Original thread decoration: interesting ideas, features
Original thread decoration: interesting ideas, features

Every girl loves jewelry. For any outfit, you can purchase suitable beads or a necklace. In the article, we will present an option for making do-it-yourself jewelry from threads. Such products look original, there are few of them on sale, and you can choose the right thread color for any outfit.

In order to learn how to make such decor items, it is not necessary to be a handmade master, you only need to have patience, endurance, since weaving is a painstaking task. You will also need to be careful and careful. After all, even one wrong turn will stand out from the rest. The work is a little monotonous, since for the manufacture of lacing you need to perform the same turns. Therefore, be patient and start making original decorations from threads.

Necklace with large pendant

Before starting work, think about what dress or blouse this item will be worn under. Having decided on the color scheme, go to the sewing accessories store and look for suitable threads. You will also need a large pendant. If it is golden, as in the photo, then the fastening threadsyou need to pick up gold too. Then the product will look aesthetically pleasing.

1. First of all, you need to unwind the coils. To do this, you need to use some kind of dense template. For example, take a cardboard shoe cover or simply stretch them between the sticks of the back of a chair. The template should match the length of the thread decoration.

2. The threads are removed from the template and the edges are trimmed. It turns out a pack of threads of the same size.

3. Now you need to separately make a buttonhole for the button, which will hold the whole structure. To do this, insert a small round button into one of the threads and tie a knot. Having correctly measured the length of the necklace, on the other hand we make a loop according to the size of the button and also tie it in a knot. The thread thus prepared is applied to the rest. The ends of the bundle are tied with threads so that they do not fall apart during further work.

thread decoration

4. The hardest work remains. It is necessary to weave dense rings around the main part of the thread decoration with golden threads. The edge is hidden at a distance of 1 cm from the end of the beam so that it does not crawl out. Then tightly begin to wind the thread around. There are two ways: just wind the thread, pressing it tightly against the previous turn, or each time pulling the previous turn into the loop. In the second option, a pigtail will be visible on the side, which will need to be positioned evenly. But the threads will not overlap each other and the product will turn out neat.

Necklace with roses

The principle of making such an ornament from threads is the same as in the previous method. ATIn this product, instead of a button, a large bead is put on one end of the bundle, in the tone of one of the roses. When the main part is done, we begin work on decorating with flowers.

thread decoration on the neck

To do this, you need to separately wind a bunch of threads in the main beige color and the same one - in contrast, for example, red, as in the photo. The ends are wrapped with brown threads on both sides so that they do not fall apart. Then we make several turns of yarn in a circle, threading the main part of the bundle into the loops formed. But not too tight. The middle of the rose should be free. Finished decor elements are placed in the center of the necklace and sewn on the back with simple threads. They should not be visible on the front side.

Adding braids

A decoration made of threads for the neck, made in a way familiar to readers, can be diversified by adding any details. It can be beads or rings, pendants and knots. The next necklace is made with weaving thin braids. At the first stage of pulling the threads on the template, you need to separately weave several braids. For this, several threads are taken in each strand so that they have volume. It all depends on the desire of the craftswoman, because you can weave several different braids using a different number of threads for the strands.

what is the name of the thread decoration

Then the finished pigtails are placed in a bundle, located in different places so that each is clearly visible. You can decorate a yarn decoration with a bright contrasting bead.

So that she does not roll up and down the yarn,you need to tie a knot that will hold it in one place. The pigtail that comes out of the bundle with a bead looks beautiful. It turns out an asymmetry that adds originality to the product.

Big pigtail

A thick pigtail is woven from floss threads. Rings made of beads and beads are put on it. They should be bright and contrasting with the main color of the yarn.

red thread jewelry

The lock on this model is purchased. Now you know how to weave a beautiful decoration from threads. It is not difficult, but it looks very impressive.

Loop decoration

For such a product, you need to choose the same threads of two contrasting colors that would look harmoniously together. They are selected the same length. Then the bundles are intertwined with each other, forming a loop in the middle. Then purchased plastic or metal jewelry is inserted from one and the other end, and they must be the same.

how to make thread jewelry

How to make a thread decoration next? The ends are also fastened with purchased locks suitable for the kit. They are large enough to fit so many threads and a knot of them.

Chocolate with milk

This original decoration is also made of two parts. The first half is represented by chocolate-colored yarn, which is assembled from long threads and folded in half. Since the necklace has an asymmetrical structure, the brown threads should be longer than the white ones.

One end of the yarn is wrapped with black thread. Samethe central part of the beam, divided in half, is processed in the same way.

Further, the same manipulations are carried out with white yarn. Only the size of the threads is a few centimeters smaller. Thus, you can shift the center in the decoration of threads with your own hands.

DIY thread decorations

The lock is made according to the method described earlier, only a large bead is used instead of a button.

Thread earrings

Now fashionable are earrings made in the form of tassels from thin silk threads. It's very easy to make, you just need to know how. If you have never done such things before, then look at the step-by-step instructions. There is nothing complicated here. The only thing is that it will take a long time to wind the threads around the template, as they are very thin. To make the brush so lush, you need to unwind the whole coil. The pattern must be tight. You can use a wooden plate or very thick cardboard.

how to weave a beautiful decoration from threads

When the bundles for earrings of the required thickness are tightly wound, the extreme turns are tied in a knot. Then everything is removed from the template. It turns out a ring tied from opposite sides to knots. Putting the threads together, from above we perform several windings around the end, under the knot. And carefully cut the lower part under the ruler.

If you didn’t get it right the first time, you can trim the edges with sharp scissors. The upper knot, together with the winding, is hidden in the purchased elements of the earrings. The second earring is made in the same way.

When decorationthe master makes it himself, you can choose the color of the threads for any outfit. When buying ready-made products, you will have to choose only from what is presented in the window. The desired combination of shades can not be achieved. And what you buy won't always fit perfectly. So don't be afraid to try making your own decoration. It is not so difficult, but the result will exceed all expectations.

Plain solid color bangles

To make such jewelry, you will need to purchase a plastic even bracelet and thin silk threads of the desired color. PVA glue is also used here. Before you start winding the thread in a circle, you need to tie a knot at the beginning of work and hide the edge under the turns of thread. A 1 cm bracelet is smeared with glue and we begin painstaking work. When the entire area is filled with threads, the next centimeter of the surface of the product is smeared. The glue dries quickly, and the winding is slow. The threads need to be pulled tight so that there are no sagging areas.

yarn decoration

The end of the threads must be hidden under the last couple of turns. You can make a whole set of matching colors, consisting of two or three bracelets.

Wide bracelet with decor

This jewelry is made in a similar way, only a plastic ring is bought in a larger size. After completing the winding with threads, work begins on decorating the bracelet. To do this, a simple single pigtail is woven from the thinnest blue satin ribbon according to the size of the circle. Stick it in the center of the ring. Further on both sides are placed two rows of purchasedchains of plastic balls. Their large selection in hardware stores.

original thread decorations

It remains to stick half-beads with rhombuses at some distance from each other. That's it, the beautiful bracelet is ready!

Popularity of baubles

If you ask people on the street about the name of a thread decoration, the answer will be unequivocal - a bauble. This is a braided bracelet. The Indians of North America wove such products. They associated such weaving from threads with strong friendship. Such traditional decorations have been passed down from generation to generation. If the bracelet was removed or returned to the person who presented it as a gift, then this was considered a very offensive act, interrupting communication. Especially if the removal of the bauble took place in public.

The ancient Slavs also wove such ornaments with symbols to protect them from evil spirits. Such amulets were popular with both women and men. In the last century, they remembered such wicker hippie jewelry. Baubles also received another meaning. Couples in love wore jewelry on a red thread. Special baubles were also made, which had the meaning of a talisman, a symbol of friendship. Each color has its own meaning. Consider how to make a simple red bauble for a couple in love with your own hands.

Baubles of love

A decoration made of threads, whose name is a bauble, can be not only woven from different threads, but also twisted from one. For lovers, they are usually made from red threads. This is a symbol of love. In the center of such baubles they put on either identical beads, or a letter thatis the first in a person's name. Making this product is easy. A dense red thread is taken. Having hooked it on some kind of strong base (a hook, the back of a chair or a cabinet handle), they tie a knot and begin to twist the two threads together. Approaching the central part of the bracelet, make several knots. Then they put on a letter or a bead and again tie the same number of knots so that the product looks symmetrical. Then again the two threads continue to twist.

thread decoration name

At the end, a knot is made, which will be inserted into the first turn of the thread. It will play the role of a lock fastening a bauble on the owner's wrist.

Lovers wear such products as a sign of eternal love. Make them the same.

Products from threads can be made any, it is not difficult to make them, and you can embody any creative ideas.

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