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5 best books about Steve Jobs
5 best books about Steve Jobs

Why did a guy from San Francisco, abandoned by his parents a week after his birth, become one of the richest people in the world? What is the genius of the founder of Apple? What lessons should be learned from his life? The 5 books summarized below provide comprehensive answers to these questions.

"Steve Jobs and Me" by Gina Smith and Steve Wozniak

Steve Jobs and Me book

This book is about 2 guys just doing what they love. This is a story about how one person's hobby changes the lives of millions of people. In this book about Steve Jobs, the truth that the world learned only 25 years after the founding of the legendary corporation.

Steve Wozniak, the man who invented and assembled the first Apple computers, talks about the role that the marketing genius of Steve Jobs played in his life and the lives of millions of people around the world.

This book was written by an engineer. There is nothing superfluous in it. It's not about the history of Apple Corporation. It's not even a book about Steve Jobs. It is about friendship, moral values ​​and difficult relationships between two people,changed the world.

The original title of the book is iWoz: Computer Geek to Cult Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing It. An attentive reader will read between the lines the insult to the world, which overshadowed the researcher and practitioner, the inventor who opened a new era of IT technologies.

Why did this world put a marketing genius on a pedestal and completely forget about who invented it all? Apparently, Steve Wozniak could not answer this question for himself…

“Steve Jobs. Leadership Lessons by Jay Elliot and William Simon

The book "Steve Jobs. Leadership Lessons"

In 1985, the history of a corporation began that forever changed the world of IT technologies. Apple has at various times employed thousands of engineers, programmers, and designers. But one person was responsible for everything and led the process. His name is Steve Jobs.

He controlled the minds of millions of people around the world. All he had to do was announce a new product, say just a few words, and sales would explode.

How did he manage to manipulate the mind and force people to sweep goods from store shelves? What qualities did you need to have for this?

Jay Elliot, former VP of Apple Corporation, reveals the secret of i-leadership.

Steve Jobs changed traditional ideas about leadership and marketing. He challenged the traditional laws of business and won. The company's motto is "Think Different".

This man created his own production organization system andproduct release. He left his competitors far behind and became a pioneer in the modern IT industry.

Leadership lessons from Steve Jobs will help entrepreneurs not lose themselves, find zest in their products and profitably sell their individuality to the world.

"Steve Jobs" by W alter Isaacson

Steve Jobs book

Experts are sure that this is the best book about the formation of Steve Jobs. It was written by the entrepreneur's personal biographer. W alter Isaacson showed how the founder of Apple saw himself. Already terminally ill and near death, Steve Jobs tried to sincerely open his feelings, emotions and experiences to the world.

100 people who were close to the legend took part in the writing. This is a detailed autobiography of Steve Jobs - a book that, without artistic exaggeration, will tell the reader the naked truth about different periods of his life.

Some people loved him, some people hated him. However, everyone recognizes him as a genius. He gave humanity a new look at familiar things, changed the lives of millions of people. But what did this world give him, and with what thoughts did he leave it?

ICon Book by Jeffrey Young, William Simon

iCon book

This is a kind of "road map" for a budding entrepreneur. However, reviews of this book about Steve Jobs are mixed. The authors suggest that in order to conduct business in this style, you need to be Steve Jobs - the personality of the entrepreneur is considered to be the determining factor. Not everyone agrees with this.

Initially, the idea of ​​the authors was to eliminate the "dark spots" in the entrepreneur's biography. However, the result was a symbiosis of descriptions of different periods of a businessman's life, his relationships with other people and the general picture of doing business in the USA.

In the book, the authors repeatedly emphasize the difficult character of the hero: he was a direct and tough person. He devoted himself entirely to business and demanded the same return from others.

Subordinates describe him as a despot and tyrant who "squeezed the juice out of them." At the same time, Steve Jobs was an icon for them. He inspired people to achieve, made them constantly grow above themselves and achieve outstanding results. It was enough for him to make a short speech and the employees followed him "into fire and water".

Jobs Rules by Carmine Gallo

The Jobs Rules by Carmine Gallo

Why do some people achieve resounding success while others fail miserably in business? The author argues that certain principles are hidden behind any victory, the observance of which guarantees success.

The book presents 7 rules that Apple founder Steve Jobs followed all his life. According to the author, it is they who will allow everyone to repeat the success of an entrepreneur.

This is a book about how to revolutionize the minds of customers, how to become a trendsetter and dictate your terms.

Each speech by Steve Jobs made us perceive new technology as a given and an absolute necessity. This book about Steve Jobs will tell you how hestill managed to achieve such results.


Like any great person, the founder of Apple can be loved or hated. But one definitely cannot remain indifferent to his talent.

All authors of books about Steve Jobs agree that this man was a genius and made a significant contribution to the development of mankind.

He was a fanatic. Direct and tough, Jobs did not tolerate falsehood and pretense. He was a leader, an innovator and a brilliant marketer.

After all, this is a legendary person - Steve Jobs: the book or reviews about him still arouse genuine interest in the audience.

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