Yarn "Alize" - creative, warm, soft
Yarn "Alize" - creative, warm, soft

Now knitted things are in fashion, they become especially popular in the cold season. However, when buying knitted clothes in stores, people overpay a lot, since such things are usually quite expensive, and their quality is often very poor. It is for these reasons that many have found a solution to this issue and knit clothes on their own. The price is much less, the quality is much more, and at the same time there will be a reason for needlework. In the modern 21st century, the variety of materials for knitting is very large. Thread now: choose - I do not want. However, do not forget that they can be quite poor quality. At present, one of the most popular and popular is the yarn from the company Alize. It is produced in Turkey, therefore it is considered one of the few of the highest quality. Also yarn "Alize" is divided into several types. These species include:

Alize yarn

1. Alize DANTELA

These are Turkish-made threads that are designed for hand knitting. They are an openwork tapeyarn, which is sold, as a rule, in skeins. Such threads are ideal, for example, for knitting a scarf, mittens or mittens for children and adults. The composition of this yarn includes: 84% acrylic, and 16% polyamide.


This yarn is new. It is an openwork, half-woolen, which is just perfect for knitting warmer, winter scarves. One skein of such yarn, as a rule, is enough for one scarf or several mittens. But, of course, it all depends on the size of the future product.

Alize diva yarn


This is a Turkish yarn designed for hand knitting. Threads - pure wool of excellent quality. The fiber of this yarn is usually medium in size, even and slightly fluffy. It consists of: 100% wool, the weight and volume of the skein is 100 grams and 300 meters.


Yarn "Alize Mohair Classic" is a high quality thread, which is knitted by hand. Also, it is certainly suitable for knitting a sweater, blouse or suit for a child. Its composition contains 70% mohair and 30% acrylic. Material consumption varies by size.


Yarn of this type can only be knitted by hand. Most often it is used for the manufacture of various clothes, blankets, all kinds of toys and the like. Alize yarn (astargan) is voluminous, warm and soft threads, which consist of mohair and wool. It is sold, as a rule, in large skeins. Also, this yarn has the effect of astrakhan fur due to its curls and rings onbasis.

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Usually used for hand knitting. Often this Alize yarn is sold in large oval skeins. Usually it is solid and "fabulous" color. This yarn is 40% acrylic and 60% mohair.

7. Alize DECOFUR

Yarn "Alize" is intended only for hand knitting. It resembles grass due to its long pile. Sold in skeins. It is made up of 100% polyester. The weight and volume of one skein is 100 grams and 110 meters.

There are also other types of these threads. For example, yarn "Alize Diva" or Alize SOFTY. All types of yarn differ only in the best quality. You can buy "Alize" yarn both in specialized stores for sewing and knitting, and in online hypermarkets.

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