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Mikhail Osipov is a little genius in the game of chess
Mikhail Osipov is a little genius in the game of chess

Mikhail Osipov - who is this little genius? After the broadcast of the program "Best of All", a 4-year-old boy turned into an idol for many children and adults. He shocked with his reasoning, and at the same time, the audience could not hold back the tears when Misha burst into tears after the game with Karpov.

The boy's mother quickly reassured her son and reminded that a lot of children dream of such a party, and such an opportunity turned up for him, and he must prove that he is brave and fair. At that moment, Misha quickly wiped away his tears and with great courage hurried to solve the sketches.

A very small chess player

The boy's parents say that the son showed his first interest in this board game at the age of 2 years. At first, the father thought that this was a short-term impulse and did not focus on it. Over time, Misha absorbed more and more information about the game and asked his mother to deepen his knowledge.

Mikhail Osipov

Thus, dad realized that he needed to develop his son further. It was difficult for parents to find a coach who would undertake to train such a small player. But still, Misha was lucky, and he got to study with a good specialist.

Already by 4Over the years, Mikhail Osipov mastered many etudes and learned to calculate several moves in advance.

Participation in the show

When the first episodes of the program "Best of All" appeared on the screens, the boy's parents realized that he must take part there. Presenter Maxim Galkin was surprised by the boy's independence at such a young age.

Mikhail Osipov shared with the studio his plans for the future, and he was offered a game with the outstanding chess player Anatoly Karpov. Then the boy lost to the champion and could not hold back his tears.

Mikhail Osipov chess player

But he quickly pulled himself together and showed a few more solutions to the sketches. For his efforts, the boy received a medal with the logo of the program and a backpack with other gifts.

Game with Sergey Karyakin

The next visit to the show took place before the New Year. The program brought together all the children who conquered the audience with their talents during the season. Little chess player Mikhail Osipov was no exception. He happened to play an unusual game against Sergey Karyakin.

The opponents were waiting for the original large board on the floor and huge chess pieces almost as tall as Misha. It was evident that Karjakin was surprised by such abilities of the boy. In the middle of the game, Sergey offers the kid a draw so that he will not be upset again because of the loss. Mikhail Osipov accepts this scenario and proudly shakes hands with the champion.

little chess player Mikhail Osipov

Karjakin admits to Galkin that he did not give in to his opponent. Heclaims that he has never had to fight with such a young chess player. After the release of both programs, fame fell on Misha. He was invited to play more and more new games with famous chess players. In one of these games, little Osipov beat 95-year-old grandmaster Yuri Averbakh.

How life has changed and plans for the future

The boy's parents confess that Mikhail Osipov's participation in the show "Best of All" brought many benefits and new discoveries. The boy was invited to study at the Olympic reserve chess school. Here he receives invaluable lessons from his favorite game. But the boy does not stop training with his first coach. Because she already has an approach to the little genius and immediately believed in his strength.

Parents note that he will not be sent to a comprehensive school early. Misha will go to the 1st grade, like everyone else, at the age of 7. The boy already knows how to read and easily retells the meaning of the book, but dad decided that it would be better for his son to completely devote himself to chess for several years. Mikhail Osipov supports his parents and is in no hurry to go to a regular school.

The little genius recently met Anatoly Karpov again and again lost in time. But this time the guy was not upset and was very happy with the useful advice of the world-famous chess player.

Osipov Mikhail chess

Dad notes that the construction company "Vector Capital" took patronage of a promising boy and promised to pay all expenses for traveling to tournaments for a certain time. Such help is now very necessary for a young family, becauseso far only the father is working, and the mother has devoted herself entirely to the development and upbringing of her son.

In 2018 Misha will take part in international competitions. In Russia, he recently became the winner of the quick game in the under 9 category during the Russian championship.

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