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Elena Shumilova - master of photography
Elena Shumilova - master of photography

Elena Shumilova is a talented photographer. She is a master of her craft, quickly becoming famous. Her work is known all over the world.

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How did it all start?

Love for art was instilled in Elena from childhood, when she studied at art school. After receiving the basic education was architectural. In St. Petersburg, Elena studied at the Academy. Repina, however, did not finish it.

Photography has always aroused her interest. But the first works appeared only after the birth of children. For their sake, I had to part with the career of an architect. And over time, the family moved to the Tver region, where Elena Shumilova took her first pictures. The photographer wanted to capture childhood with its emotions and feelings, joys, disappointments and discoveries.

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Through thorns to glory

The first works, according to her, were not the most successful: somewhere unnaturalness was visible when she asked the children to pose, somewhere she did not have time to catch the right frame if the shooting was not staged. Patience and perseverance did their job. Today Elena Shumilova is known and recognized by millions of people. She cooperates with foreign companies and publications.

The main theme of the workphotographer - children and nature. The pictures were taken on our own farm, where there is no shortage of animals, so there was no need to specifically look for models. The shots depicting a little boy and a big alabai look very touching - a dog that, according to the owners' plan, was supposed to protect the farm, but grew up very good-natured and became one of the models.

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Professional Tricks

Elena Shumilova creates very lively pictures that convey the mood. To do this, she has several means:

  1. When making a subject photo, she does not ask the children to pose, but gives a general plan: what, how and why to do it. Without actively intervening in the process, without interfering with intrusive management, but simply knowing the sequence of events, she catches the right moments.
  2. For an outdoor photo shoot, she finds a place in advance and determines where the shooting will take place, taking into account lighting and composition.
  3. When working at home, Elena Shumilova likes to use the backlight coming from the window. Depending on the weather and time of day, there may be a curtain on the window that diffuses the light as it passes.
  4. Elena doesn't use flash, tripods or reflectors. She prefers to work with natural light: diffused, direct beams and backlight.

As happens with many talented people, there are unidentified critics who sit on the Internet and discuss where there are technical inaccuracies or "too much "Photoshop"". Elena does not hide the fact that she is processing frames. And for thisthe process takes from one to four hours per photo, depending on the quality of the original image. The result is masterpieces that have won the sympathy of millions of people around the world.

Elena Shumilova

Thanks to natural inclinations, patience, perseverance and self-education in photography, Elena Shumilova, a photographer whose biography did not differ in anything special, has become a world famous person whose work brings people joy.

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