How to make a stylish bracelet from a thread with your own hands
How to make a stylish bracelet from a thread with your own hands

Sometimes you really want to wear a brand new stylish bracelet with some clothes, but one that no one has ever had and never will. And here needlework comes to the aid of such desires, which makes it possible to make a bracelet from a thread with your own hands. Perhaps, it is no secret to anyone now that handmade items are highly valued, look beautiful, and have a unique design or construction. And of course, if someone does not like woven bracelets, then they are perfectly replaced by products such as a hand-made bracelet made of beads with your own hands. You can apply maximum creativity and imagination to make such bracelets. Using your imagination, you can choose the material yourself, which you will like, and will look harmonious with clothes, shoes or any accessories. Making a bracelet with your own hands is actually not difficult. You just need to carefully follow the master class shown here and try to do everything exactly as described and recorded in the photographs. Of course, you choose the material as you like, and here you will find a bracelet made of thread, created with your own hands, in pink-burgundy-red tones. lookcarefully on the materials needed for this work and make sure that they are available to you. Choose certain colors of threads and beads for the future bracelet, and go for creative exciting work!

handmade thread bracelet

If you have decided on the material and are ready to make a bracelet out of thread with your own hands, then you will need:

  • floss for embroidery 5 selected tones;
  • scissors;
  • roulette;
  • beads with a large hole, in quantities from 1 to 3 (optional).

Now you need to take the threads of each tone and cut off 30 cm. Fold the ends of all the segments and tie them into a knot, leaving 3 cm for the fringe. Then attach the knot into which the threads are connected with a button or any adhesive tape to a wooden surface.

The first step is to make the first knot. We take the extreme thread and make a loop, bending it through the adjacent thread, as shown in Figures 3 and 4. Gently and slightly tighten this knot to the top of the bracelet. It is very important that the knot is free and voluminous. Now you need to do the same with the second thread. And so on with all other threads. This will be the first row.

handmade thread bracelet

In all subsequent rows we tie two knots, starting from the extreme thread of the left side, we continue to weave knots to the middle of the row. In the same way, we tie two knots on one adjacent thread, starting from the right side and so on - until the middle of the row. To better imagine how this is done, you can look at figures 5 and 6. Suchweaving is necessary so that the directions of the knots go in opposite directions, forming a kind of wedge.

make a bracelet with your own hands

The middle of the row is tied with two threads of the right and left sides of the row (as shown in Figure 7). The same double knots are used. Do not forget that the knots should not be tightly tied.

make a bracelet with your own hands

After the size of the bracelet matches the size of the wrist, you need to connect all the threads into one large knot for fixation, as was done at the beginning. Then pass the remaining ends through the large hole of the prepared ball or bead, then again fix the ends of the threads with knots separately on each side (as you can see in figures 8 and 9).

Here is your hand-woven thread bracelet, ready! If desired, you can fluff up the fringe a little, because it adds a touch of ethnic style to the entire appearance of the bracelet.

DIY beaded bracelet

This bracelet can be successfully combined with other bracelets made of small beads, leather cords or baubles woven from beads. Thus, you will get a cheerful and light ensemble on your wrist. And if you also add a string of pearls, then this will very successfully give exclusivity to the overall image, invariably remaining an indisputable evidence of the good taste of its owner.

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