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How to make a pipe with your own hands? Tips and job description
How to make a pipe with your own hands? Tips and job description

Music is an integral part of people's lives. Since ancient times in Russia, ordinary people accompanied any work with singing. It helped to cope with physical labor, cheered up, distracted from the difficulties of life at that time.

Ordinary people didn't have many opportunities to play music - only their own voice and simple handmade wooden instruments.

One of these musical assistants was a pipe. In general, this is the common name for a whole group of folk wind instruments. Among the Slavic peoples, it is customary to call flutes - thin tubes with holes.

Traditionally, the flute or sniffle (as it is also called) is considered to be an instrument of shepherds, whom she helped pass the time. The sounds of the pipe are very soft and pleasant. In addition, it was easier to do the job with it - the animals also reacted to the music.

Today we will learn how to make a pipe - a type of flute.

So. Although it is not very difficult to make a flute, at any time folkcraftsmen who can make the instrument make truly magical sounds.

Shepherd with flute
Shepherd with flute

What is the instrument made of?

As already mentioned, the flute consists of a tube with playing holes and a whistle (this is the mouthpiece).

The shape of the tubes can be different, as well as the material from which it is created (pine, hazel, ash, maple).

For the soft core of the tool, you can use bird cherry, willow or elderberry.

Depending on the desire and imagination of craftsmen, the appearance of the instrument changes. The master can also change the number of holes that affect the sound of notes. The more sounds, the richer and more colorful the melody will be.

It is interesting to note that there are double flutes that share the same mouthpiece.

Nozzles are currently made from wood and plastic. And how to make a pipe at home? Let's look at several ways in which you can create a musical instrument. But first, let's prepare everything you need.

Materials for making

What do we need? This is:

- hand drill;

- iron rod;

- marker;

- ruler;

- source of fire;

- knife;

- glue;

- sandpaper;

- hacksaw;

- glue;

- wood burner;

- needle file (fine cut file).

And now the most important thing is the base from which the pipe will be made. We will analyze two types of material.


reed for pipe
reed for pipe

Let's take a stem (it grows along the banks of rivers and in swamps) and finally learn how to make a pipe out of reeds.

  1. Cut it to the desired length: it can be changed as you wish.
  2. Scrape the inside with sandpaper.
  3. Measure a couple of centimeters from the edge and cut a rectangle on top (this is the hole of the whistle).
  4. Shape the angle of the whistle hole (45 degrees) with a needle file.
  5. Then take a piece of wood and fit it to the diameter of the tube.
  6. Once the size is chosen, you need to smear the tree with glue and insert it into the reed stalk.
  7. Burn holes, focusing on the sound device. Remember, the wider the hole, the higher the note.
  8. Last you need to burn a hole next to the whistle, on the bottom surface.

To tune the instrument, you can use a special device - a tuner, it will help adjust the pitch of each note.


Bamboo is a herbal plant
Bamboo is a herbal plant

To understand how to make a bamboo pipe, you need to evaluate how good this material is. It is pleasant and dense to the touch.

Unlike reeds, bamboo is not so easy to get, because it grows in Africa and East Asia. But you can grow it at home, although, strictly speaking, it will not be the same plant. In nature, bamboo is a grass that grows to extremely large sizes (up to 35 meters). At home, you can grow a variety of dracaena, which is also suitable if its height allows you to make the tube you needlength.

If you are not the owner of such a plant, you can look for an old bamboo fishing rod, which in this case can find a second life in the form of a musical instrument.

The stalk of bamboo is as hollow inside as the reed, but it already has partitions inside. This eliminates the need to insert into the cavity.

Bamboo flute
Bamboo flute

The diameter of the blank should be 2-3 cm.

  1. Saw off the tube to the desired length. At the same time, make sure that the very partition that will serve as the mouthpiece remains at one of the ends.
  2. Mark all necessary holes with a marker. For comparison, in the previous version, we burned them right away.
  3. The rest of the partitions must be disposed of. To do this, heat an iron rod (that's what fire is for) on a gas burner or a fire. It is necessary to burn the plant carefully so as not to burn yourself.
  4. Drill holes with a hand drill, while the drill is also properly heated.

So we learned how to make a pipe at home. When you perform all these actions, you will have a high-quality musical instrument in your hands. What it will be made of is up to you.

Bamboo, like reeds, is an environmentally friendly and pleasant material to use, not subject to special pollution. The bamboo flute is easy to clean.

Wooden musical instrument
Wooden musical instrument

The art of instrument making

The description of the work proves that making a flute is not such an impossible task. But how to make a flutejust a beautiful thing, but a full-fledged instrument on which you can play beautiful music?

The main thing is that you need to carefully approach the creation of playing holes and a whistle - they are responsible for the purity of the sound. At the same time, the pipe should not be heavy, but light, as well as the musical sounds that are to be extracted from it.

Graceful DIY tool

We hope this article helped you figure out how to make a flute from various materials.

Now you yourself can find what to make this wonderful tool from: the main thing is that the object be hollow and strong enough.

A little patience and effort, and you will have a great tool in your hands. And, most importantly, the question of how to make a flute with your own hands will no longer arise. Now you can try to play it and imagine yourself as a carefree shepherd in endless fields.

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