Funny pantyhose dolls
Funny pantyhose dolls

Homemade soft toys are the favorite products of hand-made craftsmen. And if just a few years ago crafts made according to patterns were the most popular, today craftswomen find new materials for making such toys. Everything is used: pompoms, burlap, and sometimes even tights. Touching babies, rosy-cheeked baby dolls, funny gnomes and angels - dolls made from pantyhose are very different.

pantyhose dolls

How to sew a doll out of tights

The basis of such a doll is usually a wire frame or plastic bottles. To make such a toy, first of all, you need to choose tights. If they are too thin, you can fold them in half. The first doll is best made from knitwear. This material is more difficult to spoil during operation. Although it is especially interesting how alive, dolls made of nylon tights look. A synthetic winterizer is used for stuffing, you will also need:

  • threads of the same tone with tights;
  • threads for making hair;
  • cloth scraps for clothing;
  • floss for embroidery eyes and lips on the doll;
  • sewing needles;
  • pins;
  • thick "gypsy" needle;
  • wire for frame.

The pattern is based on the size of the head. In order toto make a model more realistic in size, the following proportions must be observed. The length of the head is half the length of the arm, and the length of the body is equal to the length of the arm. In this way, you can sew Waldorf dolls from tights - the first pedagogical dolls specially designed for kindergarten-aged babies for harmonious natural development.

dolls from nylon tights

On the other hand, the smaller the model, the more difficult it is to sew clothes for the doll and complete smaller details: fingers and toes, nose and more.

After all the necessary materials are selected, you can start making a doll from tights. The head is made first.

To do this, with the help of a synthetic winterizer, a cake is formed and inserted inside the pre-cut "legs" from tights. Now a small ball of padding polyester is rolled up and placed in the middle of the workpiece - this will be the nose, ears are also added. Then other anatomical features of the ears and nose are formed with threads matching the tone of the tights. Instead of embroidery, you can paint eyes and lips with acrylic paint or buy special eyes for soft toys in art stores. The character of the pantyhose doll completely depends on how the facial expressions turn out. The photo shows how different these toys can be.

pantyhose dolls photo

The wire frame is now being made. Its appearance depends entirely on the doll. Some simple models of the frame do not. Next, the frame is covered with padding polyester, and after that tights and a finished head are put on. Fingers and toes are done in the same waylike the nose and ears. The final shape of the toy is attached with threads. The hair of a tights doll is sewn on depending on the model chosen. For more complex models, each strand of hair is sewn in a circle, starting from the crown. If there is no time for such laborious work, then you can buy fringed threads and simply sheathe the doll's head with them. You can also use faux fur, which is glued or sewn on.

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