Tailor's mannequin - a handy tool for sewing
Tailor's mannequin - a handy tool for sewing

A tailor's (or sewing) mannequin for personal use is quite difficult to acquire, because you need to choose it exclusively "for yourself", that is, for your figure and its individual characteristics. Therefore, before you go shopping, you need to learn a little more about how to choose a mannequin and how different models differ. Without this, it will be very difficult to acquire a truly convenient thing to use.

tailor's mannequin

For example, you need to know why all imported models are sliding and how they differ from classic ones. In addition, there are children's, female and male mannequins. Only knowing all these features, you can make the right and deliberate choice.

A tailor's sliding female mannequin is much cheaper than a professional one, and here's why - you should figure it out. Professional sewing accessories, tools and other equipment cost an order of magnitude higher than simple sewing household appliances. Abroad, a classic mannequin, that is, fixed,is considered professional equipment, but there are practically no such models on the Russian market.

Amateurs can use regular class sewing accessories. The sliding tailor's mannequin is required, as a rule, for specialized sewing enterprises, ateliers. It can be soft and hard. Solid mannequins are suitable for sewing clothes of any size. This allows them to be used in mass production. Such tailor's mannequins are made of fiberglass, which is covered with knitted fabric in black or light color. The support is executed in the form of the chromeplated pipe. If you need to sew clothes all the time, then such a mannequin should have a place. By the way, it is not necessary to buy a new product. You can buy it from the hands and drag the skin.

The advantages of sliding mannequins are visible even to the naked eye. You do not need to have several different products, it is enough to change the dimensions of the existing one with the help of regulators. These mannequins consist of eight parts, thanks to which you can change the size from 42 to 52.

tailor's mannequins

If it is supposed to sew clothes exclusively for one's own needs, then it makes sense to purchase a domestic tailor's mannequin, which, by the way, is much cheaper than sliding ones. Sliding allows you to completely duplicate the volumes of the figure independently of each other using the measurements taken. This makes it very convenient and versatile. Since the tailor's mannequin has a centimeter scale, this allows you to adjust it in accordance with the height of the client. That is, it shouldset the height and measurements in accordance with the necessary, and this is done quickly and easily. The mannequin is made of adhesive-backed nylon, which allows you to pin sketches with pins and outline them with chalk. By the way, there is a pincushion on top. According to the type of figure, mannequins are for women, children and men. When buying, you need to pay special attention to this factor, although outwardly they differ, which will not make it possible to confuse them.

female tailor's mannequin

There are mannequins attached to the table, but they have a "compressed" shape and are designed for sewing top sweaters. You can use such a device not only for sewing, but also for cleaning products and ironing.

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