Knit stitch
Knit stitch

After you have connected the individual parts of the product, they must be connected. To make this happen evenly and accurately, you will need knowledge of the basic methods for stitching finished parts.

knitted stitch with knitting needles

Before joining, the sewn parts of the knitted fabric from the wrong side should be steamed or ironed through a damp cloth. Then they should be dried and, having spread out face up, begin to sew with a sewing needle with a blunt tip, working from right to left. To make the knitted seam almost invisible, it is advisable to take the thread from the yarn that was used for knitting.

The horizontal knitted seam is used to join shoulder seams, hood seams. It comes with closed and open loops.

  • Knitted stitch with closed loops. The needle is inserted into the loop, which is located on the upper canvas, above the closed loops. Then, in the same way, it must be inserted into the loop of the opposite canvas. After sewing a few centimeters, the thread should be tightened.

  • Knitted seam with open loops. Here, the loops of the last row in the details of the knitted product are not closed. They are connected by picking up from the knitting needles, or after knitting the last row of contrastauxiliary thread, which is unraveled over and over again. The needle is inserted into the first loop of the knitted part and into the next one, after which the thread is pulled and the loop is thrown off. On the opposite part, they pick it up with a needle and pull the thread through the first loop, then grab the next one by inserting the needle from the bottomup. These movements are repeated until the desired end of the seam, removing the stitched loops from the knitting needle.

    knitted seam

A vertical knitted seam is used to connect fabrics along the side line, slat lines. It also applies to raglan.

To make a vertical knitted seam of fabrics knitted with the front stitch, you need to put the knitted parts to be sewn side by side parallel to each other, right side up. The needle captures the broach between the edge loop and the next loop, first the right part, then the left. Thus, it is necessary to repeat these steps alternately, without skipping a single thread.To keep the seam elastic, do not tighten the thread too tight. The vertical knitted seam of fabrics knitted with the wrong side is performed according to the same principle.

Two knitted fabrics can be connected in another way. It implies a vertical knitted seam with knitting needles. First, the first part of the fabric is knitted. Then

vertical knitted seam

the second part joins the first during knitting of every second row: the edge loop of the second fabric is knitted with the edge loopof the first. This loop can be both front and back - according tochoice.

You can connect the details of the product using a crochet hook. This method is used to assemble an uneven fabric structure, for example, openwork knit. Also, this technique is used when processing the armhole, neckline and bottom, if you need to dial loops along the edge. Having connected the canvases to each other, insert the hook through both layers under the edge loop, grab the thread and pull it through the loop on the hook.

You can choose the method of connecting parts that is convenient for you. This knitted seam will ensure accuracy and durability of the product.

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