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Christmas headbands with your own hands
Christmas headbands with your own hands

Very soon a holiday and a string of New Year's morning performances in kindergartens and schools. All mothers have probably already prepared dresses for little fashionistas. They can be complemented with elegant Japanese-style hair ornaments. Making your own Christmas headbands is not that difficult.

What is kanzashi?

These intricate hair ornaments come from Japan and have a long history. Classic kanzashi are made from natural materials. Wood, metals, tortoiseshell, stones, pearls, and, of course, natural silk are used. Each element carries a special meaning. Previously, this decoration was used to determine the age, we alth and status of a lady. Nowadays, kanzashi often complement the traditional bride's outfit. In addition, these are traditional geisha head accessories. In each month, the wearing of certain plants and flowers is strictly observed. There is even a special kanzashi calendar.

New Year's kanzashi headband

In accordance with it, priestesses adorn their intricate hairstyles.But outside of Japan, there is no deep meaning in wearing kanzashi. They make bizarre plant compositions,for example, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums, leaves and more. We will try to make New Year's headbands in this style on our own.

Snowflake headband

Required materials:

  • plastic bezel (color not important);
  • satin silver and white ribbon width - 2.5 cm, 4 cm and 5 cm;
  • large bead (in the middle of the snowflake);
  • lighter, tweezers, glue.

To make a New Year's headband from satin ribbons, first we take a blank, fasten it obliquely with a clothespin at the end of the ribbon and begin to wrap the base alternately in white and silver colors. We carefully bend the ends of the fabric and fix it with glue. The result is a zigzag pattern.

Kanzashi snowflake

To do this, we cut 4 x 4 cm squares from ribbons of both colors, and 5 x 5 cm squares from a white ribbon 5 cm wide. You may need tweezers. We bend the white square diagonally twice, singe the edge with a lighter. The result is such a triangle.

New Year's headband from satin ribbons

Do the same with the rest of the ribbon pieces. The next operation is the collection of the petal. We put layers in turn: a small white triangle, silver, turn the corners and singe with a lighter to fix. Put a large white one on top of the silver one and repeat the operation. Having thus made six rays of a snowflake, we connect them with glue. It turned out the first element for the New Year's kanzashi headband.

Make the next row of six petals in the same way. We fold for each three small silvertriangles, wrap them in one big white one. Do not forget to singe the edges of the fabric each time so that the work is neat and the threads do not stick out. We glue the blanks in a checkerboard pattern between the snowflake petals. We make 12 small white petals and fill the space between the large ones, inserting two each.

The third element is a twig. For each, you need to make 3 small silver triangles and one large white one. Next, we make a petal. It should be silver on the inside and white on the outside. We attach two to it on the sides, made from the remaining silver. Glue each branch into a snowflake between two small white petals.

Our snowflake is ready!

New Year's headband for girls

Close the hole in the middle with the prepared rhinestone and glue the product on the rim. The beauty! You can run to the mirror! A rich imagination will help you create such magical New Year's headbands in different variations. We will look at some of them here.

The Snow Queen's Crown

We will try to arrange the next New Year's headband (kanzashi) in the form of a crown. Materials Needed:

  • white and silver ribbon 6mm, 4cm and 5cm wide;
  • bezel;
  • beautiful pearl-like beads;
  • lighter, glue.

Weave a 6 mm braid from a white and silver ribbon. Glue it along the length of the rim, fix the ends with glue.

Collection of crown elements

All the basic elements of New Year's headbands are made by hand using a familiar technique. Cut out from ribbonssquares: white - 5 x 5cm; silver - 4 x 4 cm. We take squares of two colors, fold each of them diagonally in half and fasten the end of the fabric, melting it with a lighter. We put the silver triangle inside the white one and fold it in the same way as in the previous work. Each of them needs to be turned over, cut a little to get something like this.

New Year's headbands

From them we collect and glue three five-leaf flowers and two three-leaf. This is the bottom row of the crown. In the center of the composition there are three cinquefoils, along the edges - two shamrocks. Next, on the three central elements, add more petals. So the crown will look more voluminous.

Christmas headbands

Glue the beads (preferably under pearls) in the middle of the flowers. Here we have such a New Year's headband for a girl-Snow Maiden, or the Snow Queen.

Christmas headband "Herringbone"

This option is perhaps the most spectacular. For work we need:

  • ribbon of light and dark green, gold, red colors 6mm, 4cm and 5cm wide;
  • green felt for decorative art;
  • large rhinestones - for decoration;
  • all other consumables - similar to previous work.

Weave a braid from a green tape 6 mm wide, glue it on the rim along the entire length, fix the ends. In the center we make several skeins with a wide ribbon of the same color - where the Christmas tree itself will be attached, to strengthen the composition.

Christmas tree making

Sharp leaves for branchesperformed in a familiar technique. The squares of the tape are folded twice in half diagonally, the corner of the connection is cauterized by fire. Next, the elements are folded into a petal in the following order (from the inside):

  • dark green, 4 x 4 cm;
  • light green, 4 x 4 cm;
  • dark green, 5 x 5 cm.

Don't forget to trim the reverse side of each leaf a little and gently melt it with a lighter. In total, there should be 24 branches. Then, in a similar way, we make five leaves for the “star”. Here the sequence of connecting elements is as follows (from the inside):

  • red, 4 x 4 cm;
  • gold, 4 x 4 cm;
  • red, 5 x 5 cm.

Usually, New Year's headbands are used very actively during the holidays. For greater reliability and stability, it is better to glue the composition on a base, for example, from felt. We begin to collect the Christmas tree. We glue five red and three green leaves. This is the top with a star. Next, from the bottom we attach the second row - four branches. The third is six, the fourth, the last is seven. Each row must be made semicircular, i.e. in the form of a rim. The remaining elements are glued into the empty gaps on the sides of the Christmas tree. Glue the finished figure first on the felt base, and then on the rim.

DIY Christmas headbands

Last of all, we decorate our Christmas tree with rhinestones: glue the red one on the star, and decorate the rest (of different colors) in the form of Christmas toys or garlands. You can also decorate the felt inside of the work.

You can make New Year's headbands on December eveningsto do with the children - it will give them great pleasure!

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