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Knitted minion: crochet pattern with simple explanations
Knitted minion: crochet pattern with simple explanations

Homemade toys are the best option to play with. Especially if the product is a favorite cartoon character. Minions have become popular lately. Knitted heroes are considered actual, soft and practical. The minion crochet pattern is a guide to a detailed job description.

Which yarn to prepare

First you need to decide on the type of thread. It is advisable to use a material that will not change color during operation, shaggy, and will be safe for the baby. Acrylic will be the ideal option in every sense.

The second stage is the selection of colors. To make a knitted toy identical to a cartoon character, you should use the same colors. To do this, just watch the cartoon again:

  • Yellow is the foundation that forms the body and head.
  • For knitting pants, you need light blue or dark blue.
  • A little red, white, black and some grey.
  • Need filler.
  • Need multi-colored felt.

Additional accessories can be black beads, buttons, mini-backpackmade and matchbox, for example.

The principle of creating the body of a minion

You need to prepare yellow yarn and a hook. Next, the crochet minion itself is created according to the scheme with the description:

  1. Make an amigurumi ring by forming a loop that is tied with six single crochets. Then the tip of the thread is tightened.
  2. In the next row, the number of loops should increase by 2 times, knitting two in each column of the previous row.
  3. Next, continue increasing the number of loops, but do the addition every 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 columns in each subsequent row.
  4. Then knit without additions until a small oval is formed. As it is being made, it is necessary to put filler into the workpiece.
  5. When the figure reaches the optimal size, it is worth starting to decrease the loops in the same way as the addition.
body making

When the body is ready, you can start knitting hands. Dial a chain of six air loops, close in a circle. Knit a roller until you get a piece proportional to the size of the body. Make small rollers of black thread in the amount of 3-4 pieces according to the same principle. These are the fingers that need to be sewn to one end of the yellow roller. Attach the finished arms to the body.

Making clothes for a minion

For a minion, the crochet pattern is not too complicated, so clothes for the hero will be made in accordance with simple explanations:

  1. With the help of blue yarn and the scheme for creating the torso, it is worth starting to knitoveralls. the only amendment is the additions - there should be one more than in the body of the minion.
  2. When the right length according to the yellow blank is ready, you can start forming the notches.
  3. divide the number of loops into 2 equal parts. Subtract about 5 bars from each half. Knit each piece separately. Make harnesses over the shoulder.
  4. Sew the edges of the clothes with regular stitches with white thread. Embroider a patch pocket on one of the notches.
minion broken down

Fix the harnesses of the overalls with buttons. You can put a costume on the hero.

Minion Finish

When the minion crochet pattern is fully completed, it is worth starting to finish the face. Manufacturing Features:

  1. Cut out two circles from white felt, which in diameter will correspond to almost half the length of the front of the body. Brown felt is suitable for shaping pupils. From black, make the same 2 figures, but with a radius four times smaller. Overlay the elements on top of each other and sew.
  2. From a gray thread, tie chains of air loops that will completely close around the eyes. Sew details on the body.
  3. Make a mouth out of the material. The basis will be black, on which white teeth and a red tongue are visible.
  4. Knit black slippers in a circular pattern and sew to blue jumpsuit.

The toy is ready. It turns out that the crochet minion master class is very simple in terms ofincarnations.

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