Composing bouquets of flowers and sweets
Composing bouquets of flowers and sweets

Flowers have always been a universal gift for all occasions for both men and women. And the preparation of bouquets over time has become a whole science - floristry. The main thing when creating flower arrangements is the presence of artistic skills and sleight of hand. The ability to combine not only the color and shape of flowers, but also the smell, take into account the symbolism of plants - the result of the florist's work, his result depends on this. Arranging bouquets is a very interesting and enjoyable activity because it is about beauty.

arranging bouquets
arranging bouquets

Creating candy bouquets

making candy bouquets
making candy bouquets

Now it is very fashionable to give bouquets consisting of paper flowers, the buds of which are sweets. Making such a surprise for a loved one is quite simple.

The most important step is to learn how to make "candy" flowers. The essence of the work is to fixsweets to a wooden barbecue stick or toothpick. First you need to wrap the sticks several times with double-sided tape and prepare rectangles from wrapping paper measuring 15 by 20 centimeters.

First way - "Truffle" on a stick.

Put the stick on the tail of the candy and wind the wrapper around the junction, then wrap with adhesive tape.

Second way - "Truffle" in the cylinder.

Wrap the paper around the candy and the wooden stick so that the candy is in the middle of the cylinder. Wrap loose paper around the "stem", secure with teip tape. Tie the candy and sticks tightly with packing tape.

Third way - "Truffle" in a cone.

Inside the folded square in the shape of a bag, you need to place a candy. Then connect with a stick, secure with adhesive tape, wrapping the free edges of the paper around the handle.

Further making bouquets of sweets will allow you to apply all your imagination and fiction. Use corrugated paper, greenery, fresh flowers. The uniqueness of the resulting "work" will be unique.

arrangement of wedding bouquets
arrangement of wedding bouquets

Rules for bridal bouquets

Whether a luxurious wedding or a modest wedding, the most important attribute of the holiday are, of course, flowers. The bride's bouquet should always be special, as it is to it that the attention of all guests will be riveted. Making wedding bouquets is a very responsible job.

Refinement and elegance depends largely on the compatibility of selected colors. If possible,trust the professionals, because making bouquets is a whole science. To date, one of the three techniques for collecting flower arrangements is usually used:

- parallel assembly;

- assembly on portbouquette;

- spiral assembly.

Wedding bouquets are most often made using parallel assembly. The essence of this principle is laying flowers with large heads tightly stem to stem and subsequent fixing. In conclusion, be sure to decorate the wedding bouquet with ribbons, decorative greenery and special elegant paper. An important detail is the selection of shades of colors. Only pure and bright colors are appropriate for a festive event.

The bouquet that is given to the bride is collected on a flower porter. In the process of formation, it is necessary to fix the stem of each flower on a wire, and only after that the composition of flowers is connected together, acquiring the shape of a ball, drop, hemisphere or fan. Do not forget that the bride's bouquet must be strong and compact, because it will have to be thrown to the bridesmaids, and the flowers should in no case crumble. Traditional flowers for a wedding bouquet are roses and lilies.

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