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Easy crochet patterns for shawls from the corner
Easy crochet patterns for shawls from the corner

Knitting today is a very popular hobby among both women and men. Literally everyone knits today. But there are some products that have been invariably popular for many decades. Perhaps every knitter has a beautiful openwork shawl in her arsenal. This is not only an element of clothing that warms in the cold and adds coziness, but also, often, a beautiful and fashionable accessory that adds variety to the wardrobe.

crochet patterns for shawls from the corner

Purpose of the shawl

A shawl can come in handy to keep warm on a cold winter evening. Then for its implementation you will need warm woolen yarn. She can also complement and emphasize the evening dress. To make such an accessory, you will need a thin spectacular yarn. Products made of mohair look great and envelop with soft warmth. They can also serve as elements that complement the wardrobe of fashionistas and provide the missing comfort in inclement weather.

crochet shawl from the corner of the pattern

But very often how the shawl will be used is not decisive. As a rule, knitting a shawlbegins with the fact that the product seen somewhere remains in the memory, and the desire to repeat it makes you get to work. Inspiration, as a rule, is a changeable thing, so the sooner work on the product begins, the sooner the result is visible, which will make you stubbornly move towards the intended goal. Therefore, the frantic search for the necessary patterns immediately begins, the choice of the type and color of yarn, and then work, work …

We do not always think about how the product will be used. Meanwhile, this is a great gift idea for friends or relatives. A handmade thing carries positive energy, because when we make it, we experience positive emotions. Therefore, such a gift will not gather dust on the far shelf of the closet, but will bring real benefits and pleasure.

How to knit a shawl

There are quite a variety of crochet patterns. Shawls from the corner can be made with a solid fabric or by comparing two, separately knitted fabrics. Products made of separate elements, which are connected in the process of work, are very popular. Such a combined execution of the canvas looks quite impressive. A distinctive feature of this technique is that the product cannot be exactly repeated.

A few words about the benefits of crochet shawls

However, the most common and easiest to perform is crocheting a shawl from the corner. Of course, knitted shawls are no less unique and spectacular, but sometimes their knitting is accompanied by some difficulties, especially for those whowho is learning to knit. For example, it is not always convenient to handle a wide part of the fabric with knitting needles. And at the same time, it is important to keep under constant control and correctly perform additions. Because, in addition to expanding the fabric, you also need not to go astray when knitting the main pattern. Yes, and the end of the work is sometimes accompanied by certain difficulties. There are several ways to finish a shawl, and they are not nearly as simple as they might seem at first glance. After all, the shawl is all in sight. And the slightest flaws will be visible at a glance.

crochet shawls from the corner

Often, knitting a shawl is a creative process. And there are different approaches to doing the job. You can crochet the shawl from the corner. The diagrams describe in sufficient detail the process of making additions so that the shawl acquires the desired shape. You can, on the contrary, use the tapering technique and knit in the opposite direction. Often the shawl consists of separate elements that are sewn together. And you can also tie two small triangles, which are neatly sewn together and you get a full-fledged shawl. There are many options. The main thing is to decide what you want to get in the end.

Knitting - creativity

Experienced craftswomen, relying on basic schemes and patterns, can create completely unique products. In their work, they can use both standard schemes and their own author's developments. Very often, the image of a future shawl exists in the imagination of a knitter. But it also happens that it can change several times in the process of doing work. And then such a product will already serveinspiration for others.

Features of knitting shawls

Let's try to consider how to crochet a shawl from the corner. This technique means that the work begins with a minimum number of loops and is performed from the corner of the future product. The additions are made evenly and symmetrically on both sides of the shawl, and the work is done until we get the right size. However, any knitted product has a certain weight, that is, the weight of the yarn used to work. And that is why, the final size tends to increase. This fact must be taken into account when doing the work so that the shawl does not turn out to be too large.

crochet shawls from the corner

Another important point when crocheting a shawl from the corner is that the additions are made mainly at the beginning and at the end of the row. This allows you to achieve a uniform expansion of the product and prevent errors when knitting a pattern.

Choose a pattern

Various magazines and specialized sites offer various crochet patterns. Shawls from the corner begin in approximately the same way: with knitting the base, which will later serve as a guide for determining the middle of the product. And already starting from the second row, a uniform symmetrical addition of loops begins.

crochet a shawl from the corner

A variety of crochet shawl patterns from the corner are offered to the attention of knitters. They can be both extremely simple and quite complex, which will require a certain skill and patience from the knitter. However, despite the complexity of knitting,any shawl made with your own hands will be exclusive and chic, and will certainly give a lot of positive emotions to its future owner.

Depending on the complexity of the chosen pattern, it may be necessary to constantly have a crochet pattern in front of your eyes. Shawls from the corner contain one feature. After all, the addition of loops should be carried out taking into account that the pattern is maintained. This means that it will be very useful to periodically check with the pattern execution scheme.

Starting work on the shawl

Now let's try to consider in detail how to crochet a shawl. From the corner, it will expand until we get the desired size. And despite the strict geometric elements on the diagram, it will look quite impressive.

crochet shawl from the corner

Start with a chain of 4 air loops. Then we knit 3 double crochets at the base of the first loop. The beginning of the future shawl is laid. This is the so-called corner from which our shawl begins.

Next, we perform 3 air loops for lifting, and knit 3 double crochets again at the top of the last column of the previous row. Thus, we will perform the addition of loops at the beginning of the row. Then 9 air loops. And we finish the row again with 3 double crochets in the first column of the previous row. That is, we complete the row also by adding loops.

When doing the next row, we will start the first square. At the beginning of the row, we will perform 3 air loops for lifting and 3 double crochets foradditions. Next 5 air loops, a single crochet into an arch formed by a chain of air loops of the previous row, again 5 air loops and finish the row by adding - 4 double crochets.

Further shawl crochet from the corner continues in the same way, strictly following the pattern and not forgetting the symmetrical addition of loops.

Shutting down

crochet shawl from the corner

Following the pattern, we continue knitting until the desired size of the product is obtained. As a rule, the shawl ends with a hook, connected from the corner, by simply fastening the thread at the end of the row. If necessary, or to give the product the greatest expressiveness, you can tie it in a circle. To do this, you can use ordinary single crochets or a more complex pattern. This will give the shawl a finished look, and will also be able to mask minor errors. You can also decorate the shawl by evenly attaching pre-made tassels.


In order to crochet a shawl from a corner, patterns are not always needed. For example, if you are knitting with a sirloin mesh, you only need to remember to evenly add loops along the edges of the shawl. And the rest of the canvas is performed quite uniformly. But when we crochet a shawl from a corner with a similar pattern, it is possible to use a melange thread. Smooth transitions from one color to another are quite effective when using extremely simple knitting patterns.

crochet shawl knitted from the corner

You can choose absolutely any crochet patterns. Shawls withcorner, as we figured out, knitting is not difficult. Also, you can choose any yarn for work. The main thing is that before starting work, you get an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bhow your product will look like. And for this, as we remember, you need to complete the sample. It will also help us calculate the required amount of yarn. Most importantly, do not be afraid to take on work and everything will work out for you. Good luck.

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