to make the egg multi-colored. In the course of winding, you need to constantly apply a thin layer of glue with a brush to fix the threads on the form. After drying, such decorative elements can be folded into a small basket and placed on a shelf.

Thread Egg: Option 2

To make a transparent light egg from threads, and even with sweets in the middle, you need to inflate a balloon to the size of an egg and tie it with a knot or thread. If you are preparing a surprise for your child filled with sweets, then several small sweets can be inserted into the middle of the balloon before inflation, but only in wrappers. Then we get to work with the threads. PVA glue is poured into a small container and the threads are soaked in it from all sides.

Eggs made from thread

Then a thread is taken and randomly wrapped aroundball to desired shape. Then the ball is suspended until the threads are completely dry. When everything is dry, it is pierced with a needle and carefully pulled out through the holes between the threads.

DIY kanzashi egg

Easter eggs made of satin ribbons with kanzashi flowers are very stylish and original. The base is taken foam or wood. You also need to have a glue gun, thin satin ribbons for wrapping an egg and wider ones for a floral pattern, scissors, beads or pebbles, Titanium glue.

Easter eggs from ribbons

First, a thin ribbon is wrapped around the form from the top in a circle. The first drop of hot glue is applied to the top of the egg. The rest of the surface is covered with "Titanium". The main thing is not to rush so that the layers of turns are equally spaced around the entire circumference. It is better to fix the edge of the last turn with a glue gun.

Then we decorate the Easter egg from ribbons with flowers with our own hands. Work on each element separately using tweezers. Squares of equal length are cut out of a wide ribbon - according to the number of petals. Then they are folded in half with tweezers and one corner is cut off to make a rounded triangle. This cut edge needs to be soldered with a glue gun. After drying, the petal is turned inside out on the other side. It turns out a convex element. Having collected several petals, we make a flower on the egg. Beads or half beads can be glued to the middle, rhinestones and pebbles are also used for decoration.

Eggs frompasta

Easter eggs from pasta look original. It’s not difficult to make them with your own hands, you just need to pick up a few interesting pasta. It can be spirals and short ribbed horns, shells and bows. Before gluing, arrange the pasta into varieties in different containers, so it will be more convenient to make a drawing.

eggs from pasta

The shape of the egg can be both wooden and foam. It is carefully smeared with a thick layer of PVA glue and quickly, until the glue has dried, the elements are attached in turn. You can create a stand so that the egg is in an upright position. Paint a decorative pasta egg with a spray in a golden color. You can use other colors if desired.

Using papier-mâché technique

For such crafts, an already proven method is used with inflating a balloon. The rubber surface of the inflated balloon is coated with vegetable oil. The first layer of paper is glued simply by soaking it in water. Next, pieces of paper are placed on the paste in several layers (5-6).

Papier-mâché egg

To correctly fill the entire surface of the egg, it is recommended to use paper of various kinds, for example, the first layer from a newspaper, the second from an old school notebook in a box. It is desirable to make the upper outer layer from pieces of white paper so that after painting the newspaper or notebook cells are not visible. Where the balloon knot is located, the paper does not stick, a small hole remains so that the deflated balloon can bepull out.

Please note that papier-mache needs a couple of days to dry, so you need to start decorating such decoration in advance. After the balloon dries and deflated, the hole is sealed with a few pieces of white paper. It turns out the finished product, which remains only to paint.


The article presents descriptions of making Easter eggs with your own hands using different techniques. After reviewing them, you can choose a decoration for small children, and for beginners, and for professional craftswomen. Fantasize and create for the joy of loved ones!

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