Homemade cards are a great holiday gift
Homemade cards are a great holiday gift

Choosing a gift for the next holiday, you often rack your brains to give something that will be remembered for a long time. Yes, and you should buy a postcard to write a couple of nice words. This is where the thought comes to mind: why not present homemade postcards to your loved ones? After all, fantasy is almost limitless, and you can create such masterpieces that they will be much more valuable than any gift.

Required Materials

homemade postcards

In order to make a postcard, you must first select the materials for its manufacture. So, without fail, you will need ordinary and curly scissors, a cardboard base-postcard, glue (both stationery and PVA), hole punchers, curly staplers, colored paper, as well as ribbons, braid, beads, sequins and any other decor. In a word, homemade postcards can be created from any material, even from dough, there would be only a desire.

Progress of work

First you need to preparebasis. You can use ready-made, which is worth buying at an art needlework store. Such bases are sold in a set of several pieces with envelopes and can be either plain or with cut-out windows. If there are no such templates, you can buy designer cardboard of the desired color, cut out homemade postcards of a certain size from it, taking into account that. that they will fold in half, and, if necessary, cut out a window - a heart, an oval, etc.

homemade postcards

It is worth noting that designer cardboard is produced not only in a certain color, but also multi-colored, with a printed pattern, as well as with an ornament embossed on it. The edges of the postcard can be processed with curly scissors or a special device that makes a mesh pattern along the edge or allows you to squeeze a pattern onto cardboard using a template and a blunt thin object.

Now you need to call on the help of fantasy and start decorating homemade cards. It is desirable that the drawing be thought out in advance, but this is not necessary, since the best cards are those that arise in the process of their creation, when the master improvises. In this case, you can get the most unusual results. You can lay out the composition from ready-made flowers, threads, ribbons, paper figures, etc. Many needlewomen create homemade postcards using their creations. So, by gluing an embroidered picture, knitted elements, lace onto the base, you can get unusual pictures. To complete the postcard, you can glue a frame of ribbons and a variety of stars and beads. All detailsattached to the base with glue. You can also use a gun loaded with silicone glue sticks.

homemade happy birthday cards

Such cards can be given for any occasion. So, homemade cards "Happy birthday!", "Happy wedding day!" or intended for any other holiday are both an original addition to the main present, and an excellent independent gift. It is worth noting that when designing a postcard, you need to take into account not only the occasion, but also who it will be presented to. So, for newly-married spouses, it is advisable to stick hearts and rings on a postcard, for a computer scientist you can experiment and stick a mini-keyboard, and for a child, it’s just right to attach small figures to a postcard or cut out fragments from a ribbon.

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