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Make an arch for flowers
Make an arch for flowers

If you want to achieve individuality and originality of style, pay attention to the design details. Attachment to the place of our residence consists of many little things. But the recreation area is a special place. Many people spend all their free time here. Every detail in such a place should please the eye. And every little thing really matters here. Try to make, for example, an arch for flowers.

Suitable places

arch for flowers

Where is the best place to place it? Lots of options. An arch for flowers can be installed in any of the areas of the garden. Increasingly, designers and landscapers are using trees for this purpose. It is both practical and effective at the same time. The arches located at the entrances to the house, the courtyard, and the gazebo are quite interesting. Very original tunnels (alleys) of flowers. This will require several arches in a row.

About landscape design

Of course, there are certain rules here. If, for example, you want to install several arches at once, having built a shady alley,choose designs of the same shape. And so that they are in harmony with the structures standing nearby. You can arrange them both in a row and enfilade. It is better if there are seven arches - this is the ideal number for flower tunnels. It is believed that walking under such a vault has a positive effect on the spiritual and even physical condition. However, a single support, all entwined with flowers, will be incredibly attractive.

When decorating the site, do not forget that you are complementing the already created style. Try not to break it, because you need comfort, not subtle discomfort.

do-it-yourself flower arch

Materials and Installation

How to make an arch of flowers? What materials are best? Which place to choose? What is better - a do-it-yourself flower arch, or purchased designs?

We will give only a few tips, and leave the choice to you - let your imagination run wild.

So, a wooden flower arch (the easiest way to make it yourself) is usually small and often seems angular. This is a traditional design. If you want a rustic, simple style, even simple poles can be used. Arches made of thin boards, covered several times with paint or ordinary stain, will fit into modern design. This also applies to elegant metal products. In gardens decorated in the style of "a la Japan", thick bamboo, timber, stones are more appropriate.

Variants of arched supports can be either stationary (permanent) or seasonal. The convenience of small structures is in lightness. By the way,flower wedding arches are most often made with the help of seasonal light structures. However, here you should pay attention to the fastenings - lightweight structures can easily be overturned by a gust of wind. The arch itself should also be strong enough, since the weight of the plants can be quite impressive. To enhance strength and stability, it is better to pour the foundation.

flower wedding arches

In addition to round shapes, arches can be made in lancet, gable, flat form. It is not advisable to make them below 2, 2 m and already 1, 2. The fact is that such structures simply will not look, and are inconvenient in principle. Inside you can put sculptures, benches, small flower pots.

The do-it-yourself flower arch is a great solution. This will emphasize individuality, which is especially important for those who do not like to repeat themselves. If you have experience in carpentry, or you are “friends” with metal, then, of course, it is much cheaper to make an arch yourself. Many people prefer to buy ready-made designs, or make them to order, specifying shapes, sizes and other details in advance.

Choose plants

How best to arrange an arch for flowers? The traditional technique is vertical gardening. Climbing flowers, climbing the supports, create real green rooms over time. Wisteria, five akebia, “wild” grapes, honeysuckle, round-leaved tree pliers, silver scindapus, clematis (hybrid vine, Tangut, purple hybrids) are quite suitable here. "Annuals" grow faster. In areas of light and warm enough near the arches, you canplant a pumpkin, morning glory, bindweed, nasturtium, beans. Creepers look very noble (for example, tekoma (kampsis), wisteria, honeysuckle). The sweet aroma of these plants is most noticeable at sunset. Even the fruits of plants look beautiful, some of which are also useful (actinidia, magnolia vine). Clematis seeds will be an interesting accent. Curly roses look just gorgeous. These are real wedding arches made of flowers. They grow up to three or more meters. The most beautiful arch is obtained if you plant roses on both sides. You can experiment with color (for example, red and white). In a couple of years, the bushes will intertwine and look like one.

how to make a flower arch

And some final tips…

Honeysuckle with grapes are planted only in fertilized land. For the winter, they must be removed from the arches and covered (spruce branches, peat will do). They need to be protected not so much from frost as from waterlogging.

If you plan to plant actinidia, do not place an arch for flowers near apple trees.

Keep the hops away from the leaf beetle (spray periodically with wormwood infusion).

If the place is too shady, opt for lemongrass, wood pliers, ivy, chirkazone - they are less picky.

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