What is scale? Photo scale, map scale
What is scale? Photo scale, map scale

We all know what scale is. This is the ratio of linear dimensions on a conditional graphic image to the true dimensions of the depicted object. That is, it is the observance of certain proportions during the application of any drawing image or photo editing.

what is scale

What is scale and why is it needed

This method of image transfer is used in absolutely everything, from maps and drawings to ordinary photographs. Yes, but not always the desired image can be reproduced in full size. In this case, the scale comes to the rescue. Thanks to him, images can be reduced or enlarged, while maintaining the necessary proportions, which are indicated on the drawings. We already know what scale is, so let's talk about its two types.

Magnification scale

This view is used when the life-size image is much smaller than in the drawings. In this case, the proportions of this image are indicated in a special column (2:1, 8:1, 16:1, 150:1, and so on). Proportions should be understood as follows: the right number indicates thatthe entire drawing must be divided into centimeters (for example, 1 centimeter), and the left one - how many times the object is reduced by 1 centimeter of the drawing image. That is, if we have the notation 2:1, then this means that for 1 centimeter of the drawing line there are 0.5 centimeters of the object.

magnification scale

Zoom reduction

This view is used if the object to be depicted is much larger than the size of the drawing. In a special proportion column, we indicate how many times the object exceeds the image (for example, 1:2, 1:250, 1:1000, and so on). The left number indicates how many centimeters it is necessary to divide the drawing (for example, by 1 centimeter), and the right number indicates how many measuring units per 1 centimeter. For example, we have a map with a scale designation of 1:2,000,000 cm, which means that there are 2,000,000 centimeters of terrain per 1 centimeter of the map (or 20,000 meters, or 20 kilometers per 1 centimeter).

How to scale photos

reduction scale

It is very easy to deal with drawing up maps or drawings, but what is the scale of photographs is quite difficult to understand. Such images have other measurement parameters, namely resolution, which depends on the number of pixels in the given image. When scaling photos, you need to pay attention to the number of pixels, because by significantly increasing the size of a photo with a small number of pixels, we degrade its quality and vice versa. There are various programs that canperform these operations without degrading the image quality. Their principle of operation is based on an increase in the number of pixels in a particular photograph, as a result of which the resolution increases, that is, the size of the reproduced image. Such programs can be found in special stores or downloaded from the Internet, but it is best to buy licensed discs and not download pirated copies, which can degrade your computer and make it impossible to process photos on it.

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