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How to make the number 3 for a birthday: material selection, patterns and instructions
How to make the number 3 for a birthday: material selection, patterns and instructions

Every mother tries to make her child's birthday an unforgettable holiday. Decorations play a significant role in this, among which there should be a number indicating the age of the baby. There are several options for making such an item. Completely different materials are used for this. Among all the variety of instructions, you can easily find how to make the number 3 for your birthday.

The easiest and cheapest way to make a troika

If there are no talents in needlework or simply there is not enough time to implement complex designs, then the number 3 from birthday paper is the best option. The appearance of a cellulose product can be quite primitive, or it can be a real masterpiece. Paper making options 3:

  1. The easiest option. Make a sketch of the figure on a Whatman paper, paint it with watercolors or gouache, cut out the blank.
  2. The figure cut out of paper and pasted over with decorative materials will look much more attractive.
  3. You can make a huge poster,on which the three will occupy the central place. The canvas can be additionally used for a photo zone.
  4. You can make a three-dimensional figure out of paper using origami techniques and the like.
  5. Cut out a lot of crumbs from colored paper, glue them together, forming a figure silhouette. The process of tracing the palms and cutting out will interest the baby and attract him to work.
simple decoration of the paper base

The cellulose product can be attached to any element of the interior. The three can be hung by threads. Decoration features can also be varied. You can make this decoration option just a few hours before the celebration.

From what and how to make a three-dimensional figure

There are several options for manufacturing a three-dimensional figure case. Each involves the use of different types of tools and materials. The basis of the number 3 for a birthday can be made from the following:

  1. Foam plastic is ideal for making the body of the figure. Has a lot of positive qualities. Most importantly, it is easy to process, decorate. The shape of the foam sheet can be cut with a clerical or kitchen knife, metal file.
  2. You can make a case out of cardboard. This requires a lot of tools and materials, measurements and time. From cardboard, you need to prepare a lot of pieces that need to be glued together. Secondarily, the joints are glued with tape.
  3. The body of the troika can be made using the papier-mâché technique. This option is the mostlong and problematic, since each part must be made in accordance with the future shape of the product.
carton number blank

It is possible to make a case from metal rods as an installation, but such a structure cannot be lifted by a child, traumatism will increase. A wooden product can be formed from the remains of a bar, but this is very impractical in the context of a decoration for a children's birthday party.

The principle of decorating a trio for a boy's birthday

After the basis for the manufacture of the figure is chosen, it is worth considering the features of decoration. You can use any materials and devices, it is important to decide on the subject. The number 3 for a boy's birthday can be made in accordance with the following topics:

  1. Pirate-themed troika with headscarf, eye patch, body can be decorated with anchors and "Jolly Roger" mark.
  2. If you attach ears, paws, a tail to a figure, you get a wonderful animal like a bear, bunny or mouse.
  3. The figures can be dressed up in superhero outfits that the baby likes so much by turning individual elements of the decoration into fabric elements.
  4. Hard body can be covered with yarn of different colors. And attach interesting figures, cars, badges, photos to the threads.
decor for a boy

The standard options will be the design of the figure in the form of cars, wheels. To design a trio individually for your baby, you should take into account hispreferences and hobbies.

Number-decoration for a girl from various materials

Girls at 3 years old are not easy to please, but using light colors and favorite "little princess" characters, you can choose a good option for decorating the scenery. Ways to decorate the number 3 for a girl's birthday can occur in accordance with a huge variety of topics:

  1. For a real princess, you can make a crown that will rise on the troika. Drape the rest with a light fabric.
  2. Real or artificial flowers with butterflies are an option for girls born in spring and summer.
  3. Flowers with openwork patterns of lace and corrugated paper - this is very relevant for girls.
  4. Make a unicorn trio by attaching a decorative horn to the top of the design.
  5. Color beautifully using bright colors, sequins, sequins, beads, pebbles.
ready-made threesome for a girl

The main thing is to use colors and decorative items that are relevant for girls. If you involve a baby in the work, then the figure will turn out to be as interesting and creative as possible.

Features of decorating the finished case with napkins

Most often, ordinary paper napkins, which are used during the feast, act as a decorative material for decoration. This material is very cheap, easy to work with, the finished product will be spectacular.

How to make the number 3 for a birthday out of napkins according to the simplest technology:

  1. Prepareframe. It can be voluminous or flat - it all depends on the idea.
  2. The number of packs of napkins depends on the size of the blank. Additionally, it is worth preparing a stapler, scissors and a glue gun.
  3. Pull out the napkin, fold the canvas 1 or 2 more times. Cut out a circle from the folded workpiece with a diameter corresponding to the size of the folded napkin.
  4. Cut a circle according to the sketch, after fixing it with a stapler.
  5. Gradually raise all layers of the napkin to the bracket. You will get half a paper pom-pom.

Next, the number 3 is formed from birthday napkins. It is necessary to glue each element to the base with a glue gun. If you choose several color options for napkins, then a pattern can be formed on the surface.

What tools may be needed for decorative finishing

Decoration takes up most of the time in the process of making a piece of festive interior. To decorate the prepared body of the figure, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate tools. The main thing is to take into account the feature of the surface of the workpiece:

  1. The number 3 for a birthday made of cardboard can be decorated with various materials, so a glue gun may be the best option.
  2. Styrofoam can also be used with ordinary glue, pushpins, and a construction stapler.
  3. The textile base can be decorated with a needle and thread. A glue gun remains a great alternative.
tool kit option

Additional may be neededplain or double sided tape. Scissors and thread will also come in handy.

Light and airy birthday figure

Another option for making numbers from napkins is also the easiest. You need to purchase 3-4 packs of large paper napkins, pick up threads in color. How to make a three-dimensional number 3 for a birthday from large napkins:

  1. Fold the canvas in half and cut all the folds.
  2. Fold pieces into a fan.
  3. Tie the napkins in the middle with a thread.
  4. Spread the edges, lifting them up to the ligament.
  5. Fluff the finished pompom.
making pompoms from napkins

Next, the elements are connected in such a way that a triple is obtained. You can cut out a shape from cardboard and glue or tie prepared pompoms to it.

Textile functional trio

In addition to determining the theme, the material used and the principle of creation, it is worth thinking about how to make the number 3 for a birthday more functional. Given all the requirements, it is worth using fabric:

  1. Sew balls or cubes from fabric. You can use multi-colored or plain pieces of textiles. The "stuffing" of the elements can be a synthetic winterizer or cotton wool.
  2. Some cubes can be sewn with textile geometric shapes to diversify the color concept of the finished figure.
  3. Velcro should be sewn to two opposite sides. Thanks to these devices, all parts will be attached to each other, forming a figure.

In the future, the baby will be able to play with cubesor balloons after the celebration. By folding various figures, the child will develop the imagination and get a new interesting toy.

Non-standard ideas for decorating a festive number

When the holiday is planned perfectly, you want to figure out how to make the number 3 for your birthday more original and non-standard:

  1. Generate from photographs that were taken during the year, the silhouette of the figure. The basis for the product can be a wall, poster or textile.
  2. Making the base and shape of small balloons. Then the children will be happy to play with creative decorations.
  3. It's easy to make a triple from small soft toys. It is enough to sew the animals with stitches, and then after the holiday, carefully cut the seams.
number of balloons

The principle of creating a composition and the material for this can be found in every home. Such options are universal for both a boy and a girl. Additionally, you don’t have to think about how to parse the complex construction of a number.

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