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DIY Barbie accessories: ideas and tutorials for beginners
DIY Barbie accessories: ideas and tutorials for beginners

Barbie doll is one of the favorites of many girls. As a child, we constantly begged our mothers to give us a piece to sew a beautiful dress or hat. Today, all this can be bought in the store, but why, if you can make accessories for Barbie with your own hands quickly and cheaply.

Rules for sewing clothing items

miniature items for barbie
miniature items for barbie

Sewing clothes for dolls is not difficult at all, it takes a little time and requires only fabric, a needle and thread and a little patience. In most cases, such small things are easiest to sew by hand, especially if you are just learning this simple skill. To sew miniature things for Barbie, you should start by taking measurements. They are needed so that a dress or skirt can be easily put on. Before proceeding directly to the manufacture of beautiful clothes, it is worth remembering a few rules:

  1. Any doll is created in the likeness of the human body, so things need to be sewn with this factor in mind.
  2. Before work, take measurements, consider a comfortable neckline so that the child can easily put on and take off the thing, nothingdamaging.
  3. Choose comfortable fasteners, especially if small children play with the doll.
  4. It is not necessary to buy new fabric in the store. Most items require very little material, so just rummage through your closets for some old stuff you can use to make doll clothes.

Knowing these rules, you can easily create beautiful accessories for Barbie with your own hands and delight little princesses with replenishment of the doll wardrobe.

Sew the simplest sock dress

simple sock dress
simple sock dress

The basis of the doll's wardrobe are dresses and skirts. To some, the process of tailoring such clothes may seem too difficult. In fact, everything is extremely simple, if you know about some secrets. So, in order to sew the simplest dress, you don’t even need to create a pattern, sometimes you don’t even need a needle and thread. We take the old sock left over from the pair, cut off the toe and get a straight, strict dress. The elasticated top of the sock can be used as a skirt, strapless top or mini dress. Do not rush to throw away the heel, it can become a hood or an original collar for a jumper or sweatshirt.

Sew a dress according to measurements and patterns

how to make barbie accessories
how to make barbie accessories

As you can see, creating accessories for Barbie with your own hands is not as difficult as it seems. If you don’t like such simple ways to create doll clothes, we offer a master class on creating a dress. Before starting work, we need to measure the circumference of the chest, consider the lengthbodice to the waist and the skirt itself. Create the upper part of the dress - the bodice:

  1. Take the fabric of the right size, fold it into 4 layers.
  2. We draw a neckline, sleeves on the surface, apply the desired length.
  3. Cut out along the lines. This turned out to be a bodice. From the back side, we cut the fabric approximately to the middle - the fastener will be located here.
  4. The neckline, the edges of the sleeves and the back need to be sheathed either on a typewriter or manually - as you prefer. Immediately sew Velcro or a button on the bodice.
  5. If you want, you can make darts. To do this, first measure the top of the dress on the doll, estimate the location of the darts and mark them, then sew from the inside.

Now we make a skirt. It can be of any length and splendor. If you want to make the bottom voluminous, take more fabric and make folds more often. The skirt should be sheathed along the bottom so that the fabric does not crumble. Then it remains only to sew it to the bodice.

Sew so that the neckline is large enough to put on the doll. How to make accessories for Barbie? For example, you want to complement the dress with a bow. To do this, we take a fabric that is suitable in tone or texture, measure the size of the waist, and cut off the required amount of material. The belt can simply be tied with a bow or made with Velcro at the back, and decorated with beads or rhinestones in front. This accessory will perfectly complement the dress!

The video below shows how to make a fancy ball gown for Barbie.


Creating decorations

The doll, in addition to a beautiful dress, needs decorative elements. Most Populardecorations for Barbie are beautiful belts that can be embroidered with beads, beads (they are also easy to make from multi-colored beads). Let's not forget about the handbag: how will our doll go for a walk without it? For its manufacture, you can take thick felt or artificial leather, since these materials will keep their shape well. Cut out a rectangle or an oval (depending on the shape of the accessory), sew the edges.

dress for barbie
dress for barbie

We sew a handle to the corners - it can be made of metal, woolen threads, decorative braid, thread with beads. It is easy to decorate a felt bag with embroidery, rhinestones, beads or simple fabric flowers. It is very easy to create such accessories for Barbie with your own hands, for this you don’t even need to look for patterns.

How to sew a hat?

hat for barbie
hat for barbie

You can emphasize the stylish image of the doll with the help of such an accessory as a hat. In the simplest version, it can be made from fabric, cardboard and a plastic cover. The work steps are as follows:

  1. Measure the volume of the head. As a rule, for Barbie it is about 10 cm.
  2. Take a long strip of fabric, fold it, process it with a seam.
  3. We make a circle out of a long strip, which will become the basis of the future headdress.
  4. To keep the Barbie hat in shape, you can put a pre-cut circle of thick paper inside the strip.
  5. The bottom for the headdress is made of fabric, taking into account the size of the doll's head. It should fit snugly.
  6. After preparing the bottom, it must be sewn to the fields. To hideseams, use decorative tape or some other embellishment that is sewn or glued at the junction of the brim and bottom.

That's it, the hat is ready. A handbag can also be made in the same style so that the image of the doll is complete and harmonious. The easiest way to make a hat is from dense fabrics, such as felt. It is easier to use, holds its shape well and allows you to turn any design idea into reality.

Barbie house: creating details

Today you can make a variety of accessories for Barbie with your own hands. For example, your daughter has a house for her, but the interior decoration is not thought out. Of course, something can be purchased at the store, but why, if it is quite possible to do it all with your own hands from improvised materials. Lots of options.

Textiles for Barbie

barbie house accessories
barbie house accessories

If the dollhouse already has furniture, you need to think about the design of its interior space. Curtains, linens, rugs - all these small details add coziness to any space. And all these products can be made in doll sizes. First, let's create bed linen for the doll. We take a piece of beautiful fabric from which we will sew a sheet, a duvet cover and a pillowcase. Their dimensions depend on the dimensions of the pillow and blanket, as well as the bed itself. Sewing such things is as easy as shelling pears:

  1. For a sheet, take a piece of fabric, sheathe it around the edges.
  2. For a pillowcase, take a fabric, fold it in half, leaving a slot for the pillow, sew the edges, think over the clasp so thatproduct did not fall out.
  3. For a duvet cover, take a rectangle of fabric, fold it in half, leave one edge open - a blanket will be inserted through it. We process the remaining seams.

In the same way, you can sew accessories for Barbie's house in the form of curtains. For them, you should choose a more elegant fabric, the bottom looks beautiful with lace or decorative ribbon.

Furniture for Barbie

If you work hard, you can even make furniture for a doll. The easiest way is to use matchboxes. By gluing them together, you can make a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a sofa, an armchair. To make it convenient to open the doors, buttons or long beads are glued to them. Finishing external surfaces is a creative process. In this case, you can let your imagination run wild.

kitchen for barbie
kitchen for barbie

If you need a kitchen for Barbie, it can be made from a variety of improvised materials:

  1. To make a microwave, we take a sharpener, which has a special removable box where chips are collected. Paste it with white paper, make buttons or levers from plasticine - and a realistic piece of household appliances is ready.
  2. To make a slow cooker, you can use foam, clay or plasticine.
  3. You can't do without a refrigerator in the kitchen, which is easiest to make from a tea box. In fact, this is a ready-made device, in which you only need to add cardboard shelves. They are attached with glue. To make the technique look more realistic, it can be pasted over with white paper or covered with white gouache.

You can think of any other furniture and accessories for dolls, it's not difficult.


As you can see, there are a lot of ideas for creating various accessories for Barbie dolls. Something is easy to do, something is more difficult, but in any case, even a novice master will find an option for himself on how to please a child with beautiful and stylish things for his favorite toy.

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