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Origami paper house - several options with explanations and diagrams
Origami paper house - several options with explanations and diagrams

It is easy to make an origami paper house, and you can place it on any application or three-dimensional picture. It can be a small rural landscape, a hut of a grandfather with a woman from fairy tales for a tabletop theater, or a modern city block. For flat paintings, it is more convenient to make such crafts from ordinary colored paper. For a theater or a three-dimensional street layout, it is best to use A4 double-sided thick paper in bright colors.

Material for work

To work in the origami technique, a sheet of paper must have a square shape. This is easily achieved by bending the rectangle diagonally with one of the corners. The excess strip is cut off with scissors. Paper houses can have different shapes and ways of folding paper, it is easiest to carry out such work according to the drawings.

origami paper house

In the article, we will consider how you can make an origami paper house according to three different patterns. They are all designed for school-age children who already know how to observesequence and act carefully.

To make the house take on the shape of the present, use markers, colored pencils or stick separately cut windows and doors with a glue stick.

First option

Before starting work on origami from colored paper, the child needs to explain the sequence of actions with a square sheet. The surface of the table must be flat and firm. It is necessary to iron the folds only after making sure that the sides or corners are connected correctly. If once the child makes a mistake and makes an uneven bend, then this mistake can be easily corrected. However, if this is repeated often, then it is best to change the workpiece, otherwise the work will be sloppy and wrinkled.

origami house

You need to act in the sequence indicated by the numbers. There are schemes without numbers, in which case you need to work from top to bottom and from left to right. The last, usually larger drawing is the final result.

Arrows indicate the direction of the fold, and dotted lines show where to fold. Difficult places in the origami paper house are circled. This is an enlarged image of small elements. So the way the sheet is bent in one place or another is more clearly visible.


The following craft is a high-rise city building. It is a narrow building with a pointed roof that looks like a skyscraper.

origami skyscraper

First of all, make the folds of the square along the diagonals. This will help determinethe center of the workpiece and will make it easier and more even to fold the paper along the folds made.

The arrow resembling a lightning bolt indicates that you need to make two alternate folds, and then create a fold in the selected place. The arrow with the loop in the figure instructs the master to turn the workpiece on the reverse side.

Many windows are cut from colored paper in a contrasting color according to the template. To make the elements faster, you need to fold the sheet several times, and then cut out many details at once along the contours. To make the origami paper house stand upright, it can be glued onto a cardboard base. Be sure to make this option from thicker paper with a density of 100 or 160 g/m2.

Easy craft

The next option for making a paper house is the simplest. Even an older preschooler can cope with it under the guidance of parents or a kindergarten teacher. To make it easier to assemble such a low structure, after even folds under No. 1-4, you will need to fold the workpiece in half for convenience, and then connect the corners indicated by the dotted line in the figure diagonally.

origami house diagram

To get a trapezoid of the roof, hold the lower part of the work with your hands, and open the upper part in opposite directions and lower it down. If the folds are smoothed out carefully, then the detail will appear clearly. Therefore, try to accompany each folding by smoothing the fold with the nail plate. Even experienced crafters use a ruler or scissor rings to make a flat fold of paper, especially thick.

Now you know how to make an origami paper house for kids. Good luck!

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