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Svetlana Bobrova: shooting in Moscow
Svetlana Bobrova: shooting in Moscow

Photographer Svetlana Bobrova takes photos and videos in Moscow, outside the Moscow Ring Road, and travels to other regions. She shoots reports, weddings, photo shoots, and in addition, architectural photography. The article will look at the types of filming she does and provide an overview of pricing.

Types of filming

  1. Concert. As a result of shooting, about 50-70 photos will be given to the customer with some processing, such as color correction. Photos are transmitted via the Internet.
  2. Reportage shooting. This is a capture of weddings or some kind of events. Shooting is paid for a minimum of two hours, as a result of work, about 100 photos are obtained, which also have some processing.
  3. Photography. These are photos that are taken, for example, for a portfolio. It can be family or business. Photos are fully processed.
  4. Shooting interiors (apartments, offices). The cost of the order depends on the area and illumination of the object. The payment already includes basic photo processing.
  5. Architectural. Shooting any objects from certain angles. Can be requested for an additional feeenlarging a photo, for example for printing.
  6. Shooting baptisms. Includes full photo editing. This shooting does not imply intervention in the sacrament.

Cost of services

Svetlana Bobrova offers clients an approximate price list:

  1. Concert shooting costs from 5000 rubles.
  2. Reportage shooting costs from 4000 rubles. per hour and cannot be paid for less than two hours of work.
  3. Exit photoshoot costs from 7000 rubles. in 60 minutes.
  4. Shooting in the studio costs from 7,000 rubles per hour, not including studio rental, you can’t pay for less than two hours.
  5. A photo shoot on the street costs from 6000 rubles. in 60 minutes.
  6. Shooting interiors costs from 500 rubles per photo, a minimum of 30 photos is paid.
  7. Shooting apartments costs 5000 rubles.
  8. Shooting of architectural objects costs from 7000 rubles. for one object, or eight hours of work are paid for 32,000 rubles
  9. Wedding photos cost 5,000 rubles. In this case, the wizard removes only the registration. Hourly pay is also possible. Full photo processing included.
  10. Shooting a baptism costs from 6,000 rubles per hour.

Prices are inaccurate, it all depends on the complexity of the work. It is better to check the cost of shooting directly with the master.

Customer Reviews

Clients leave positive feedback about the work of Svetlana Borova. They note the professionalism of the photographer, a pleasant manner of communication.

An example of wedding photos
An example of wedding photos

Above you see a photo from the wedding. This is one of the master's works.

Examplearchitectural photography
Examplearchitectural photography

Bobrova's landscape works are especially successful. The photographer knows how to choose the right angle and lighting.

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