Ritual magic and wand
Ritual magic and wand

Sorcerers use a variety of items to perform magical rites: cards, candles, melted wax, crystal balls, miraculous potions and special wands called magic.

The most magical item

Magic wand

So, the magic wand. A huge number of fairy tales have been composed about this subject. With his help, the Good Fairy turned a pumpkin into a luxurious carriage, a mole into a coachman, and a messy Cinderella into a luxurious beauty. And a wave of the same wand made an ugly Nutcracker out of the little Prince and did a lot of other troubles. Therefore, it cannot be said that a magic wand is good or evil. It all depends on whose hands it is in. There is no doubt that many of us would love to have this item in our arsenal of most used items.

Ordinary Miracles

Buying this accessory is quite difficult. It can occasionally be found in souvenir shops or esoteric shops in Feng Shui departments. You can correct the situation by trying to make a magic wand yourself. The starting material is wood. For him, it is better to go away from settlements, to places with purified energy. It is betterjust a forest is suitable, only a real, large one, or mountains.

When you're on the road, set yourself up accordingly. You should not be distracted by momentary thoughts and moods. The state of the soul must be enlightened, because you are going to create a Miracle!

magic wand sound

What wood should the magic wand be made of? Druids and other peoples endowed alder, elderberry, walnut with magical properties. So, bitch, take a twig from one of them. Cut from a living tree or pick up a fallen, dried branch? Experts advise differently. It is more correct to do this: wandering among the greenery, listen to your feelings. To which tree you will be drawn, which branch will cling to your hand - that is yours! It is from her that the best do-it-yourself magic wand will turn out. Try to combine your miracle-working with the growing moon: this phase is most suitable for creating everything new, kind, wonderful. And in general, astrologers, magicians believe: things started on the new moon will definitely get a successful ending.

Magic Technology

DIY magic wand

Returning from the campaign for the source material, the brought workpiece should be thoroughly soaked in a saturated s alt solution. The future magic wand should lie there for at least a day. In order for the branch to be completely immersed in the “brine”, put a weight on it, also made of wood, or stone, metal, or other natural material. S alt cleans well from any extraneous energy, can protect against the negative influence of evil forces, etc. Only thenthe future wand will be imbued with your energy, "feel" you and will obey the slightest wave of the hand.

Then the workpiece should dry well. You need to put it so that, as often as possible, the rays of the sun fall on the branch. Its energy and living warmth are also necessary for this magical item. Whether everything is ready for the manufacture of a magical item can be checked as follows. To do this, simply break off a piece of the branch. If the sound of a magic wand, which is still future, is similar to the crackling of a tree burning in a fire, then it has dried well, you can work with it further.

A new step is to think over the form. If the branch has an unusual bend, it is wavy or twisted in a special way - leave the natural state. The natural, and therefore, the magical principle will not be violated, and the wand itself will be stronger. The most correct thing is to carefully polish the object by removing the first layer of bark.

Last step

Wand made? Now she should be given magic power. Come up with or look in old books for words of conspiracy-initiation, in which you will ask Nature to endow the wand with magical properties. Be sure to promise that with its help you will not harm nature. Perform the rite on a full moon, away from people, in a place open to moonlight. With your arms outstretched, place a wand under it, say a conspiracy. The ritual takes place at midnight. Nature will answer your request - with a gust of wind, the cry of a bird, the fall of a leaf, or another sign. Now use your magic wand for its intended purpose!

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