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Beautiful DIY crafts for giving - interesting ideas and reviews
Beautiful DIY crafts for giving - interesting ideas and reviews

Suburban areas for a very large number of people are not only places for summer holidays, but also a way to express their self-expression and creativity. For decoration, various crafts are perfect, which are quite feasible to do on your own. In this article, you can get acquainted with a variety of options for crafts for giving with your own hands.

DIY crafts for summer cottages and gardens

How different crafts are useful

Practically in any private yard there are products that are made by the hands of the owner. They can be called a kind of business cards for ennobling the site so that it is as suitable as possible for a good holiday.

Do-it-yourself crafts for the garden and summer cottage have their undeniable advantages:

  • You can spend time with your family. If you involve the younger generation in the work, then you can begin to instill in children a love of work. Besides, there is nothing heavy here. At the same time, any adult can learn something interesting fromchild's fantasy.
  • For country crafts, you do not need to purchase any expensive materials, it is quite possible to get by with improvised means that are on the site, namely: wood, plastic, tires from vehicles, stones, laser discs, foam blocks and much more.
  • The completed decor elements will make the summer cottage more original and interesting.

Interestingly, you do not need to have any supernatural skills to make an original craft. If we talk about tools, then it will be enough that any self-respecting owner has on the farm.

crafts for home and garden

What can be made from plastic

The simplest and most popular material is plastic. Bottles often accumulate in such a large amount that a person simply does not know where to put them, except for throwing them in the trash. But, instead of taking the container to containers, you can take it to the country house and give it a second life there.

Plastic crafts for summer cottages easily turn into real masterpieces, such as: original curtains on the door, garden fences, bird feeders. You can go even further and create a collection of artificial flowers, animals. Such material is also suitable for creating an unusual flowerpot in which vegetation will look beautiful.

How to make a curtain

This option will be very convenient for a country house to partition the space a little. It is worth saying that the idea is very original, due to the transparency of the bottles a unique decor is created.directly indoors or on the veranda. And that's not to mention how beautiful everything will look in the sun.

Before starting work, you need to get the following materials at hand:

  • plastic bottles starting from 0.5ml;
  • with scissors and a knife;
  • a small amount of sand, pour it into an unnecessary frying pan;
  • strong fishing line.

Procedure of actions

Cut the bottom off the bottles with scissors or a knife. The edges must be trimmed to achieve a smooth outline of the workpiece.

At this time, you need to put a pan with sand on the stove to heat it up. This device will help get rid of the remaining sharp edges of the plastic. It will be enough to immerse the bottom of the bottle in the sand for 3-5 seconds.

Blanks are made in the quantity in which it is necessary. Then, the resulting flowers must be strung on a fishing line. The bottom is pierced with an awl, to facilitate the work it can also be heated. Plastic is strung on a fishing line like beads. As an original craft for giving, you can make a curtain from a single piece of canvas. To do this, the bottoms of the bottles are pierced in different places, and a fishing line is already threaded through these holes.

How to make flamingos

Another interesting option for country decor. Here you will need the following tools to work:

  • 5 liter plastic bottle;
  • metal rods in the amount of 3 pieces;
  • waste rubber hose;
  • acrylic paint and varnish.

Work order

For the manufacture of legs and neck, you will need metal rods. They are folded over and then threaded through a plastic canister.

Place pieces of hose on top, which are then dyed pink. Holes are made in a large bottle, into which you will then need to insert the feathers of an unusual bird. These elements are made very simply by cutting longitudinally several bottles with a smaller volume.

The head is made from a block of wood or cement mortar. You can also use putty putty or other material at the discretion of the master, which is within walking distance.

At the very last stage is painting. First, the feathers and body are covered with pink acrylic. To keep the paint for a long time, it must be fixed with varnish. So, another version of crafts for giving is ready.

plastic crafts for giving

The next place in popularity is occupied by wooden decor options. You can make an interesting craft from branches, an old stump, or completely unnecessary boxes.

Different options for wooden structures

For work, you can use logs or, for example, logs. If there are chagi (mushrooms) on the material, then you should not rush to get rid of them. They will become an original addition to the idea that came to mind and may well serve as the basis. It remains only with the help of improvised means to make a sculpture of hair, to think about how to make a face, as well as arms and legs. The result is a wonderful goblin. And if you make several figures, then they cancompose a whole composition.

do-it-yourself wood crafts for giving

But not only fairy-tale characters can serve as an original decoration of the yard. Different animals are suitable as wood crafts for giving. The sculpture can be either miniature or full-length.

A log will be a great decoration for a flower bed, especially if you give it the shape of a mushroom. The greatest popularity is with the old forest man, who can often be found in one or another Russian fairy tale. Some yard owners purchase logs specifically to beautify their yard, and some use stumps from sawn trees as a result of the need.

wood crafts for giving

How to make a mushroom

It is worth considering how to make a wooden craft for giving with your own hands in the form of a fly agaric in more detail. To work, you need to have the following materials:

  • wooden log;
  • building gypsum;
  • unused bowl;
  • plastic bag;
  • water;
  • white and red oil paints;
  • fine sandpaper;
  • 2 brushes: one large and one small.

Step by step instructions

  1. The log is chosen the size of the planned mushroom. If you want to create several sculptures, then you can pick up different pieces of wood. It is they who will act as the basis.
  2. At this stage, you need to mix the gypsum to get a creamy consistency. Here it is worth considering the ability of the material to quicklydry, and therefore it is better to make a more liquid mixture.
  3. Gypsum is applied to a log in such a way that a pear-shaped mushroom stem is obtained.
  4. If the result is not quite even, then you need to wet your hands in water and make the necessary adjustments to the surface. The most important thing here is creating the right shape.
  5. Now the leg is left to dry.
  6. Free time is worth doing hat making. Here you need a bowl that has the right size, which is closed with a plastic bag.
  7. More gypsum is mixed, which fills the bowl and the workpiece is left to dry.
  8. Then you need to carefully remove the bag from the container, and smooth out the existing grooves from the bag with a new portion of gypsum.
  9. Using sandpaper, but only after complete drying, first the leg is sanded, and then the fly agaric hat.
  10. At this stage, the components of the mushroom are being painted.
  11. The last step is to plant the stem on liquid nails and attach it to the stem of the mushroom.
crafts for giving

Here are such interesting ideas for crafts for home and garden that will help decorate any garden. You can also use car tires, from which original flower beds are created, cascading plants grow well in them.

do-it-yourself crafts for giving

It would seem unnecessary stones, but they are perfect as a base for sculpture or creating a beautiful border.

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