Stylish DIY accessories
Stylish DIY accessories

It's easy to make stylish accessories with your own hands. This requires only minimal skills, some free time and beautiful source material: beads, lace, artificial flowers, shiny chains and rhinestones. Homemade jewelry is unique and harmoniously complements the female image, emphasizing style and character.


Stylish choker is an excellent decoration that has been conquering fashion catwalks around the world for several seasons in a row. It is not difficult to make an accessory with your own hands. For work you will need the following materials:

  • lace 30-35 cm long and 1-4 cm wide;
  • metal clasp the same width as available at a craft store;
  • scissors, pliers.

Take a small piece of lace with a width of 1 to 4 cm. The color can be anything: black, white, pink, blue. Such an ornament will not require significant financial costs, so you can easily make several options for each outfit. Try on the lace around your neck so you don't go wrong with the size. Shorten a little if necessaryhim, the choker should fit snugly around her, but not squeeze her.

Lace Choker

There are many types of clasps sold in craft stores, they can be made of gold or silver metal or be painted in other colors. Of course, you can do without a fastener and just tie a choker with a narrow ribbon, but this option looks bulky and less aesthetically pleasing. Insert the edges of the tape into the holes of the fastener and clamp with pliers. You need to act carefully so as not to overdo it and not deform the metal. Choker is ready. For making accessories with your own hands, it is best to purchase special pliers, they are small in size, light and comfortable, designed for delicate materials.

Pom-pom necklace

Making such an accessory with your own hands with a photo and detailed instructions will not take much time. For work you will need:

  • skein;
  • fork;
  • scissors.
How to make pom poms

Wrap the yarn around the tines of the fork. Tie the skein of thread exactly in the center with a few double knots. Then remove from the fork, carefully cut along the edges with scissors. If the pom-pom is uneven, trim the protruding threads. String ready-made pompoms on a cord or chain, secure with glue or thread and wear with pleasure.

Pompom necklace

If you know how to knit, you can make the necklace more interesting. Make a triangular hat, sew a small pompom of a suitable color on top and fasten the decorationon a long chain. No one else will definitely have such an accessory (made with their own hands).

Beanie necklace

Headband with flowers and stones

The headband is not only a useful hair accessory, but also a stylish decoration. To make it more interesting, use fantasy and improvised materials. To make this DIY hair accessory you will need:

  • plain metal or plastic headband;
  • artificial flowers;
  • rhinestones;
  • super glue.

All you have to do is buy a headband and pretty flowers, leaves and sparkling rhinestones, then carefully stick them onto the headband with glue. If the base of the flowers is too small or the rim is too thin, then the flower must first be fixed on a piece of fabric, and then fixed on the hoop. Glue stases into the gaps between the flowers. Before starting work, you need to think over the composition and lay it out in front of you on the table, and only then proceed with gluing.

Headband with flowers

By the way, you can place flowers not only evenly. A hoop with two lush bouquets looks unusual and creative.

Unusual headband for hair

Beaded bracelet

It's easy to weave a beaded bracelet, but how to make it original? Use colored beads and add a chain. Cut the string into strips of equal length. Count the beads one by one and put them in several piles with an equal number of details. Then carefully string the beads onto the fishing line and secureon a metal ring on both sides. After that, thread the rings into the extreme links of the chain and clamp with pliers.

Beaded bracelet

To make the bracelet really beautiful, carefully choose color combinations. Combinations of blue, white and red, yellow and green, purple and pink, blue and golden colors look advantageous. The chain can be made of yellow or white metal.

Stylish accessories decorate the look and make it original. Handmade products do not require large financial costs, the creation process does not take much time and does not require specific skills, so every girl has the opportunity to complement her outfits with unusual accessories.

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