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How to sew a round pillow with your own hands: photos, patterns and step-by-step instructions
How to sew a round pillow with your own hands: photos, patterns and step-by-step instructions

Round pillows are most often used for decorative purposes. They are laid in rows on a sofa or placed under the back on an armchair, they are made for a children's room so that the child does not sit on the bare floor during the game. How to sew a round pillow? There are a lot of cut options. The simplest pillows consist of two identical circles sewn together. However, if you try, you can easily make a more spectacular decorative pillow with a button in the center, which has smooth ironed folds or loose gathers over the entire surface. Recently there has been a fashion for patchwork products, although this is an ancient art of composing a linen from individual pieces of fabric.

decorative pillow "Cookies"

In the article, we will consider how to sew a round pillow with your own hands, how to cut different options for such products. You will learn how masters usually fill its inside, how to make circles from individualpatchwork in patchwork style. The article is filled with many photos that will help novice needlewomen quickly understand the principle of making round pillows.

Plain fit

Let's first figure out how to sew a round pillow from two identical circles. This is the easiest option for sewing a product, so even a novice master can handle this cut. The pattern is best done on thick paper, using a simple device of two simple pencils and a rope. Think about the size of the pillow and, using a flexible meter, measure the desired length of thin twine.

Tie one side of it to a pencil, then count off half the diameter of the future circle, and fix the rest on the second pencil. Putting the fixture at the center point of the Whatman sheet, pull the rope to the stop and draw a circle with the second pencil. Homemade compasses are used by all seamstresses. This is convenient, because such a large circle cannot be drawn with ordinary metal.

simple round pillow

The photo above shows how to sew a round pillow step by step. Transfer the pattern to the fabric. It is best to choose the option with a print on two or one side. On the wrong side, sew almost the entire circumference, leaving a small hole for the filler. It can be sintepukh or holofiber. The workpiece is first turned inside out, then the inside is filled with the selected material and the hole is finally sewn up.

Button option

The pillow can be left in this form, or you can sew buttons in the center on one side and the other. Clearlya paper pattern folded into 4 parts will help determine the center point. Put a dot with a marker and repeat the procedure on the back of the pillow. Buttons can be different - with two, four holes or with loops at the back. Pierce the center point through with a needle and thread and make a couple of stitches to pull the parts together. Then sew buttons on both sides and tie the end of the thread with a strong knot, hiding it under the button.

How to sew round pillows on a sofa

Pillows look beautiful, the fabric of which is assembled in the same folds. You will need a lot of fabric, approximately 2.5 m long and 50 cm wide. Then, with the help of many pins, fix the folds over the entire surface at a distance of 5 cm from each other in two rows in the center and along the edges of the rectangle. Sew the intended stitch on the sewing machine.

how to make pillow creases

Connect the short sides together. Get a "pipe". With a needle with a strong nylon thread, make stitches along the edge and pull the fabric together. You get a "bag" that is filled with sintepuh. Repeat the same procedure on the reverse side. It remains to connect the central holes with large decorative buttons.


Now you know how to sew a round pillow with a button in the center. It is advisable to take the fabric for sewing thin and elastic, otherwise the folds will look rough.

Three-piece pillow

For the next version of the round pillow, you will need to cut out two identical circles, diameterwhich determine yourself, because the size of the product can be very different. To calculate the desired length of the central strip, you will have to remember the school course in mathematics, namely the formula for calculating a circle by diameter. You need to multiply the length of the diameter by the number pi, that is, 3.14. So, if you have d \u003d 40 cm, then C \u003d 40 cm x 3.14 \u003d 125.6 cm. You can round the length of the fabric strip to 125 cm.

how to sew a round pillow

But this is the circumference of the cut out circles. If the side strip is even, then it is enough to measure the resulting length by adding a couple of centimeters to the hem of the fabric. How to sew a round pillow with folds on the side? You will have to double the size of the strip or sew two pieces of fabric together.

First, the edges of the lower and upper circles are to be processed. Then, with a needle and thread, manually sew the strip on both sides and tighten the thread to make folds. It remains to sew the strip on the sewing machine on both sides to the prepared mugs. After filling with sintepuh, sew up the last side hole. A beautiful decorative pillow is ready!

Patchwork Pillow

If, when sewing a pillow in the manner described above, the side is left flat, without folds, this shape of the product is called a tablet. Next, consider how to sew a round pillow with your own hands according to a pattern using the patchwork technique.

patchwork round pillow

How to calculate the length of the side strip, you already understood. Be sure to leave 1 cm on each side for seams. The bottom of the pillowcan be cut from a single piece of fabric, making only the outer part of the pillow in the patchwork style. For sewing the main circle, prepare several different pieces of cotton fabric. It is desirable that the colors look harmoniously together.

How to cut

Use the pattern below to make a cardboard template. Having applied it to the selected segments, circle the contours with a chalk or other marker. When cutting on all sides, leave 1 cm for the hem of the fabric. The resulting sectors are stitched in pairs.

segment pattern

From the back of the edges, smooth and immediately iron with an iron. To make the joints between the patchwork part of the pillow and the sidewall look more spectacular, you can insert a border in a contrasting color when sewing.

As you can see, round decorative pillows are easy to make. Even a novice master will cope. The main thing is to act carefully and follow the instructions given in the article. Good luck!

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