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Manual camera tripod for flash and shooting
Manual camera tripod for flash and shooting

A professional photographer should have in his arsenal not only a camera, but also additional accessories. In general, everything that is required for successful photography. Accessories make the shooting process as comfortable as possible and allow you to achieve high-quality results. A manual camera tripod is one of the must-have items in a professional's bag. It is difficult to do without it in reportage, landscape and other types of shooting.

manual camera tripod

What is a manual tripod?

Tripods are divided into four main types: universal, desktop, for photo and video filming. Video tripods are amateur and professional. A classic device, regardless of its purpose, is made in the form of a tripod with a place for mounting the apparatus. The platform provides stability to the camera, eliminates the occurrence of possible jitter, vibration. All these unpleasant phenomena are present when shooting manually.

A manual camera tripod is also called a monopod. Its main difference fromclassic device - compactness, the ability to conduct reportage shooting and take pictures in any conditions. The monopod is comfortable, has a secure mount that can withstand any weight of the camera. It all depends on the brand of tripod, camera.

Usually a tripod is selected for a specific camera model. The monopod got its name due to its main purpose and appearance. The photographer attaches the camera to the tripod platform or fixes it with clamps. By controlling the monopod, he chooses a convenient location for the camera and takes pictures. Handheld tripods are often used for travel, selfies, shooting in extreme conditions.

The classic tripod is a tripod. Each leg of such a product has three or four sections. Its stability depends on their number. The reliability of the device determines the quality of the mounts that fix the legs at the desired height for the photographer.

All tripods have a center stem. She raises and lowers the camera. In addition, the tripod has a head and mounting platform. The first allows you to tilt the camera and turn it to the sides, and the second allows you to hold the device.

manual flash camera tripod

The advantages of the manual version of the product

Manual tripod for the camera has one support, unlike the classic one. The monopod does not 100% prevent the camera from moving during shooting, but it allows the specialist to set a slower shutter speed than with manual shooting. The main advantage of a manual tripod is portability. The photographer is not tied to one shooting point, but can move around. More oftenIn total, monopods are used by sports photographers, for example, in football. Handheld Tripod - Lightweight, compact, capable of holding the heavy weight of professional equipment.

On the plus side, if a manual camera tripod is used, the resulting photos are much better in quality. The monopod reduces the burden on the hands. It is not uncommon for a photographer to hold a camera and lens weighing more than five kilograms in total.

Often a manual tripod is used for filming from above. He, along with the camera, is raised above his head, and the button is pressed using a cable or remote control. A monopod is an essential item in a professional photographer's backpack. Some models can support the weight of SLR cameras and heavy lenses. A manual tripod for a Canon camera is not cheap. Its feature is that it is versatile and stable. The tripod can be used as a monopod, mini tripod or tripod.

manual tripod for canon camera

How to choose a tripod for your camera?

If you are going to buy a manual camera tripod, pay attention to the price and quality. Budget models are made of aluminum and fragile plastic, more expensive ones are made of magnesium, titanium alloy, high-quality plastic. When choosing a manual tripod, consider its main purposes - improving the quality of the picture and holding the camera in a certain position.

When choosing a tripod, pay attention to materials. The simplicity of the monopod design does not affect its cost. Tripod tubes are made of metal, alloys or carbon fiber. AdvantageThe latter consists in increased rigidity and low weight. The harder the material of the product, the better the photo quality and ease of use!

Videographers use a manual tripod on a par with photographers for the convenience of working in difficult conditions. For a camera, for shooting videos, you should choose tripods based on the camera model. The device must securely hold the equipment. If your camcorder is expensive, buy a tripod in the same price range. Monopods are several times cheaper than professional cameras, but when choosing, rely on the price and compatibility with the equipment.

manual camera tripod for photography

Manual Flash Tripod

If you buy a manual tripod for your camera, you also need to buy a separate monopod for the flash. In the conditions of an exit photo shoot, reportage shooting, there is often not enough light. Flash is considered one of the most important tools for a professional, without it it is difficult to get a high-quality photo if there is a lack of natural light. It helps to highlight dark areas, even out shadows and improve image quality. A manual flash tripod works on the same principle as for a camera.

How to hold the monopod?

Manual tripods do the job just fine. They are ideal for filming sports, nature, holidays, events. The monopod helps the photographer achieve excellent stabilization. If a manual tripod is needed to mount heavy lenses and cameras, they are first put on a special head. With her help, the camerachanges the angle of inclination, adjusts to the required angle. Hold the monopod with your left hand, under the top, below the camera mount. The right hand should be on the camera. Thus, the photographer gets access to the control of the shutter button and settings. The manual tripod should be positioned by any convenient means.

manual tripod for camera photo


Recently, monopods have become an alternative to conventional tripods. They are used not only for fixing smartphones, but also for attaching SLR cameras, camcorders. Judging by the feedback from users and professionals, manual tripods are convenient and reliable accessories. They are compact, functional and durable. They are easy to work with and transport. Among the shortcomings is the high price (at least 3-4 thousand rubles for a product of acceptable quality), it is not always possible to find a suitable tripod for a particular camera model.

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