How to sew a T-shirt: two creative options
How to sew a T-shirt: two creative options

How many outfits does each girl need? It is difficult to answer this question. But every girl dreams of such a wardrobe, where there is everything! That's why so many of us are so often jealous of girlfriends who know how to sew. For them, there is no problem with what to wear or how to sew a T-shirt. Where do these needlewomen and fashionistas take patterns and find time for sewing? It turns out that many popular models and styles can be made by yourself, even without special needlework skills.

how to sew a shirt

T-shirt with a bow from an old T-shirt

You will need an old gray T-shirt, a strip of pearl-colored fabric 10 cm wide and one and a half meters long. If you want to make a looser silhouette, you can look at what old men's T-shirts are at home and take one of them. The main thing is to choose a beautiful combination of colors for the trim bow and t-shirt.

  1. Make a bow: fold a piece of fabric along, stitch and turn inside out. We sew the ends obliquely.
  2. Lay out the T-shirt on the table and cut off the sleeves. Now draw a line connecting the lowest points of the shoulder seam and cut it off.
  3. Processing the armholes. To do this, you can use an overlock or wrap them twice and sew.
  4. Finishing the neckline. We bend the top, iron and sew at a distance of 5 cm. We put a bow into the resulting neckline.
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Peplum T-shirt

This style is especially popular lately. No wonder you can often hear questions on women's forums about how to sew a T-shirt with a peplum.

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So, to create such a model, you will need 2 T-shirts: one of the required size, and the second - much larger than the first. You can take t-shirts of the same color or different. It's just that in the second version, the peplum will differ in color from the model.

Measure the distance from the shoulder seam through the highest point of the chest to the waist. We put off the measurement on a T-shirt of your size and cut it off. So you can not only solve the question of how to sew a T-shirt with a peplum, but also make a T-shirt or turtleneck with the same beautiful peplum. And for a special occasion, you can cut a peplum from lace fabric.

how to sew a shirt

Making a peplum pattern. To do this, draw two semicircles, one inside the other. The outer radius will be 40-45 cm, and the inner radius is calculated as the width of the T-shirt in your size divided by 3. Next, place the pattern on a larger T-shirt and cut it out. Now it remains to sew the received parts and process the bottomBasques.

These fashionable T-shirts can be sewn in just an hour of work. For the model with a bow, you can also use braid, lace or satin ribbons. In the second version, the peplum can be additionally decorated with decorative trim or cut out and sew on 2 peplums at once: the top one is 5 cm shorter than the bottom one.

For these creative models, we used ready-made t-shirts that were bought specially or were already in our wardrobe. But many people want to learn how to sew a T-shirt completely without resorting to such tricks. To do this, the easiest way is to use electronic patterns, which are now quite a lot on the Internet. But in this case, it is necessary to have skills in working with knitted fabrics and be able to deal with tailor's patterns and calculations.

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