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How to make a children's knight costume with your own hands
How to make a children's knight costume with your own hands

New Year's holidays are the season of children's morning performances in schools, kindergartens and theaters. And how can one come to the carnival to Santa Claus and other fairy-tale characters without a special outfit? That is why, in addition to New Year's chores in families with small children, the search for a carnival outfit is added to the list of important things.

A few years ago, the appearance of a superhero at a matinee caused general delight, but today there are so many such costumes that you want originality. The suit of a knight in this case is what you need!

knight costume

About how to choose the right fabric, how to develop a pattern and sew all the elements of the outfit, and will be discussed in this article. If you follow the proposed plan, an original knight costume will come out, which Santa Claus will definitely notice and, perhaps, mark with a special gift for the brightest attire.

Main costume details

First you need to figure out what elements of the costume must be present in the outfit. Firstly, these are the main clothes: pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt. They can be sewn specifically for a suit oruse what is in the wardrobe.

A knight's costume must be with a cloak. Accessories such as armor, belt, helmet and boots will be a great addition. And of course, what is a knight's costume without a coat of arms? This element must be present on the chest of the hero and his cloak.

A little about fabrics and colors

When presenting a knight costume for a boy, you should decide on the color scheme. This hero is very courageous and strict, and therefore an abundance of colors will harm the image. Everything should be done in restrained colors.

So, for example, for armor, it is best to give preference to steel-colored fabric. It can be brocade or other silver-colored material. Pants can be made of soft jersey in both dark and light natural shades. Beige trousers in combination with a burgundy velvet cloak will look perfect. Or black pants with a rich blue or bottle shade.

Be sure to choose a bright fabric for the coat of arms. It is best if it is the color of silver or gold. A knight's costume for a boy must be with a sword or blade. And to make it convenient for the child to have fun at the matinee, you should make a leatherette belt with special fasteners for weapons.

How to sew a shirt

To quickly sew a knight's jacket, you should take the fabric, fold it in half right side inward, measure the distance from the child's wrist to wrist with outstretched arms and measure this value along the fold of the fabric, adding 6 cm to hem the sleeves. After you need to measure the circumference of the chest andbelly and place a greater value in the middle of the already postponed segment. In this case, add 5 cm to the loose fit.

Next, using a ruler, lower the verticals from all points. From the extreme ones by 7 cm, and from the others to such a distance that it reaches the level of the length of the product plus the hem. Next, draw a neck in the drawing. Don't make it too big. It is better to make an incision on the chest so that the head crawls through, and after processing the throat with an oblique trim, leave 15 cm of free ends of the tape for tying. Next, it remains to draw the side cuts of the sleeves and sides, in the corners after processing them, you need to make notches so that the seams do not pull.

To create a spectacular carnival costume "Knight", you should sew such a white satin shirt.

boy knight costume

How to sew pants

Knight's pants should first of all be beautiful and comfortable. A knitted fabric, such as supplex or oil, is suitable here. If this is a knight costume for children, you can use cotton fabric. These are easy to sew. The construction can be done directly on the fabric. It is bent face inward along the canvas. Thus, two legs will come out at once without external side seams.

knight costume for children

It is only necessary to make sure that the fabric is 6 cm larger than the girth of the child's upper leg. It is this measurement that is laid first along the fold, adding allowances of 5 cm.

The second measurement is ½ of the circumference of the hips plus an increase of 5 cm. It is placed in the middle of the first pending segment.

The third measurement is the height of the seat, the value of which is lowered from the fold perpendicularly along both edges of the product from the extreme points of the larger segment. The same perpendiculars are lowered along the borders of the semicircumference of the hips.

carnival costume knight

Next, draw the middle seams with half of the trousers. They should fall along the boundaries of the hip line and, sharply rounding, move to the boundaries of the girth of the upper leg.

After that, you should draw the side inner cuts of the legs and their bottom, taking into account the hem. The final stage is the design of the top of the trousers. In front, the top cut should be about 3 cm lower.

Making armor and cloak

For armor, in addition to fabric, you will need a thin padding polyester, which will make the details more massive. Armor for the chest and back is a sleeveless jacket that is not sewn along the side seams. To make it, you should draw the necessary shape directly on the fabric, cut the same blank from the synthetic winterizer and lining. The neck of this element also does not need to be made large. It is better to make a cut from the back. After that, all three parts are folded in the following sequence: the lining and the main fabric are facing each other, and on top of the base is a synthetic winterizer. Before processing, it is better to chop them with needles and lay a line along the contour of the sections, with the exception of the neck. After the armor, you need to turn it out and process the throat with an oblique trim of a suitable color.

how to make a knight costume

Next, you can create real miracles: laying a line on the armor, making out various patterns.

The helmet is also bettersew multilayer. Its pattern is a strip of fabric around the circumference of the head with tucks laid on one edge so that the product closes with the corner up.

To sew a cloak, you should combine two rectangles of the required size from velvet and lining, stitch along the contour, leaving a small hole for turning inside out, collect on the top with an elastic band and sew on ribbons.

The coat of arms is the main decorative element

How to make a knight costume real? Of course, use the coat of arms! He should be given special attention. You can print on thermal transfer paper, transfer the pattern to the fabric of the cloak and armor. And for more experienced craftswomen, the option with fabric appliqué is suitable. Having cut out a pattern from non-flowing fabric, it should be glued with a cobweb to the base of the armor or cloak, and then stitched along the contour.

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