Crochet napkins: diagrams and description
Crochet napkins: diagrams and description

If you have a desire to crochet something beautiful, light, airy and at the same time simple to perform, then this will undoubtedly be a crochet doily.

Knitting a napkin is an interesting and exciting activity that will not leave indifferent either a beginner or an experienced craftswoman.

Knitting pattern for napkins

Napkins can be knitted from threads of almost any thickness, but it is more expedient to take thin cotton yarn: then the napkin will look like an ephemeral product. If you use bulky yarn, you can knit a bedspread, a stool or chair cover, a tablecloth, a pillowcase, and so on.

Crochet napkin for beginners is better to start from thin acrylic or wool mixture, picking up any color scheme you like.

colored napkin

Where to start?

First you need to take the threads you like and choose the right hook - this is very important, since the type of finished product will directly depend on the combination of the thickness of the hook and the thickness of the thread.

Then you need to find a simplea pattern on the Internet or in a knitting magazine (you can also watch video tutorials on the Internet and learn from them).

Crochet doilies may seem like a very difficult task, but it's only at first. Of course, such a painstaking task requires attention and perseverance. You need to carefully count the loops so as not to make mistakes. Even one seemingly imperceptible loop skip or an additional column in an unnecessary place can spoil the whole work.

In order not to retie a finished napkin, it makes sense to correct mistakes right away - it is better to retie one or two rows than the entire napkin.

Volumetric napkin

Crochet napkin patterns

Any knitting begins with a search for patterns. And their diversity is simply amazing. There are schemes of the simplest napkins, where the whole difficulty lies in the correct counting of columns and air loops - they are just right for beginner knitters.

And there are such intricate patterns of filet knitting or Irish lace that it is better for a novice craftswoman to postpone them until later, when experience appears.

Crochet pattern for napkins will be presented below. Based on it, even a novice craftswoman will be able to knit her first napkin.

Napkin scheme

Napkin is the easiest option

Description of crochet napkins is easy to find on the all-knowing Internet or in knitting magazines and books.

In order to really learn how to knit napkins and not throw an untied product somewhere far away, you should pay attention to the patternseasier.

Symbols that are in each scheme:

  1. V/p – air loop.
  2. SSN - single crochet.
  3. CC2H - double crochet.

The simplest napkin pattern includes a beautiful alternation of ordinary double crochets and chains of air loops, which give the product a delicacy.

The knitting of this napkin begins with a chain of twelve loops, which closes in a circle.

  • 1 row - you need to make three lifting loops and knit thirty-one double crochets into a ring of chain loops;
  • 2 row - closing the ring, start knitting a simple pattern;
  • 3 in / p, 4 SS2N fit into the columns of the previous row;
  • knit 3 in / p and again four CC2H, without skipping the columns in the bottom row;
  • 3 row: 4 in/p, 6 SS2H;
  • 4 row: 4 in/p, 8 СС2Н;
  • 5 row: 9 ch, 10 SS2H;
  • 6 row: ch 11, dc 4, ch 11, skip 2 dc from previous row, dc 4;
  • at the end of the row, a connecting half-column is knitted into the first loop;
  • 7 row: 5 ch, 15 SS2H;
  • then 5 in / p, one column in a chain of air loops of the previous row;
  • 8 row: 6 ch, SS2H work small picot from 4 ch/p;
  • CC2H is knitted into the third column of the previous row.

Transitions between rows should be carefully looked at in the diagram.

Finish the work by carefully tucking the remaining tip of the thread with a needle under the posts of the previous row.

Crochet doilies, notis difficult, but you can get great pleasure from your work.

Butterfly Napkin

Knitting a round napkin

Knitted round doily is the classic and most affordable version of this product.

Crochet napkins usually begin with knitting a few air loops, in each pattern their number will be different. Next, the napkin is knitted according to the scheme, which can be either simple or with a set of complex elements.

It all depends on the skill level of the knitter. The final size of the doily can also vary from miniature to quite large products - this is also affected by the thickness of the yarn used for knitting.

Serving napkins

Knitting oval napkins

Crochet an oval doily can be done in a variety of ways:

  1. First way: in circular rows. It begins with an elongated base, around which an openwork motif is knitted.
  2. Second method: several segments of a napkin are created separately, for example, flowers, which are then combined with an openwork mesh.
  3. Another option: lengthening a round napkin. For this, additional elements are added in certain places (on the sides). This requires skills and some experience.

Crochet oval doily is not only done in circular rows.

For example, the filet knitting technique allows you to make any pattern you like.

Oval napkins are made up of rectangular or square elements. Whenthe required number of these elements is connected, you need to combine them using an openwork grid. Then comes the strapping.

Oval napkin

Knitting a square or rectangular napkin

Crochet square doilies are not as popular as knitting round or oval items. But these napkins look no less beautiful and original than any others.

You can make a square napkin starting from the center. There is a knitting option when the beginning is a chain, then turn rows follow the pattern.

Square and rectangular napkins are made mainly in fillet technique. Quadrangular motifs are used in knitting tablecloths or large napkins for a chest of drawers, a nightstand.

square napkin

Napkins as a gift

Having mastered crocheting napkins for beginners, you can try to deal with more complicated patterns. Such napkins can add zest to the interior, creating a unique beauty and comfort, decorating the open spaces of countertops and nightstands.

Since napkins are very different: small, large, multi-colored, voluminous, you can choose the right ones for any interior, even for a child's room.

You can choose napkins with knitted volumetric figures of swans and make a product in the form of a swan lake. You can also create three-dimensional flowers and also place them around the perimeter of the knitted product, thus depicting a flower meadow.

You can knit napkins in the form of a sunflower or with voluminous grapes. Generally,the fantasy of needlewomen truly has no boundaries.

Such masterpieces can be safely given to your friends and relatives, they will be infinitely happy and appreciate the gift.

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