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Children's overalls: pattern and sewing from A to Z
Children's overalls: pattern and sewing from A to Z

In the children's wardrobe, the jumpsuit probably occupies the most important place. And this is not surprising, because the overalls are very comfortable to wear, and the abundance of different models allows you not only to look fashionable, but also not to restrict movements. You can sew it yourself using a pattern of baby overalls. And how to do it right, you will learn from this article.

Selection of materials

The choice of material for sewing such an important attribute of children's wardrobe is a very important matter. It depends on how long the overalls will serve its owner and whether he will be comfortable in it. Therefore, when choosing a fabric for sewing such a product, rely on the season of socks.

  1. Summer: cotton, linen and knit fabrics.
  2. Autumn-winter: flannelette, flannel, fleece, velor, wool and knit fabrics.
Variety of overalls

The accessories for the jumpsuit should also be appropriate, Velcro or buttons are best.

Baby Romper

In modernIn the world, few people use diapers, so there is no need for frequent changing of the baby. Because of this, many parents began to prefer overalls to sliders and vests. And for good reason, because such clothes allow you to cover your back and do not leave unpleasant marks due to improperly tucked clothes.

To sew a jumpsuit you will need:

  • cotton fabric - 1.5m;
  • threads to match;
  • scissors;
  • pins;
  • measuring tape;
  • chalk or remnant;
  • Velcro - 10-15 cm.

So, the material, accessories and tools are prepared. You can begin to pattern overalls for a newborn. Do not sew overalls exactly to size. It should be looser so that the baby is comfortable in it. First you need to take the following measurements from the child:

  1. Length of arms and legs.
  2. Body length.
  3. Total length.
  4. Girth of the neck.
  5. Bust and waist.

After that, you should draw a pattern of overalls on special paper, plastic wrap or an old newspaper. Since this is an overall for an infant, it should be cut with closed toes and handles to keep the baby warm.

jumpsuit pattern

Do not forget to leave 1-2 cm from each edge for a seam when drawing up a pattern. After the jumpsuit pattern is ready, lay it on the prepared fabric and secure with pins. Carefully circle the pattern with chalk or remnants along the contour. Then carefully cut out the jumpsuit. Then sewit with a sewing machine, and then attach the Velcro to the finished product. It is better to sew a jumpsuit for a newborn from the front side, so the seam will not injure the baby's delicate skin.

Warm jumpsuit for walking

Warm jumpsuit for outdoor walks in autumn and winter is just a lifesaver for parents. Every child should have such a necessary and useful thing, and it is not necessary to run to the store for clothes. The jumpsuit can be sewn by yourself even by a beginner dressmaker.

Warm jumpsuit

In order to sew a warm accessory for walking, you will need:

  1. Jumpsuit pattern (which you can download online or design yourself).
  2. Fleece fabric - 1.5 m.
  3. Fabric for lining - 1.5 m.
  4. Batting or synthetic winterizer.
  5. Lock (zipper).
  6. Threads.
  7. Scissors.
  8. Chalk
  9. Centimeter.
  10. Sewing machine.
  11. Pins.

So, at the first stage, make a pattern. The jumpsuit will be one-piece with a hood, therefore, three parts must be prepared: the front, the back and the hood. Before you make a pattern, you should take measurements. The results of the measurement must be transferred to a special paper. The overalls pattern with pins should be attached to the fleece fabric, outlined with chalk, and then cut out. This is how you should deal with all the details.

Since warm overalls are sewn for a walk, it should be 1-2 sizes larger. This iswill allow you to wear warm pants and a blouse under it, thereby protecting the child from hypothermia.

Assembling the jumpsuit is as follows:

  1. Sew the back: 1st layer - fleece, 2nd layer - sintepon (batting), 3rd layer - lining fabric.
  2. Cut the front part in the same way and sew a zipper to it.
  3. The rectangular hood should also be sewn in three layers.
  4. In conclusion, you should connect all the parts together.

Don't forget to sew the drawstring to the hood. This will allow you to adjust the size of the hood and protect the child from cold and wind.

Thus, you can design a pattern of overalls and sew it yourself at home. And you can decorate it as you wish: with embroidery or appliqué.

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