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How to make candy bouquets with your own hands?
How to make candy bouquets with your own hands?

DIY candy bouquets are very easy to make and make a truly unique gift. This is a great combination of two things that women love so much - flowers and sweets. Is it possible to make bouquets of sweets with your own hands? It turns out that anyone can master the art of unusual floristry. With due diligence and accuracy, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity will definitely appreciate the wonderful tandem of great taste and man-made beauty of the bouquet.

The right choice of sweets

Before you start making candy bouquets with your own hands, you need to properly prepare. This applies to materials for decoration and, of course, the main component - a sweet surprise. You can, of course, hope that your work will be so beautiful that the recipient of the bouquet will not dare to eat it, put it in the most visible place and enjoy this masterpiece for a long time. But, most likely, he will not resist the temptation to try the contents. Therefore, it will be important not only to chooseof the many options for the appropriate shape and design of wrappers, but also pay attention to the variety and taste of the product.

handmade candy bouquets

It's very good if you know the tastes of people for whom candy bouquets are made (even a novice master can do it with his own hands). Then the best option would be to select delicacies according to their preferences. Or you can choose them to your liking. If the gift is intended for especially solemn occasions, it will not be superfluous to spend money on the most expensive and good sweets. The shape of the sweets is also different. The appearance of the bouquet also depends on their type. For example, it is most convenient to work with a round shape. Rectangular ones are well suited for cylindrical chocolate figures. If you don't like the wrapper design, you can use pretty wrapping paper to create the color.

handmade candy bouquets

Variety is key

Try to diversify your little candy bouquets. You can make a real masterpiece with your own hands. And not only from chocolate, it can be caramel, marmalade, marshmallow, lollipops and much more. Large and small bouquets of sweets, made with your own hands, will surely cause a lot of positive emotions. Especially if more and more pleasant surprises are found in the content.

Required Materials

To make bouquets of sweets with your own hands (photo step by step later in the article), you need to prepare the following materials:

  • wrapping paper;
  • floral ribbon;
  • double sided tape;
  • toothpicks or skewers;
  • sticky floral tape;
  • bouquet container;
  • anything that can be used for decoration.
how to make a handmade candy bouquet

How to make a bouquet of sweets with your own hands?

Before you collect the bouquet, you need to make individual flowers. To do this, blanks of a certain shape are cut out of wrapping paper. Each block will be wrapped in a bag and secured with a small piece of double-sided tape. A candy is placed inside (preferably round or in the form of a truffle), which is attached to a wooden skewer (for example, a toothpick or skewer). After that, you need to fix the structure again with tape. If desired, you can add additional crepe paper petals.

DIY mini candy bouquets

Do-it-yourself small bouquets of sweets can be arranged in different ways. For masking, you should use a decorative tape, which you can simply tie the stems into a single whole. You can also use any container (plastic form, vase, box, flower pot, etc.), where the bunch is fixed with special foam and double-sided tape. If desired, you can add decorative elements such as twigs, leaves, dried flowers or fresh flowers.

Many shapes and options

What kind of mini candy bouquets can you make with your own hands? There are many options.

  • Round, in which evenly andsymmetrically the flowers are arranged in a circle.
  • Semi-circular, which looks spectacular only on one side (front), but has a symmetrical left and right side.
  • Single sided, it tends to look flat with only the front side visible.
  • As an option - in the form of a ship. For it, an elongated container is used, which is filled with flowers and sweets. The hull is imitated - slightly wider on the sides and with a narrower "stern" and "bow". In the center is a bouquet of floral canvas or wrapping paper.
small handmade candy bouquets

Various topics

The finished bouquet will be decorated with fresh flowers, leaves or themed souvenirs. Here you can fully give free rein to your imagination, using the attributes of the holiday suitable for the occasion. If this is a honeymoon, then you can add tulle, rings and imitation pearls, for the New Year let it be tinsel, pine cones and Christmas decorations. For a bouquet for Valentine's Day, hearts are suitable, and for February 23 - a St. George's ribbon. Children's options allow small toys, and fresh flowers will be a good addition for an anniversary. In any case, such a gift will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, this is a great opportunity to once again show your talents and realize your creative imagination.

Master class for beginners

How to make candy bouquets with your own hands? For beginners, there are good recommendations and step-by-step instructions. The modern market is so heavily filled with various gifts and souvenirs that sometimes it’s justdon't know what to give. A truly original surprise will be pleasant not only for the second half, but also for mother, grandmother, such a mini-bouquet can be a reward for any child.So, how to create bouquets of sweets with your own hands? Step by step explanation for you. Items needed: candy, colored paper, green cardboard, glue or double-sided tape, curly scissors.

do-it-yourself candy bouquets step by step photo

Step by step instructions

Step 1.

From green cardboard cut out a circle with a diameter of 5-6 centimeters. Next, we make a small cut from the side to the middle. After that, you need to combine the ends so that they form a cone. The resulting tip is cut off, as the candy attached to the leg will be inserted into the hole formed.

DIY candy bouquets for beginners

Step 2.

Now we take double-sided colored paper and use the templates to cut out curly petals from it, then fix them with glue on top of the conical candy wrapper. You can also use green or brown double sided tape.

DIY candy bouquets step by step

Step 3.

Using yellow paper, create a heart-shaped flower around the candy, which needs to be gently and gently wrapped around the bud. At this stage, you need to be especially careful.

handmade candy bouquets photo

Step 4.

Using decorative tape, you need to fasten all the elements together.

handmade candy bouquets

And now, do-it-yourself bouquets of sweets are made (step by step photo is attached). It's really a great option for beginners as it doesn't require a lot of investment, time, or any kind of creative ingenuity to make.

handmade candy bouquets

Candy wedding bouquets

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her most important day, so girls prepare carefully, usually a few months before the holiday, choose a dress, accessories and so on. Then it's time to choose and order a wedding bouquet. This very beautiful and important accessory is part of the solemn image, attracting attention and reflecting the character and taste preferences of the bride. A candy bouquet has become an original alternative to the classic ikebana.

This interesting solution will surely attract the attention of guests. The original version of the accessory suits girls who are allergic to pollen, as well as those who organize a holiday in accordance with a certain style. This slightly unconventional element can symbolize farewell to the bachelor life of the newlyweds.Future spouses can order candy wrappers, which will show their initials, they can also participate in choosing a color palette and style in accordance with the general decor of the holiday. There may be many options. And by the way, it is best to entrust this work to professionals, since it is hardly possible to do it yourself on the eve of the wedding. But if timeallows, why not? You can decorate such bouquets with various beads, crystals, pearls, natural and artificial flowers, floral mesh paper.

handmade candy bouquets

Great gift for a sweet tooth

This attribute will be an unforgettable gift and leave behind the most delicious memories. What is done with one's own hands and with a soul will always be highly appreciated and will cause a lot of pleasant emotions, especially if the recipient has a sweet tooth. Armed with a variety of petal shapes and colors, you can create beautiful poppies, graceful roses, delicate crocuses, and cute tulips. You will also need corrugated paper, a few other decorative elements and free time.

handmade candy bouquets

Two gifts in one

Creating handmade candy bouquets has become especially popular in recent years. This is a very beautiful and special idea for a small gift. Especially for those who love flowers and sweets. So why not surprise your loved one by combining these two elements together? This is an incredibly simple, but at the same time original idea. Very cute, for example, small teddy bears in a bouquet also look, which is also no longer new. It is doubly pleasant that it is not at all necessary to go to a special salon to purchase them. You can make this delicious bouquet without leaving your home. It's really great, because you don't have to spend a lot of money, as the prices for improvised materials are quite reasonable. As for the effect produced, itmuch more than a regular bouquet and box of chocolates.

Universal gift

Such a gift is truly universal. Fresh flowers will wither, and this work of art will bring joy to its owners for a long time, of course, if the sweet tooth has willpower and does not eat everything in one sitting. The optimal combination of soulfulness and good energy makes this surprise suitable for everyone. If everything is properly arranged, then this will be an unforgettable event not only for women and children, but also for the strong half of humanity. It is not necessary to be a newfangled florist to try to compose a composition for February 23 in the form of a flower tank with a pipe in the form of a bottle of cognac or a gold champion cup. You just need to have a little patience and imagination.Originality is always in fashion. From seemingly ordinary objects, you can create real masterpieces. With your own hands you can create an amazing miracle that you can give to relatives and friends not only for a holiday, but just like that. Having spent a little time, you can really amaze and make something pleasant for a person. After all, it is always interesting to try yourself in something new, and making bouquets is not only a useful and inexpensive activity, but also an exciting hobby. The approximate step-by-step instructions in this article can help beginners create individual elements, and the photo will help awaken their creative ideas. Of course, preparation is needed and not everything will work right away, but the effort is worth it.

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