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How to choose or make your own props for a photo shoot
How to choose or make your own props for a photo shoot

Photography is a wonderful kind of hobby that allows you to achieve two goals at once: to capture an important moment of life in a picture and show your skills as an artist. In order for your album to be decorated with the most interesting works, props for a photo shoot will help, it is easy to make the necessary gizmos with your own hands or order decoration in specialized companies. Items, letters, signs can not only be rented, but also bought as personal property. An order can be placed both on the company's website and by phone.


wedding photography props

One of the most memorable moments in the life of any person is his wedding. Before you start creating masterpiece photos, remember all the most famous symbols denoting love, fidelity, happiness. A professional photographer will definitely take a picture in the spirit of the latest fashion trends, so that the bride and groom look stylish and simply amazing.

As a rule, the following props for a wedding photo shoot are used: signs with the inscriptions "love", "love", "family", "happiness", letters symbolizing the beginning of the names of the newlyweds. All this is possible andnovice photographer, although it will require additional hassle. A staged photo shoot can take place both in nature and in a home interior. Instead of letters, you can make puzzles with the inscriptions "you" and "I". In addition, images of doves, angels, bears, stars are suitable. Candlesticks of an unusual shape will decorate the photo. Quite familiar things are also suitable as props. For example, a suitcase as a symbol of a honeymoon trip. The fruit in the hands of the bride is a large red apple.

Types of props

photo props

You can experiment with clothes, shoes, create costume images on the theme of the wedding, using the style of past years. Wonderful props for a photo shoot are umbrellas, masks, fans, scarves, glasses, hats and shawls. A large piece of fabric will do, which will convey the movement of the wind in the picture. Ribbons, balloons filled with helium, candles will serve as a perfect addition to the image of the bride.

Attributes can be divided into ready-made things and those that you can do yourself. Newlyweds can be photographed both in a playful atmosphere (mustache on a stick, picture frames), and create romantic images. It all depends on the imagination and skill of the photographer.

Pictures of children

baby photo shoot props

The next most important event after the wedding is the birthday of the child. It is quite possible to prepare props for a children's photo shoot at home. In the pictures it is important to emphasize the charm of the baby, his first steps, smile. Therefore, the background and things around it must be selected appropriately.colors: pale pink, white, cream. Attributes in the photos will tell you how much you love your child. You can place soft toys, a cake, butterflies, ribbons, flowers next to it. For pictures of older children, you can use costumes such as pirates, superheroes, princesses and other characters.

Expert Tips

props for a photo shoot with your own hands

When taking pictures of babies, it is worth considering the appropriate props for the photo shoot, such as toys, books. Equally interesting photos can be taken both at home and in nature, especially if the weather is warm and sunny. At the same time, we must remember that children do not pose and will not be able to stay in one place for a long time. But this is not so important. The most important thing is their spontaneity, and only a good photographer will be able to convey all the childish naturalness of movements, facial expressions. Starting shooting, you need to play with the child.

How to make your own decor

Props for a photo shoot are easy enough to do on your own. You can create three-dimensional letters for wedding photos, a suit for pictures of a child, a crown. Let's dwell on the latter in more detail. In order to get a beautiful golden rim, you will need the following material. Wire, scissors, five gold leaves, paper, hairband. You will also need a heat gun. At the beginning of the work, you need to cut out the leaves from the paper. You will get a stencil eight centimeters long. It must be applied to a gold leaf and cut out along the contour of the finished figure. Blanks can be obtained in different sizes, shapes, butbe sure to make two larger than all, their length will be ten centimeters. We must wait until the thermal gun heats up, and use it to fix everything on the wire from the wrong side of the rim.

So that the decor elements do not interfere with the ears, they must be fixed at a distance of eight centimeters from the edge on both sides. You need to work carefully so that the place of gluing is not noticeable. During the manufacture of the accessory, it is necessary to periodically try on the rim. Finally, you can add beads to the product. Thus, a wonderful prop for a photo shoot comes out, and a little time is spent on its creation. There is no need to buy a ready-made thing or rent it in order to take a beautiful photo.

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