Why do you need a camera aperture
Why do you need a camera aperture

When buying a quality camera, you should not stop at the standard settings. In this article, we will explain what a function such as aperture is required for and how to use its capabilities.

Physically, the aperture of a camera is petals that cover the lens and let in a certain amount of light. The better the lens, the more petals it has, and the more beautiful the blur effect is achieved. We will not tell you in words what photos you can get, but we will show everything visually.

camera aperture

These photos are of children, and at first glance, the photos are almost identical. But in the first image, we clearly see the boy in the background, and in the second image, the background behind the girl is all blurry. We note right away that this is far from the maximum degree of blur, and it is impossible to achieve the same effect manually (in Photoshop).

Now let's explain how the camera aperture was set in both cases. In the first photo, the aperture is closed, as a result of which we see the whole picture clearly. On the second photothe diaphragm is more open, which is why the boy is not visible. We have considered this and it is clear to us that with the maximum open aperture we get a blurry background, and with a closed hole - a clear one.

In almost all cases, the aperture on the camera is indicated as "f /" and a number, which shows the degree of openness of the gap. At first, it will be difficult for you to remember all the values, so it is enough to know that the smaller the number, the more the background is blurred, and the larger it is, the better the objects in the background are visible. The following picture shows the standard values ​​​​that are present even in ordinary soap dishes. You can see how the aperture changes depending on the indicators.

canon camera

Despite the fact that the aperture priority function is also present on compact cameras, it is impossible to achieve the effect of a blurred background on them. In order to understand the difference, it is enough to try out SLR and professional cameras in operation. Believe me, the differences in quality will be noticeable to the naked eye. And the number of functions, settings will pleasantly amaze you. Take your time to master everything at once and first deal with each parameter individually, and only after that choose manual mode and link them.

SLR cameras

The photo with the ladybug clearly shows that the diaphragm is fully open. Such a picture can be taken with any professional equipment, regardless of the brand - Nikon, Canon. The camera, most importantly, must be a SLR or professional.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that the diaphragmcamera can focus on a specific subject, highlighting it and blurring the background. The ladybug photo above clearly shows this effect, because you see only the insect, and the rest is not so important. A closed camera aperture is essential when taking pictures of the street, landscapes, crowds, where you want the whole photo to be in focus.

As you can see, not everything is as difficult as it seemed at first, but before moving on to further study the art of photography, practice well at this stage.

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