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How to make decorative tape with your own hands?
How to make decorative tape with your own hands?

Decorative tape is a popular element for decorating personal diaries, notebooks, planners and other surfaces. You can buy it in stationery stores, or you can make it yourself. In the second case, it will be not only beautiful, but also unique. Moreover, the process of its manufacture is simple and fast. So how do you make decorative tape?

Materials for work

To make decorative tape with your own hands, you will need a simple set of tools: double-sided adhesive tape of the desired width and scissors.

how to make decorative tape

The following can be used as a decorative layer:

  • lace of small width (preferably synthetic);
  • printing on ordinary office paper;
  • sheets of colored thin cardboard;
  • wrapping paper;
  • long strips of fabric (it is better to take cotton with a polka dot pattern, a cage or a stripe, such material will bloom less along the edge and will not spoil the look of the finished tape);
  • napkin with a pattern (decoupage or plain);
  • foil for creativity (food grade foil is not suitable, as it is too thin and non-plastic).

How to dodecorative tape?

The work process consists of five steps that must be repeated for each desired decorative layer:

  1. Prepare the material for the decorative layer. Fabric and lace need to be ironed. If there are wrinkles on the wrapping paper, it is also better to iron them. Separate the two lower layers from the napkin, leaving only the one on which the pattern is applied.
  2. Rewind the required amount of tape.
  3. Apply decorative material to the adhesive side and smooth gently.
  4. Cut to desired length.
  5. Repeat steps as many times as needed.

When making decorative tape from foil and wrapping paper, it is better to apply the adhesive side of the tape to the material itself, and not vice versa. This will help avoid wrinkles and air bubbles.

DIY decorative tape

Printing for decorative tape is best done on a laser printer. Such drawings will be more resistant and will not spread if water gets on the adhesive tape. To give such a tape endurance, you can cover the decorative layer with a finishing adhesive. It is also advisable to do with a tape made of napkins and thin cardboard.

The special finishing adhesive is replaced by ordinary transparent office tape, which is glued over the decorative tape.

Second manufacturing method

There is another way to make decorative tape. For more artistic and beautiful duct tape you will need:

  • white napkin;
  • stamps for creativity with a small pattern;
  • holderfor stamps (if needed);
  • ink pad of any color (preferably archival quality);
  • sponzhik or very soft brush;
  • pencil glue;
  • double-sided adhesive tape;
  • decoupage or any finishing glue (optional).

On a napkin you need to stamp the design with an ink pad and let it dry. Before use, separate the bottom layers from the napkin. Glue the patterned layer to the desired surface using stick glue. For greater durability, the pattern can be covered with a layer of finishing glue.

As in the first method, you can glue the top layer of the patterned napkin to double-sided tape and cover it with decoupage glue to give strength.

How and where to store homemade tape?

Now that you know how to make decorative tape, it's important to know how to properly store it. The main task is to maintain the adhesiveness of the adhesive tape, so you should protect it from direct sunlight. In addition to bright light, adhesive tape is afraid of heat from the battery and other heating devices. If exposed to temperature for a long time, it may simply "melt".

printouts for decorative tape

It is better to store the finished tape in a folder file or by twisting it into a roll and securing the tip with a paper clip. After that, it should be removed in the closet. You can also store it in a special tape dispenser, which is sold in stationery stores. Such a device has another plus - it is equipped with a special cutting edge that will simplify the work with adhesive tape.

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